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My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer

I have a ten year old daughter who is dying of cancer she keeps asking me questions and if she is going to die, will it hurt. I do not know what to say to her could someone please help me. Natasha

Moderator - Make sure that she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and she will have a much greater peace. Our prayers are with you, your daughter and family.

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 ---Natasha_Schophf on 10/10/05
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WOW you people need to reconnect with reality! Wake up people, it's year 2010 now!
I'm so sorry for you and your daughter !
---TW on 4/27/10

Never give up. Mabye God will heal her and mabye he won't. My sister had cancer that was not responding to chemo. They gave up and told her she had 3 months to live. She was ready to die, and people at her church were praying. 3 months later, the tumor went away. The doctors said it was because of delayed response to the chemo. The people at church said it was a miracle. That was over 12 years ago. Today she is cancer free.
---obewan on 7/7/08

I read it.

Alternative belief systems, frances, will keep you in an altered state. A state without forgiveness and no forward motion, but spinning the wheels.

I see clearly where all of these prophecies are coming from and the methods that are used to get them. They are devoid of the Holy Spirit.

With the Holy Spirit, you don't need a tape recorder - as MikeM used to say constantly - 'suffer a witch not to live', somehow justifying the belief that witchcraft is a viable way to arrive at prophecy. It is not.
It is the way that may seem like the right voice of one crying in the wilderness, but those are demons speaking.
---Marcia on 7/6/08

Christ died for us so we wouldn't have to die. That wasn't meant physically. We all die physically he meant our soul. With him we will live.
Trust in Christ, he's there for you. This is the time to use the word of God and show your daughter what she is to do. Tell her she needs to accept Christ into her heart. To repent.
Tell her that life without Christ hurts not a death with Christ. Because a death with Christ IS life.
God bless you and your family.
---Crystal on 7/5/08

Marcia, if you like to see my reply go to 'Is Killing in a War wrong?' where I have written you a post.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

Jesus Christ died so that we don't have to. He also walked where no man has ever walked.

I see two things from the pain that is revealed through the blogs, besides depression, anger and unforgiveness.

There are those that are broken who put themselves in harm's way. A showdown. Consciously or unconsciously.

It is a complete rejection of self.

God says when we forgive, there is a departure from anger. It goes.

If I did not care, I wouldn't bother telling you the truth. If I had not prayed, I don't believe I would have run across or crossed paths with what you're trying to say but are unable to.
---Marcia on 7/3/08

I have no fear of Death,
Death for me is to gain.
Death has come to my door step many times only to be rebuked by my Father & Brother's Love, I've had guns pointed at my head that misfired, knives put to my throat to the point of bleeding, Cancer and many more things.
I KNOW who preserves & keeps me WHOLE!

Many of you couldn't walk 3 steps in the shoes I've worn in life...
Count that as a Blessing!

My family understands, but they don't like it when I talk like this, they want me to stay here.
I understand the missing them part, I've lost alot of people in my family.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 7/2/08

Fear of death is not a good thing. We all do to some extent, because it is our human instinct, to try to survive, even how awful that life is. There are circumstances however, when we can be in so much pain, or in such a bad situation, paralyzed or whatever, that we actually WANT to die. The only thing holding us back might be not wishing to upset our families, and so we cling on to life. Either way, if you are a good Christian, why should you fear death? It is sad to have to say Goodbye to people you have known on this earth and grown to love. The fact that you love people (and God) (God gives you the ability to love people) however, means that you will go to Heaven. If you are not facing condemnation, then why any fear?
---frances008 on 7/1/08

WE love the Lord Jesus, and my wife got cancer too.
So She had surgery and had people pray over me and lay hands on me as well.
She is cancer free right now, but still on chemo, just started it. We pray God take this burden away from us. No one wants cancer.
We pray Jesus Heal her so she won't get it back. Doctors say she has a 75% chance cancer will return if she doesn't take chemo. She has high estrogen levels that can cause aggressive cancer plus HER2 receptor positive that can also cause aggressive cancer.
We pray she will not get cancer again. But I know we all must die one day and we don't know the day.
---Paul on 7/1/08

