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How To Witness To Friends

Now that I am saved, how do I relate to my friends who know all the bad things I did before i got saved. How do I relate to them? I dont think I have the courage to talk to them about God because they will not take me seriously.

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 ---Yvonn5799 on 10/10/05
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Tell them the Truth. Give them the Word of God and the Word of your testimony about Jesus Christ and Who He is to you.

One person's leading by example may be another person's example of compromise.

Time is short, would you want your friend to lose their soul forever?
---Cindy on 2/13/08

The best way to witness is to let others see how Jesus is working in your life. If they knew you "before" and can now see you in your Christian walk, they will KNOW you have been saved. Actions speak much louder than words!!! Soon they'll be asking you how they can get what you have! Praise God for your obediance to Him!
---Marilee on 2/13/08

In Mark 5, the man set free from demon spirits was sent by Jesus to witness to his friends. Be not conformed to this world-What you have is what your friends need.If you be ashamed of Christ, he will be ashamed of you. Study to show yourself approved, so you will not be ashamed. And let God build you-True change will be undeniable to any who know you. You are called to be light in darkness-Come out from among them and be seperate as the Lord perfects your witness through the grounding of his word.
---LA on 1/25/07

The best way is to let your friends see the changes in you, set a good example, when they see the changes and joy from Jesus Christ. Don't tell them anything, just let them see with their own eyes the power of Jesus Christ. If they aren't receptive, pray for them, then kick the dust off your shoes and find those that are receptive and want to learn about life with Jesus Christ.
---Nellah on 11/6/05

Absolutely as others have said. Be pregnant with God's word. Think of how it is when a woman is pregnant. She can tell everyone she sees all about it but when she begins to "show", the truth tells everything for her. Share God's love. Share God's forgiveness with others. Witness programs aren't all they appear sometimes. Some of us just aren't good salesmen. God knows who He wants to be "sold" to and sells Himself.
---mike_fl on 10/14/05

People will take you as seriously as you take yourself and your new faith. You can relate to your friends because you were in their shoes not so long ago. Now you have something they need. They may want to join you if they see that you have found something really great.
---ralph7477 on 10/10/05

The best way to witness to anyone is by example. People will always look for the fault in us, especially if we are Christians. They should be able to look at you and see the new work that Christ is doing in you. They will in time approach you to find out why and how you have changed. Keep studing!
---geraa7578 on 10/10/05

this has just happened to me 5 months ago.. all i did was trust God.. when i went back to work some people from my church and i prayed He would go ahead of me.. i read the bible everyday, pray everyday for his strength.Eph 6:10.also read 2 Peter 2:20-22.And you know what, thats all i did.God did the rest.. People at work are talking about God and its just through me staying faithful to Jesus! God is AWESOME!! with Him anything is possible. TRUST GOD!!!
---natasha on 10/10/05

Don't say anything. Be a walking Bible. Let them see Christ in you. Your changed speech and behavior will cause them to ask you questions.
---Madison on 10/10/05

You don't relate to them.You find new "christain" friends.Those are your real friends.The others were people you knew.
---sun on 10/10/05

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