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My Last Kid Left Home

What now? My last kid left home. She is 18. How to live alone? I feel totally lost. I work, attend church, lead groups, have friends.. Then I come home - only cat and dog. Nobody to cook for, talk to..

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 ---Ilga on 10/8/05
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When my youngest son left, I really found it hard to adjust, so I know how you feel. This may be a worldly saying, but I think it is called the "empty nest syndrome". My youngest left about seven years ago, but I now have two beautiful grandaughters that are a blessing from God. It took me a while to adjust, but KEEP BUSY, and most of all, be sure you have encouraging christian friends. Stay close to your children, but always...GOD FIRST.
---Cynthia on 9/15/07

I am in the same boat as you. There are organizations that use Big Brothers and Big Sisters for helping youth who need direction and help in society. Your church probably can help you with information about the organizations. I also go a local senior center just to spend time with the people there. Sounds like you really have things together.
---denna7667 on 9/15/07

I have two I wish would leave home. They are much older than 18. One comes and goes and the other much older does the same thing. Nerve wracking, to say the least.
You need to appreciate the situation that you have. Do you have a man friend or husband? If not, get one. Let your kids lead their lives and you do the same. It will get better. Cook for yourself. You are somebody,hon? Hang on and be blessed
---Robyn on 9/14/07

My only son left home for college 5 years ago. Church, work, hobbies, and volunteer work are good.
---Ulrika on 9/14/07

yes it is hard when you children leave the nest as they say, sounds as if you have it all together, my advice is give your self time the children will be back eventually with the grand children...
---irene7395 on 4/5/07

Have you thought about being a foster parent? There are SO MANY youth who need a good home. Single parents are welcomed as foster parents and many places provide the training free of charge. Check it out! It's a tough job, but SO worth it!
---Marilee on 4/1/07

My son is not too far from 18 yrs. old. I am married, but will be experiencing the empty nest syndrome. What to do? I know all children eventually leave home. But it sure hurts a LOT just knowing I will have to face this. I know GOD IS WITH ME.
---p on 11/6/05

OH the quiet time to yourself is wonderful. Enjoy your time alone...just you and God. Check out a new hobby or the new books. Plan to have a guest for a meal as often as you feel up to it. volunteer....there's no end to that need. Your life will soon be so full you'll be amazed. ENJOY....and BE thankful for this new avenue with expectation. Keep us posted in your new life adventures. We all appreciate suggestion and updates on each other.
---Eloia on 10/9/05

This happened to me, and it takes time to adjust...allow yourself time. Something that helps me is being in a ladies prayer/share group. Some other simple things that may help: plant some perennial flowers. Looking forward to each season by watching for the flowers to come up really is a joy maker and a reminder of God's beauty in the world. Take walks in nature, stop and sit somewhere pleasant and reflect on all the lovely times you had with your loved ones. Call friends and visit. Shari
---Shari on 10/9/05

Thank you Madison, Joy, Ulrika, Marilee! Thanks for encouragement.
I'll try.
---Ilga on 10/9/05

My kids all moved away for college and marriage the same year as my divorce. BIG empty nest. I went back to school for a Masters degree. Now, I am seeking a part time job to use as a ministry with my new credentials.
---Madison on 10/8/05

It's now time to get to know who you really are in this new seasson of your life. Spend time with God and ask him to reveal His calling for your second half of life. Remember that we are called to do something for God which is unique to who we are as an individual. The call was placed in you before you were formed in your mother's womb, but only God can reveal it to you. You have fulfilled the call to be a mother. Now, God wants to expand your call. So, be encouraged and continue to pray. Joy9988
---joy9988 on 10/8/05

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