I agree with and stand with what Joel has written.
---MIMA on 6/26/08

I would have to start out and tell you that Christ died on the cross to take all of our infirmities and sicknesses in his body, so that we don't have to walk in sickness. Isaiah 53:5. If you are born again and full of the spirit or know some who beleives in laying on of hands you can get your daugther healed in Jesus name. In Mark 16 Jesus said these signs shall follow them who beleive, they shall lay hands on the sick and their shall recover. Cancer is just like leprosy in the bible and Jesus healed it. I beleiver with you now and I send the word of God to heal her now in Jesus name. Cancer in the name of Jesus come out of this childs body never to return again. Get this book by Norvel Hayes. "How to Live and Not Die"
---Joel on 6/26/08

Also check out PROTOCEL.
This is being used to cure even stage 4 cancers when the doctors say there is no hope.
Cancer truth dot net. Please look at it.
Ty Bollinger cured of cancer wrote Cancer step outside the box. God bless you.
---Paul on 6/26/08

Cancer cure offered by those linked to Kurt Olbrich in Germany. See 'The Cancer Cure that Worked' by Barry Lynes. Also see Sister Briege McKenna who has miraculously healed many and speaks with Christ. Check the PIP scan by Harry Oldfield that can help. Then ask why well paid Doctors do not look at these things?
---Chris on 6/13/08

Do not worry about her salvation any child under the age of accountability ( 12 years old )is heaven bound,We MUST START LOOKING ONCE MORE TO THE BIBLE FOR ANSWERS secondly your child does not have to die. I am not crazy or some out there nut God has healed my wife, and lots of people whom i go to church with. Please find a full gospel church like Assembly of God ect. They will help
---Waylon on 4/3/08

Natasha, Everything to the God in prayer, he knows our pain and suffering. Even Jesus Called out Father! Father!. My prayers are with you and your daughter. As a mother, i feel your pain. God bless you.
---Freda on 2/11/08

I am sorry. Have you heard of the "Daniel Fast"
Please check it out on line.
And "How the Lord told me to cure cancer" by George Cairns....just type this in and you will see..Dandelion Root to harvest it and use it for cancer cure.
God can heal even today. It happens all the time.
---lisa on 2/11/08

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Experience the unbelievable joy of each moment that unfolds. Your daughter is living. Enjoy the on-going life you both have together. Give no thoughts to other than life in its full richness. God wants you bathed in joy every second of every moment of every day. The unconditional love you have for your daughter will be matched a hundred-fold. Right now she is living. Fill her life with joy, love, laughter. You can give her no greater gift
---Dan on 2/11/08

You daughter is a strong person. Just by reading your story makes me sad. I have a 3 year old daughter and last year i almost lost her when I found out she had a 50/50 chance of surving it broke my heart. I know what u r going thought. My prayers are for u and your daughter.Keep your head up and remind your daughter that god knows what is best and he will take care of her.
---Tiffany on 11/25/07

Mama: I pray you have been born again. Fortify yourself first. Strengthen your mind and come to grips with your daughter possible death.It is not over yet. Do not fear. Ask God to give you courage and strength first so you can be a strong tower of strength for your daughter. This is a difficult place to be in. But God will see you through. Get God's Word down in you. If you are weak you won't be able to help her. Please read Psalm 91,23,121 also Hebrews 11,I Thess cha 4. I care.
---Robyn on 6/1/07

Also Mama: make sure your daughter knows Christ as her personal Lord and savior. I do agree with the moderator and the others. According to Romans 10:9-10. She has to confess with her mouth that she believe in Jesus and that He was raised from the dead and she shall be saved. We cannot say it for our loved ones,angel. My warmest prayers to you and your precious family. You are not alone. You are covered in prayer.
---Robyn on 6/1/07

