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Title For Executive Pastor

What are some titles that can be used for an "Executive Pastor" type pastor at a church?...other than Executive Pastor?

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 ---Becky on 10/7/05
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My church has a senior pastor and two assistant pastors.
---Madison on 8/6/07

Call him/her by their first name and do away with the title. They have no signifcance anyway. What's wrong with Reverand or Minister Bob or
Reverand or Minister Sue?
---robyn on 3/7/07

What the big thing about a title?

While in the USAF I was an aerospace propulsion technician who used an aerospace darkness penetration device to look for oil leaks.
---Rev_Herb on 3/7/07

My title at my church is Executive Pastor. I find it to be a difficult title because it is not descriptive and sounds too fancy. Basically I perform all administrative tasks and run the church during the week so the Senior Pastor can study and focus on ministering. I also preach on many occaisions.
---Terry_Howell on 12/10/05

To me, Sr. Minister or Sr. Pastor is a misnomer. Unless he or she is older, more experienced, better trained, than an associate why refer to her or him as Senior? What is a Sr. Minister if she or he is is a solo pastor? If there are more than one, both should be addressed as Pastor. Titles should be desciptive of the office.
Ordained Pastor & Teacher of the United Church of Christ and a certified Minister of Christian Education.
---Gus on 11/29/05

My pastor at church is called( and prefers to be )simply "TOM" chief shepherd is called JESUS....Neither need a title to teach me...
---Karin on 10/18/05

The naming convention for lead pastor is likely going to reflect the nature of your congregation for example:

If it resembles a three ring circus - Ring Master

If your church dogmatic and boards acts like a bunch of Mexican bandits -- Generalissimo

If your church is highly proactive in the secular political arena - Chief of Staff

If you church is normative and large enough to require multiple ordained clergy the term Senior Pastor is perfectly appropriate.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/10/05

In my church the Senior Pastor is the guy you expect to see in the pulpit every Sunday. He has the responsibility for feeding and shepherding the flock as a whole. Our assistant pastors are for the youth and the worship/community. We are now considering hiring a pastor for Christian Education, to be responsibile for the supervision of our children's ministries, other than the teens.
---Madison on 10/9/05

Thanks for the explanation Herb. Its like most of the womern here, they hold many titles. "Domestic engineer" "Chef" "Driver" "Nurse" "Counselor" etc etc etc.
---NVBarbara on 10/9/05

AlanUK Executive Pastor means man is looking at a position not an office. My pastor is not an execitive anything. Oh wait except at his secular job in engineering.
Most persons standing in thepulpit delivering a message on Sunday AM are not of the office of Pastor anyhow so call them what ever you want.
---rache on 10/8/05

What on earth does Executive Pastor mean?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

Seeing as you are probably in a Bible believing church that has the Bible as it's final source of rule, why not go to it and see if you can find the answer.No one had a title in the new testament. Scripturally , the words minister,bishop, overseer,elder, deacon,servant,evangelist, prophet,apostle, teacher,and pastor are all mentioned but not as titles.There never was a "pastor" leading a church. Bro. John
---john on 10/8/05

Becky: Senior Pastor.
---Leon on 10/8/05

Senior pastor
---Annie on 10/8/05

You mean like "senior pastor?" That's the "title" my church (and other churches I know) uses. We have our Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor/minister of Education (he does both), Worship Pastor, and Youth Pastor. The only function I think these "titles" truly serve is they (more or less) let visitors know which specific ministry each is "in charge" of (in the earthly sense-God is the one truly in charge of all).
---Heather on 10/8/05

I was talking about titles. How high and mighty you can get with a title, or how fancy you can make it sound.
An aerospace propulsion technician, is a fancy name for Jet Engine mechanic An aerospace darkness penetration device is a fancy name for flashlight. So no mater what title you have or give someone, they are still the same.
---Rev_Herb on 10/8/05

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Rev. Herb probably means he had a big title but a dirty dark little job.
---shira_5965 on 10/8/05

brother ___(name)___, or pastor ___(name___.
---Eloy on 10/8/05

Barbara, I think Herb is saying that titles can sometimes be ludicrous. His title was ' aerospace propulsion technician'. I think he is saying that big words just help make a person sound more important than perhaps they are. Do we need that within our churches? (I'm not saying that your job wasn't important Herb!!!) My last posting for a while - be nice to each other whilst I'm away.
---Xanthi on 10/8/05

This term is new to me. Can only think of Senior Pastor, (Minister, etc.) if more than one ordained minister is on the staff of the same church or Christian group.
---WIVV on 10/7/05

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REV. Herb, what on earth are you talking about?
Titles, oil leaks, what am I missing?
---NVBarbara on 10/7/05

Why does there need to be a title other than "servant"?
---Linda_Smith on 10/7/05

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