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Christian Merchandise Is Expense

I was looking at some Christian cd's in a Christian store the toher day, and am wondering why they cost so much more then secular CD's. Same with bible's. It seems so unfair to be charging 40-50 dollars for a paperback study bible. Does anyone know why Christian merchandise is so much more?

Moderator - Buy online. The bookstores charge almost double to stay in business. In theory, they should be offering service with the sale of the items because of the extra price.

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 ---zoe5647 on 10/9/05
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.They have to make money,too! Most people would rather read a romance novel rather than the bible. Even some christians! So how are christian bookstores going to make money.? Up their prices so they can make some profit on each measly sale they can eek out. If christians would spend more time reading our bibles and praying, we would not be so easily led into cults, bad relationship, a lot sin and weakness among other evils.
---robyn on 3/30/07

I think quantity has something to do with it too..I lot of the Christian CD's aren't made in large enough quantity to warrant a cheaper price,,,maybe,,hehehe
---Jerry on 3/30/07

Your answer is in two words - volumne and quality. Christian bookstores, in general, don't have the volumne that most secular bookstores do. For the most part, the quality of C.D.'s, as an example, are better than most sold in secular stores. The mark-up on items in Christain bookstores is usually not a high as in secular stores, but most Christian bookstores can't buy in large bulk quanties and pass the savings on.
---WIVV on 11/4/05

It is very difficult for Christian books shops. Many are not there to make a profit but they cannot afford to make a loss either. Staff are often volunteers and will give help and counselling to anyone, even if you are not buying. You might get your books and C.Ds. cheaper on Amazon but would you be offered prayer, help and guidance also without handing over one penny?
---M.A. on 11/4/05

I attempt to use local businesses to help keep jobs local. It does cost more. Something I also do is TELL the people how much more they charge than others and be open about your cash situation. I never have owned a $40-$50 book of any kind and I do own many good ones. Maybe it would be worth it to shop around. I sometimes go to a local bargin store and they order what I need...
---mike_fl on 10/16/05

Ever ask why mom/pop stores charge more than WalMart/Target/K Mart? They can't buy bulk/no warehouses. My pastor's wife's sister owns one/family income/& ministry. I'd save with "Family Christian Book Store" mailings (big time)/perk's card/clearance/sale. I'm giving to a ministry. Every 3 summers we had new t-shirts all matching $7.95 on sale (regular $14.95) & new $4.95 with 20-25% off, 1/2 off, buy one get one coupons. My perks card was stamped for percents off, too!
---Darlene on 10/10/05

Basically, so-called Christian businesses are in business for the same reason others are in business---to make money!
---Sally on 10/10/05

Try Wal-mart, Target, or K-Mart, if you have one near you. Because of their wide selection of merchandise, they can sale things for less. Not to take away from Christian book stores, but they have to have higher prices to stay in business.
---geraa7578 on 10/10/05

Phil...what you are saying is true for those who can afford it.But most people i know would have to sacrifice to afford a 40-50 dollar Bible.The Gospel should be availiable to all not just the well-off!!
---co_ach on 10/10/05

Jerry I agree. Most things we buy have prices governed by supply and demand and/or quantities produced. A relative of mine made a gospel album some years ago and was offered quantities to sell ranging from 100 to 10,000. The price, at point of sale, if she had 100 compared with the larger quantities were so different you wouldn't believe it but it is all to do with time setting up equipment etc. The cost is always in the preparation, large quantities do not take much longer to do than small quantities.
---M.P. on 10/10/05

People pay phenomenal amounts to go to college and professional courses and seminars should we not be willing to spend equal if not more amounts to support our Christian education efforts. Should we not be willing to spend the financial resources to acquire a high quality personal ecclesial library of book periodicals and religious software? Is this not this more valuable in the long run then our secular educational pursuits?
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/9/05

Christian Book Distributors offers Bibles at a really good price. I order a lot of CDs at Amazon, and find the prices there comptetitive.
---Madison on 10/9/05

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