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Natasha, almost everyone is in agreement. Emcee's answer is a good one and so are Franks and many others. Frank is correct, Jesus taught us how to pray. And we should ask for the will of God, though of course we would like it to be our will. Our whole prayers are in dependence upon Him for everything. He knows your pain and greif. Be strong in the Lord, and trust that His decision is always holy and righteous even when we don't understand. You are in my prayers also Natasha and also Cheryle.
---mark on 6/1/07

Nathan; your words "this WHOLE If it be thy will theology is from the pits of hell."
That is how the Lord said to pray and how he prayed in the garden. To say that form of prayer or theology is from the pits of hell is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost! Not only does it deny the Lord of having ALL power but calls his teaching and example as being from the devil. That is why I will no longer take part in this. You have the reason and scriptures. Look them up. You've rejected prior examples I gave.
---Frank on 5/31/07

The gospel has always been to glorify Jesus, prepare a people for the Lord and to give a hope of eternal life after one puts off the tabernacle. Not to teach people to fear death. Even as a child my parents told me about Jesus, heaven and my saved relatives in case I didn't make it through my illness. I thank God for their concern for my eternal well being and that they showed me that should I die I would go on to something better. They truly loved me and tried to prepare me.
---Frank on 5/31/07

Natasha::Do words to the Mother of her Baby console?.NO but prayers bring hope Jesus suffers to see you with a broken heart,but he has said my WILL will be done on earthas in heaven.We do not see but he does &we must trust in his irrevokable decision.PRAY & teach her to pray with her little a heart.WE lost 3 Daughters but God gave us the strength consolation & understanding to cope with this grief.I also will include your intentions,with my Prayers God Bless you Dear lady.
---Emcee on 5/30/07

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Hi Natasha

Sweetheart, look to Jesus Christ for the answer to that question. But while she is still here don't talk about death with her, talk about Jesus and all of the power that he has to bring about a change in situations of this matter! I am going through trials and tribulation also ( not like what you are going through) an I started to end my life, but I had to repent for not having the faith that I should have as a christian an other things. Go to Jesus.
---cheryle on 5/30/07

first of all i did not take the money from them i just wanted to show them GODS power we have it jesus said are u calling jesus(GOD) a liar ?come on now me brothers and sisters if u dont want to be taught tell me i well leave never post here again youre call only a fool refuses correction jesus said we have this power it well prove are names are in heaven it is written anyway it seams im insulted here more than the heathen i preach to at work ui can all live by 2 thessalinians 2 read it good buy
---robert_m_son_of_god on 5/30/07

#2. Ashely: No born again Christian, will ever want to do evil in the side of God. They will dispise all that they did before. But they are still in the flesh Ashely, and will make mistakes many times. But at no time will they ever fall so far they will lose their salvation, or their desire to please God. They might not be the best Christians in the world when compared to someone else, but all of us have our own personal relationship with Christ.
---mark on 5/30/07

Frank, I never tell anyone that they or their loved one will be healed. I just tell them what the word of God says and to believe for God to do the miriacle. The burden of proof is on God. By not sharing what the word of God says we are withholding the truth ergo we are lying. If someone dies and we neglect to tell people who were seeking the truth then the blood is really on our hands. If you want to proclaim truth that I deem as blasphemy then tell me what it is and back it up with the word.
---Nathan on 5/30/07

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Mark, I agree fully with your post. May God bless you man.
---Frank on 5/30/07

Nathan, the blood on the hands is not the lack of healing but when you build a person's hopes up and they fall away over being told their child will definately be healed and isn't. As far as what I said being from the pits of hell that is the blasphemy I no longer will respond to. When you think you can take truth and call it from the devil that is balsphemy. No further comments. Good day.
---Frank on 5/30/07

I find it interesting that you guys can judge and say a man is lost whom you don't know anything about. It is interesting that you assume I have never prayed and received healing or that I don't believe in healing. The way you twist and misunderstand my words is amazing. If you do hear from the Spirit of God, I doubt it has been lately.
---Frank on 5/30/07

