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Christian Music Written By Pagans

Would you listen to a man preach if you knew he was not born again? So why would you listen to so-called Christian music if it was done by non-Christians?

By the way, My KJV was not published by a publishing co. that also publishes porn. Your Per-versions may have been but not my KJV.

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 ---Rev_Herb on 10/10/05
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I have listened to a man who was not born again preach. He believed that going to church all his life and keeping the ten commandments made him saved. Didn't know that till after he preached though.
---linda9974 on 8/19/07

I believe that Amazing Grace" was written after John Newton had recognised the wrong of his slave trading days, and as Helen says had become a Christian
---alan_of_UK on 3/12/07

Helen, I caught some of Jimmy Swaggart, today. He blubbered almost all the way through an entire hour. It was exactly as I remembered way back in 1981, 1982 or so.
A little piano, singing, blubbering, singing and more blubbering and tears. The choir and musicians were very good. I watched it because you said you liked his new program. I don't know. The jury is still out for me.
---CryBaby on 3/11/07

NVBarbara - When John Newton wrote "Amazing Grace" he was already born-again.
---Helen_5378 on 3/11/07

No, I would not listen to preaching by an unsaved person. I would pick it straight away anyway. Music done by non-Christians and labelled "Christian" is not Christian. Only Christians have the annointing required to make Christian music.
---Helen_5378 on 3/11/07

People, we need a whole lot more of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ... and a whole lot less of John, Paul, George & Ringo.
We need more of the Father, Son and Holy Spirt than we need the Mammas & Pappas.
We need more of King Jesus than the king Elvis.
---Chipper on 3/10/07

Do you sing "Amazing Grace" Herb? One of the oldest standard hymns we all sing? It was written in part by a slave trader, John Newton, when his wife died on board a ship when they were bringing slaves to the US. It is not even known who wrote the last stanzas. However, it praises God and we all sing it. Does it matter who wrote a song if it praises God and we are singing it to HIM in sincerity?
---NVBarbara on 3/8/07

Do you think we should have music called fornication in our churches? How edifying or uplifting to God is that?
Yet if I say we should abolish rock and roll, I get condemned for not having a loving spirit. Rock and roll is a euphamisim, invented in the 1950's, for sed in the back of a car, making the car rock and roll.
---mike6553 on 11/18/05

2/ NVBarbara et al, I wonder what your true concept of Christianity is, when someone expresses a real concern about Satanic music and is accused of not loving someone. It must be admitted I live in the UK, and we may have a different approach to music, but I hear more rock and roll music in the church then hymns these days.
3/ Stevens sang "Morning has broken", yes, but it is an old hymn.
---mike6553 on 11/18/05

I have only just found this posting, and find it fascinating. 2, maybe 3, points.
1/ Read Amasing Grace by John Pollock, its about Newton. Yes he was a blackbirder, who found Christ and turned from his sin. He went into the Anglican ministry, worked with Wilberfoce to abolish slavery, and wrote Amazing Grace to celebrate the freedom from sin, 20 years into the ministry.
---mike6553 on 11/18/05

REV Herb::when Jesus was found to be with tax collectors,on being questioned He replied I came not to save the good but sinners.My question is would The lord turn away a sinner who was making music to his ears -he already knows what is in his heart??
---Emcee on 11/5/05

Greetings Herb;
No I would not do either.Some of my music I grew to love i am re-looking at them in detail with wording because it does matter what we sing to our Lord. God doesnot want us to be unequally yolked with non-believers & this goes with music also. I tend to stick with classical or piano music from time2time when I worship him,but I stick to hymnal music at best.
---candice on 11/5/05

No Kaleo,it was written by a ship's captain bringing slaves to the south to work the rice fields. I saw a show on the History channel where decendents of the slaves sang the song with a very different rhythm than we sing it. I am from S.C. and have been to Charleston's old slave market.The decendents of the "Gullah" people still speak a sort of mixed creole language, usually referred to as "Geechee." They are very artistic people, you may want to read about the Gullah people online.
---NVBarbara on 10/14/05

Like most Cats Margaret, Stevens just kept digging and is clinging to someone else's roots!
That is a pretty song!
---NVBarbara on 10/14/05

the tune to Amazing Grace was originally an old bar tune wasn't it?
---Kaleo on 10/14/05

Does anyone realize that what we view and listen to gets into our spirits? Going to the grocery store where there are sinners is apples and oranges compared to what we allow in our spirits. I have a question? Can a sinner glorify the God they don't serve? God is not impressed with songs and works, He looks upon the heart. Even some Christians write junk. Pray for secular entertainers, that they come into genuine relationship with Christ and sing for Him alone.
---Tonya on 10/13/05

