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My Husband Will Not Work

My husband is an alcoholic, and can't work. He's cruel to me and the kids and criticizes my relationship with God and the church. I need to move on but he will not leave our home. He doesn't have a job so if I leave my house will foreclose and my credit is gone! Please offer any God led advice.

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 ---Linda on 10/10/05
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i really encourage you to read stMark
chapter10 verses 23 through 45.
---kevin on 10/17/08

Great advice M. Couldn't have said it better.
---ralph7477 on 10/17/08

Was married to alcholic. Would not allow son to attend church. Husband left, lost 2 houses, vehicles, my income. Now on dissability. We are happy however. We can worship God and he takes care of us. It is worth loosing everything to gain safety, happiness and security in God. My son loves the Lord now and is growing daily in his walk which is worth all the houses, cars and finances world could offer. Do not let material possesions get in way of your walk. God will protect.
---M. on 11/25/07

When you say he is cruel, are you speaking of physical abuse? I would get into therapy for you and possible marital therapy. Also, go to an Al-anon meeting.
---Madison on 4/28/07

We have to be very careful the advice we give. It is easy to sympathize because we don't want to see someone hurt especially if we've been through the same thing. But the question is, what was this man like BEFORE she married him? Were there some red flags ignored? There is more to this than any of us are aware so beware advice given. Seek God for direction and Godly counsel.
---Tonya on 10/13/05

I can sympathize. I can't get mine to work either, and he drinks too much. Fortunately for us, when he drinks he sleeps, but I think not supporting your family is cruelty, too. Keep your relationship with God strong and keep going to church. These two things keep me going. I wish I had better answers.
---anonymous on 10/10/05

If I wasn't happy in a marriage and if my husband was mean to me and my kids, especially my kids, I'd leave him in a heartbeat. God did not put me or my children on this earth to be treated like dirt or lower than dirt.
---Rebecca_D on 10/10/05

for your kids safety please leave your husband in your state you can get help for filing for divorce please do not put your kids through this it's not healty.
---Angela on 10/10/05

For the kids sake, I think you need to leave. I was raised in such a home. My mom stayed for US, but we wanted her to leave. Your kids mental state and safety are more important than your credit status. Will he leave you alone if you leave?
---Bev on 10/10/05

Alan: Thanks, but Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon are two separate programs. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is for the alcoholic. Al-Anon is for family and loved ones of alcoholics. Both use the 12 steps.
---Madison on 10/10/05

My Dad was an abusive alcoholic, exfiance is a sober alcoholic ... I had more resentment towards my mother because she did nothing to protect her children from a terrible abusive man. Think about your children first and the pain they suffer. Get a copy of the AA Big Book, read it, study it. You have to remember that this IS a family disease ... as had as it is to admit, Mama is sick too. Give up the material things and get out. AA Step #3 ... Let go and let God.
---Nellah on 10/10/05

Just to add to Madison's comments ... Alcoholics Anonymous is not only for the alcoholic. They give excellent help & support to those who suffer because of the alcoholism of another, such as their partner
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/10/05

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