Natasha, if you are still reading this your daughter is still in our prayers. Please do not feel bad by the words written here should your daughter go to be with the Lord. There is something better for all who love the Lord and ready to see him face to face. The peace and the love of paradise is beyond the comprehension of all who have not been blessed enough to experience it for a moment in their lives. Words cannot do it justice.
---Frank on 5/30/07

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Frank, I think that you are so right in your answers. I hear Robert even making money on his predictions. Of course God would work for you just so that you could make money. If that is not the worst part of it I don't know what is. Why not predict the games of football. Name it and claim it is the name of the game. With this power of faith, you can make God work for you. So rediculous. Let me also say, we don't know why God allows people to be born sick or later to die young.
---mark on 5/30/07

#2. The very reason God mentions to us in Scripture to pray, "Not my will but your will Lord" is so that we can be more dependent upon God's will for our lives. Not dependent upon our will's. We have done our will all through life, but we have a new nature, a dependence upon God's will. Now you want to say what His will is and what it should be. Nothing close to the truth.
---mark on 5/30/07

#3. We pray to be dependent upon God, we pray so that we can have a close relationship with God. He knows what is right for our lives and He knows who will survive and who will not. His decrees will be met no matter what I or anyone thinks. What should be our concern is how we follow Him. Many times God allows things to happen to us for a purpose. No one knows what that purpose is, but God, and He is always right, no matter what our little minds think. Does He heal? Of course He does.
---mark on 5/30/07

#4. Does He heal all the time, of course not. Everyone has to die in this world order. Until Christ does away with sin, and the curse of the flesh, everyone is destine to die. Even the people that Christ healed died. Those were done for a purpose, to show He was and still is the Lord.
---mark on 5/30/07

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Natasha, I have much to say about healing since Father God healed my mother of a debilitating disease and the doctors told her she wouldn't make it. 1st-Ask Father God if it's His will for your daughter to be healed. Second, pray scriptures of healing over her. Third, do what James Chapter 5 says, "Is anyone amoung you sick, let him call for the elders of the church, etc., Lastly, I will be praying for your daughter as I interceed in the Spirit at all times. God Bless you and your daughter.
---donna on 5/30/07

Frank, By beleiving in the healing for someone is what God wants for all of us. This whole "if it be thy will" theology is a lie from the pit of hell. Jesus never told anyone no when they came to him seeking to be healed. It is up to us to stand in faith and believe for their healing and by no means is it considered blood on our hands if they don't get healed and die, that is not even in scripture. We are to align ourselves with Isaiah 53:5 and let God determeine the rest.
---Nathan on 5/29/07

1 more thing 2 days ago i was at work preaching when clouds thunder lightning started happning there was about 5 peaple that said it was going to rain the sighns where there thunder clouds all of it i told them it would not until i left the ods where in there favor then i spoke out loud in front of them i said god thank u it wont rain tell i leave they evan bet me money guess what happened the clouds left sun came out and i made 20 dollars amen they think i am nuts they tell me to stop preaching no deal
---robert_m_son_of_god on 5/29/07

stop living by the world you have bean redemed paid for by jesus a price far above all u live with him greater is him thats in you that he whoos in the world? whos in the world?we restle against principalitys deamons spirit forces not the flesh do you see that yet command it its youre power he came to restore all things ezeikel 36-35 what does that say?
---robert_m_son_of_god on 5/29/07

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1pauls thorn in the flesh read it(its ilke u unbeleife refuses to beleve the scriptures-jesus said who do u interpet the scriptures?)and the rest of the ones who died decided to go it could have bean stoped u no nothing. u well have to anser to god frank about all who u are misleading open youre eyes paul said he wanted to go but it was better for him to (suffer)thorn in the flesh to benefit us.teach us they all could have stayed but decided to go.
---ROBERT_M on 5/29/07

did not jesus say we well have power singhs and wonders?to show that we are his do u have this power? i do i have proof do u did u heal youreself by command? from sickness i did that moment can u?did u pray for the sick and get results instantly? i did does GOD send u dreams? with meanings? do they come true within days? mine do does God anser youre prayers for what u ask for within minutes and less than 3 days mine are does God correct u within 1 day after u praying and ask him i asure u he ansers me
---robert_m on 5/29/07

can u prophisy about something and it comes to pass? i can i almost died over 3 times that i can remember did not happen i prayed out loud god save me i was spared in seconds wow all im saying is true and proof THE LIVING LORD GOD LIVES IN ME if none of these sighns work for u maybee u should pray hard and see where u went wrong jesus said us well do many greater things he did so why cant u are u mad becuse GOD did not anser youre prayers ?so now u are misleading evryone like the pharasie and saducies?
---robert_m on 5/29/07

