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Confess Our Sin In Public

Is there anywhere in scripture that says that we should NOT confess our sins PUBLICLY? I'll explain the reason for asking in the answer section later.

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 ---M.A. on 10/8/05
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This is a prime example of how the churches have lost their way. Given the great commission they decide to bludgeon the members of their congregation with the hammer of sin. How much sin did the Lord Jesus Christ pay for on the cross of Calvary? Could the answer possibly be ALL?
---Mima on 10/3/07

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine got pregenant and the church leadership had her come before the congregation and say that she was sorry. I had problems with it and I still do. I think it is only necessary to confess your sins to God. If God wants you to ask someone for forgiveness, then go to that person and not to a whole congregation of people who might not understand your situation. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 10/3/07

M.A. It sounds like the matter was handled appropriately at your church. They did their "sin" in God's house full of people. They owed an apology to both God and the parishoners as well as the one they wronged directly. Those individuals will not forget the incident and its repercussions and they are less likely to repeat it now.
---lorra8574 on 4/13/07

No,I could not find any verse that says we should not confess our sins Publicly.
James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for anther, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
1John 1:9
It is not good to brag about our sins, or glorify them. We don't want others to think God condones sinful behaviour.
---Ulrika on 4/13/07

If the problem affected the whole church body or even had reprocutions that caused problems in the church or problems between the members of the church then it was probably a good idea but if it was simply done to the girl and only affected that immediate family then that was a little extreme
---Kaleo on 10/14/05

Thanks for all the answers. I said I'd give a reason for asking. Some young people in my church did something very unpleasant to the daughter of a church member (because they had all had a row)which had repercussions on the whole family. I won't go into details but they were made to stand at the front of the church and tell EVERYONE what they had done and ask for forgiveness. I felt that they should have gone to that one family, not be made an example of in public.
---M.A. on 10/13/05

Only public sins should be publicly confessed.
---jerry6593 on 10/9/05

Since all sin is wrong against God, the sinner will confess and ask forgiveness from God. Also, You confess and ask forgiveness from the person/persons that you wronged, but not the person/persons that you have not wronged. It is pointless to confess your sins to people you have not sinned against.
---Eloy on 10/8/05

You never argue the Bible from what it doesn't say. It would be foolish to confess you sins in public. (Confess them, yes, but not in public.) Do to so is to ask for problems. (There are those Christians who will chastise you, for no reason, there are Christians who will not forgive you or forget,and there are Christians who just like to gossip, etc. And you also have to answer the question, "why" do I have to confess them in public? (Look for the scripture on that.)
---WIVV on 10/8/05

The Bible clearly say we should confess our sins to one another. They are some sins that need to be confessed in public so that the reast of the body of Christ should learn from it for example someone pregnant outside marrage needs to come and admite that it is wrong. If the body of Christ allows this things to go on without being reaviled to the people that is encouraging that sin to go on. I believe it is important to confess some sins in Public meaning the body of Christ.
---yemesrach on 10/8/05

Confessing a sin needs to be no more public than the sin itself was. If the sin concerns a thought you had about someone else but you never verbalized it, the only confessing you need to do is to God in prayer (no use hurting anyone's feelings if they don't already know about it). If the sin was a public one (going against God's Word in front of everyone at church), the confession and subsequent apology should be made in the same arena.
---Heather on 10/8/05

Joy ... I agree with your reactions.

It seems as if the church leadership were perverted. They were getting their sexual thrills by listening and imagining this girl's actions.

This was Christianity in action??
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

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