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"surely i am convinced that God is no respector of persons" "man looks on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart." it's not your place to deem whether or not someone is a Christian. i listen to all types of modern christian music, and get as much or more as i do from hymns and praise music. worry about yourself, leave other people to God, and find something better to waste your time bickering about.
---gabriel on 10/13/05

If it is "so-called" christian music, then it is not really christian music, therefore i would not listen to it. i am filled with the Holy Spirit and i am 100% sold out to Christ, so if the music does not give any glory to Christ or glorify the Christian Godhead, then it's of no interest to me. He inhabits the praises of his people, but he does not inhabit nonchristian praises.
---Eloy on 10/12/05

Bro. Herb....the only problem with your summary is ....some people are like "chicken little" they think every noise is a truck but in reality there is nothing there.
We do love you..if we didn`t we wouldn`t bother trying to correct you when you are wrong.(haha)
---co_ach on 10/11/05

Do you know that the song, "Morning has Broken", was written by Cat Stevens, who is now a Muslim? The song still praises God! It was written before he became Muslim, while he was still searching for spiritual roots.
---Margaret on 10/11/05

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In response to the lady about Amazing Grace, I think John Newton wrote all of the verses. His mother was a strong Christian but died when John Newton was a young boy. He was on a ship during a storm when the Lord saved him and this song came to him and the original title was Faith's Review and Expectation.
---Lilly on 10/11/05

The bottom line is that it can become very time consuming and very ridiculous to have to go through all that just to purchase an item....and that type of stuff keeps us from what we really should be doing: keeping the feasts, not with the old leaven of wickedness and malice but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. Thank God for grace! And Herb, I don't believe anyone here hates you. Christians hate defiled religion and legalism, not people.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

This law of yours would even disqualify you if you shopped in the same store as a "sinner". Most popular merchandising stores are full of both good and evil which is the fruit of the wrong tree to begin with. You can find stores that give to charities and brag about that but not about some of the "stuff" that goes on behind the scenes. Either way, to make a purchase at that store makes you a partaker of their good and evil according to your law.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

Herb, I would be interested in hearing where you buy your food, clothing, vehicles, etc. and do you do a background search on everyone involved in that transaction from its very beginning to the time you purchased it? For example, if a pagan planted even one bean seed in the ground and the fruit of that seed was found in a bag of pintos you purchased for consumption, then you are just as guilty of what you accuse others of. Just because the background is "hidden" doesn't exempt you.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

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I have re-read 1Cor 13 and thought much about it. You think I have not love because I am hard.

Lets say you are blind and I tell you I love you. You cross a street and because you are blind, you dont see the big truck that is about to hit you. Because I love you, do I yell at you and tell you I love you just before the truck hits you or do I yell and tell you to stop or even grab you and pull you out of the way. Which one is true love?

I love you all, sorry you hate me so much.
---Rev_Herb on 10/11/05

Truth in love was spoken about Christian music/KJV Bible, Rev. Herb. One state we lived in a 20 yr.+ Bible scholar knew Greek. Our pastors used KJV, NKJV, & other versions of our Christian faith sitting on the platform each one reading theirs as we followed along with ours. CIU sent their Bible students over to our church. I know my Bible verses as KJV raised most of my life Baptist & quote them. But I love reading the Living Bible & my teens versions.
---Darlene on 10/10/05

It is interesting how some people go "fishing" just to see what others will say.
---Melissa on 10/10/05

NV Barbara, Madison, you're both dead on where he's concerned. The more we respond to him the harder he'll fight; no need in any of us feeding him any further (I just wanted to add my agreement in with you).
---Heather on 10/10/05

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1 Corinthians Chapter it Herb, meditate on it please....and then pray that the LOVE of GOD will show in your posts.
The rest of us here will agree with your prayer and pray with you..
---co_ach on 10/10/05

I have heard that the old hymns were actually words put to the tunes of old English drinking songs.
---Julie3763 on 10/10/05

I know Madison, I think he must sit on hornet's nests!
Any bloggers PLEASE feel free to skip this question!
We need more love here, not more debate.
---NVBarbara on 10/10/05

NVBarbara: This is an attempt by Herb to start another debate. He didn't like a post I put on the other blog and is trying to get something going on here. I have already said my piece on the other blog.
---Madison on 10/10/05

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You already posed this question on another blog Herb, the redundancy is annoying.
---NVBarbara on 10/10/05

Some preachers are career preachers. Most of them I feel are in just 2 denominations with some in most others. If we listen to a sermon in whatever church and feel that the person isn't saved perhaps we should wait to shake hands with the person and ask how long he/she has been a Christian. If you get the answer "I was born a Christian" or "All my life" you have an opportunity to witness to them. I was a Sunday School teacher for nearly 3 years before I was saved.
---M.P. on 10/10/05

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