Frank, I think you're depressed.
I also think you've had a really difficult life with much heartache. That's why this life doesn't hold the luster for you that it should. I can tell you've had very tough time of it.
---Chavda on 5/29/07

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did u no jesus came down on the teachers of the law of god the hardest and the priest ?he called them snakes vipers the blind leading the blind both fall in the ditch now U LISTEN TO THE WORD OF THE LIVING GOD this is for u see this he says for u frank 2thessalonians2-3-12 this says the lord REPENT go back and stop perverting GODS word i have bean talking to u now for 4 days and all u speak is death lies and unbeleife are u saved ?are u sure?
---robert_m on 5/29/07

FRANK THINK OF THIs matthew 7-21
and u are the matthew 7-26
Frank pray tonight and ask god to show u if u have bean fooled or wrong on any of youre scripture he well tell u send u a dream or someone well bring up a odd conversation trust me i wonce asked this of the father and he deleverd me becuse i excepted his correction please try it the lord corrects those he loves please try this then writwe me back u well have a change of heart talk tommorow
---robert_m_ on 5/29/07

did u ever question why u cant heal or have dreams visions ? probly not u put up with it the 72 go back to jesus and say evan the deamons obey us jesus replied do not marvel at this but be happy youre names are written in heaven evan now as i am tipyng my ear itches my eye itches my nose itches at certen points do u no why remember i asked u this i well tell u want to no do you?becuse i see the truth i have a smell for the truth my eys can see do u beleve this?u dont beleve nothing except what u want
---robert_m on 5/29/07

all power in heaven and on earth has bean given to jesus and jesus gave us this power to it is written right? yes can u argue someone in the kingdom probly not but by healing them they beleve is this not tru read john 10 ARE U READING THE QURAN OR THE BIBLE ive had it with u im done trying to correct u just pray to god ask him if u went wrong pray that out loud i promise u god well show u stop using youre intelect to interpet his word youre not smarter than god john 10-36 psalm 82-6 son of god
---robert_m_son_of_god on 5/29/07

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john 10-34 psalm 82-6 what? u mean to say we are called sons of GOD? what?did u no that um does that mean we have the same power jesus had? YES the curse is just a perversion of the bleasing did u no that ?anyone hear feal the need to correct me? sorry correct God ?u wont win against GODS word prove me wrong
---robert_m_son_of_god on 5/29/07

First, I do believe in healing as I wrote but it must be the Lord's will. For that matter the Lord said that an evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign.
Secondly, lets see some examples. Of ten lepers only one was made whole. The Lord said Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated. Neither child having done right or wrong. Hebrews gives the accounts of those who were tortured and put to death "not counting this world worthy." Too many love this life TOO MUCH.
---Frank on 5/29/07

Paul consented to Stephen's death who did not beg to live. Paul received a thorn in the flesh and the Lord said his grace was sufficient rather than heal him. James was killed by the sword and the Lord did not stop it. Five unwise virgins lost out even when saying Lord, Lord, open to us. The Lord said that the man would not rise to give his friend anything because the door was shut and he was in bed. One man was healed at Bethesda. What about all who weren't?
---Frank on 5/29/07

The list could go on but I won't get drawn into a blasphemous conversation any farther. If the Lord chooses to heal, he heals. If he doesn't, he doesnt. Furthemore healing of the soul is more important than of the body as every healing was a type and shadow of spiritual things which those who love THIS LIFE wouldn't understand anyways. I'm through with this blog. Be warned though about how judgmental you get as blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is not forgivable.
---Frank on 5/29/07

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Lastly, #4. The Lord has ALL power in heaven and earth and can decide IF and WHO he will heal. He has his reasons and the clay is not to question the potter. It is a blessing when he heals but it is more needful to have your soul healed, or right with God before putting off the tabernacle. We are not to love our lives in this world and the part of glorifying Jesus some don't want to share is loving him even if your child dies. He said that he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
---Frank on 5/29/07

YOU ALL ARE IN NEED we evan i before this was lead astray (ME robert m was lead astray by the church once i questioned my teachers and they couldent anser me they told me there was three GODS .wrong where is this power to heal jesus promised phisacle healing ?DID HE LIE TO US ? or have we bean misguided along the way?lied to taught doctrines of devils seducing spirits?humm libralism so are we sure about are salvation? most of u say yes but not the ability to heal others in the street the blind criple
---robert_m on 5/28/07

if jesus says u well be 1.saved and 2.cast out deamons 3.heal the sick paul the 12 apostles 72 they did the same as jesus GOD PROMISES HOLD HIM ACOUTABLE FOR THIS BUT U ALL DONT u say to youreself i well just take the salvation and beleve that god lied to me about the rest so if u beleve that then maybee u should question youre salavation right i dont meen to be hard i am feed up with all this unbeleif i need all of u to show me 1 scripture jesus said get away from me god want u to have cancer..ect
---robert_m on 5/28/07

Moderator>>>That was such an excellent answer. Knowing that God has got you,when you are on your death bed does make all the difference in this world. Peace with God when you are dieing is priceless.
---catherine on 5/27/07

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If my father calls me to supper and I walk in and see everything already on the table, how foolish would it be for me to ask him to get me something to eat?

Father God has already provided healing in the atonement. Our downfall is trying to get Him to do something He has already done when all we need to do is sit down at the table and feed on the person and work of Christ through which the provision was made. .
---Linda on 5/27/07

It is not confessing it into being, trying to get God to do it, or even trying to make it work. The Word works but it works when we rest....and every time Jesus fed the people, He told them to SIT DOWN. Standing up to eat (unless you don't have a chair) is considered in today's culture almost rude...kind of like a get my food and go situation. Father wants us to come and eat with Him and actually enjoy the meal. When we enjoy Him, His life is released in and through us.
---Linda on 5/27/07

Healing, health, and strength come from your regenerated spirit, pass through your soul, and are expressed in the body. How awesome it would be if we would just simply say, "Be it unto me according to thy word." When Mary got pregnant, nobody could tell until she showed, but when she showed everybody knew...and she that what had been spoken to her would soon be made flesh. That's living hope right there.
---Linda on 5/27/07

There is also something to be said about one who will just stand and fellowship with His sufferings when railed against. In that standing and fellowshipping, there is healing, health, and strength for both (1 Peter 2:24).
---Linda on 5/27/07

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Robert; of course I believe in healing. Just that the lord has all power in heaven and earth which includes who and at what age.
Bob; yes, I am the married Frank that Daphn knows.
Also, when I looked at the list of my answers not all answers listed under my name are mine. Some are from someone else and the writing style doesn't match.
---Frank on 5/27/07

FRANK u say God only heals those he wants becuse tabernacles early christians put to death so on right?so are u saying he also can save who he wants as well ? or evryone?So are u sure about youre salvation?listen to GOD by FAITH and beleve not by works youre fealing common sence so on right please think hard of that BY FAITH BY FAITH BY FAITH BY FAITH we LIVE THATS IT.if i where u i would change church u going to there wolves in lambs clothing!i love u thats why i help u
---robert_mann on 5/27/07

matthew 8-16-17 read it WHEN the even was come they brought onto him many that where possesed with devils and he cast out the spirits with his word and healed (3 peaple out of all right)?what ? u mean all yep ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL give me one scripture jesus(god)only healed 3 out of 50 becuse he said GOD wants u to live with it now depart from me u evil evil man u can handle this sickness god made u strong to handle this .
---ROBERT_MANN on 5/27/07

mark 16-17 And these signs shall follow them who believe: In my name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak in new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they have drunk any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands upon the sick, and they shall be well. And as Jesus was thus speaking to his disciples WE ARE TO HOLD GOD ACOUTABLE FOR HIS PROMISES AS HE HOLDS US ACCOUTABLE RIGHT????????????????
---ROBERT_MANN on 5/27/07

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RobertM., people have been burned and turned off because of TV preachers. We've watched so much perversion on the screen, that it insults our better judgment. When we watch the healing ministry of Jesus reduced down to an offering plate, many would rather walk away and wash their hands of it.
---Chavda on 5/27/07

The healing ministry of Jesus did not go away. If you're depressed or too ill to even think about the possibility that Jesus still heals today, you need the body of Christ to come up beside you, and hold your arms up.
When you lay your hands on the prayer altar, with 100% agreement that Jesus still heals, miracles can happen. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
---Chavda on 5/27/07

If you need healing; and there are doubters that are laying their hands on that prayer altar with you - one or two sides of the prayer altar will slip down. It becomes very heavy for the others to hold up.
If you're standing in the need of prayer, gather those at the prayer altar who can lift a prayer off the ground, with faith believing.
If you can't find any to believe,
you have all the agreement you need in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Go for it RobertM., I believe in miracles.
---Chavda on 5/27/07

FRANK I LOVE U MAN i wish i could give u a hug realy i do i made my case u made youres we both gave scripture mine came from GODS OWN MOUTH.they are not my words i just hold GOD acountable for his promises to me no compramises period i guess thats how i live it works for me in all ways but please stop saying god doesent heal that is false u well regret evry word u said one day we well be judged by evry thought word action we made for the kingdom while we where here god bless
---ROBERT_M on 5/26/07

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chavda thank u you are encouraging me i dont no who u are? but i felt the anointing as i was reading youre replys u must have the great faith as well may God oure father anoint u for minestry i have one question of my own now i need help discerning something for the past 2 days now while im preaching i feal my ear loebs itching and the inside of my ears itch as well but it only happens when i teach or preach then it stops anyone no why? please help i well pray about this if anyone knows help me ROBERT M
---ROBERT_M on 5/26/07

Once again if anyone knows why when i preach or teach the word of GOD my ear loebs and inside of my ears itch and when i stop preaching or teaching it stops that is the only time it happens what does that mean any scripture on that evan sometimes my eyes and nose i prayed about it and got an anser from GOD but not to sure about it yet any scripture on this??PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE I NO SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS THIS TO I FELL THE ANOITING RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE IM CRYING!!
---ROBERT_M on 5/26/07

Frank, we haven't heard from you in awhile.
You are the married "Frank", yes?
We have mark/frank/lisa and married Frank (that Daphne remembers).
---Bob on 5/26/07

let your daughter know that fear of dying is of the devil but god can give her peace
in the mist of whatever shes going through
tell her to say god is my peace and whatevver happens he will make it peaceable
may god bless you and yours truly
---mae on 5/26/07

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Jesus' Healing Miracles Quiz
(25 Questions)

6. Healing miracles by Jesus sometimes caused people to mock Jesus.

The correct answer is True.

Luke 8:51-55 - All wept, and bewailed her: Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth. They laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead. He put them all out, took her by the hand, called, saying, Maid, arise. And her spirit came again, and she arose straightway: and he commanded to give her meat.
---Chavda on 5/26/07

Jesus' Healing Miracles Quiz
(25 Questions)

7. Healing miracles by Jesus sometimes caused people to accuse Him of working for Satan.

The correct answer is True.

Luke 11:14-20 - He was casting out a devil, it was dumb. When the devil was gone out, the dumb spake; the people wondered. He casteth out devils through Beelzebub the chief of the devils. Others, tempting Him, sought of him a sign from heaven.
---Chavda on 5/26/07

But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub. And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges. But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.
---Chavda on 5/26/07

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