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What Is A Birth Control Pill

I was wondering if anyone knows about birth control pills and that there are some that can kill the baby and if there are any good alternatives that won't let you even concieve. Guess that's it, thanx.

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 ---Lisa on 10/11/05
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birth control is used for two reason #1 mostly so one does not get pregnant until they want to no it does not kill the baby unless you are already pregnant and begin taking it then it may kill or badly harm the child or if you miss a couple doses and in between have sex and become pregnant and you continue you have to take it regularly to protect yourself fully #2 it is used to regulate those who have problems with their periods (flows to heavy, flows longer than usual, skip periods)
---andre9789 on 9/17/07

Personally, I believe in birth control pills. I do not believe in the morning after pill. Ofcourse, if one is not married, you had better wait. For a Christian you must, for an unbeliever you must. Ofcourse, always pray about everything if you truly belong to God.
---catherine on 4/6/07

Don't ask kids at school you will get kids advice(worthless) ask your Dr if your under 18 to give you straight up information on Birth control, otherwise it is an educational exercise before you decide to get married and seek proper advice concerning unintentional abortion of the fetus and preventative methods that do not interfere with the implantation of the egg after it is fertilised by your [Husbands] sperm.
---Carla5754 on 4/6/07

They have the morinign after pill which aborts the baby. there are many forms of birthcontrol, just ask kids in school. They are taught about sex in school then given birthcontrol and we wonder what is wrong with the world today. If you are not married, the best birth control is don't do it. If you are married children are a delight. If you are not ready for children, don't get married.
---Rev_Herb on 4/6/07

I used to be a Rape counselor in a hospital, and educating rape survivors on the use of the Morning After Pill was part of my job. The pill does change the uterine lining, and causes the woman to have her period. If there is a conception, it cannot attach to the lining. Lisa, it is extremely important to get educated about birth control. You can go online to Planned Parenthood, and there is much information about the different types of birth control and their success rates. .
---Grace on 6/16/06

If you read the little paper packet that comes with the Pill under "Pharmacodynamics" it will tell you the three mechanism used to prevent pregnancy, 1-inhibition of ovulation 2-changes in cervical mucus (helps keep the spremies away) and 3- change in the endometrium (which reduces the liklihood of implantation). If a woman were to conceive-on the Pill-her endometrium would be lacking what it needs to implant the baby. My husband and I now use a diaphragm.
---Sara on 6/16/06

Nan and Madison are correct. With standard birth control pills, the kind you take every day, you will not conceive.
Carla--The medical term for "miscarriage" is "spontaneous abortion". It's almost never caused by anything you do. Often, it is because of a defect in the embryo that will not allow it to continue developing.
I'm horrified that the morning-after pill is available to kids without parents consent or knowledge in UK. But so is abortion here.
---Donna2277 on 4/25/06

I often though I'd ask the question, but knew it would cause havoc, and so did'nt, but I also veiwed it as abortion simply because of a project I did at school, finding out the information suggested that the fetus was at times in the first stages of life when the pill makes the womb lining so hostile it cannot plant and therefore is expelled at the end of the cycle, I have five wonderful children, God ia a rewarder of those that deligently seek him.
---Carla on 4/25/06

I don't know about that these days, they were classed as a natural abortion according to some old NHS nurses if the body rejected them after several weeks of fertility, today commonly called miscarriages. Although when I mentioned it my Dr Looked horrified, she is young though!
---Carla on 4/25/06

Alan - It sometimes happens even if 'a FERTILISED egg is killed through not being able to implant itself ... ", that this can occur naturally. Not every fertilised egg is capable of attaching itself to the uterus for a variety of reasons. Such is not regarded as an abortion or miscarriage.
---lee on 10/23/05

Birth Control pills, even those which prevent fertilisation, and therefore are not abortions, are medicines, which have an effect on the body of the woman.
They should be used with care, and under medical supervision.
Really the condom must be the only one which prevents impregnation without having other health implications for the woman or man. (apart of course from abstinence) But there is a failure rate.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

An I.U.D. (interuterine device) destroys a fertilized egg and expels it soon after conception. It does not prevent conception and is really allowing a very early miscarriage (abortion).
---M.A. on 10/23/05

I have never wanted to take any kinds of medicine unless absolutely necessary. When I was planning my family, I used something called and IUD. I don't know if that is still available today. But, it worked for me. Ask your ob/gyn about this.
---Sally on 10/15/05

By now the poor girl is confused. An article entitled "What Are Birth Control Pills?" says...."the pill stops ovulation, preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs. The pill also thickens cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus. The hormones in the pill PREVENT fertilization." The "Morning After" pill is different, IT prevents a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the uterus where it would normally develop into a fetus (infant).
---Nan on 10/12/05

Angela it is the FERTILISED egg that is prevented from implanting itself.

Thus the FERTILISED egg is killed through not being able to implant itsef ... that surely amounts to abortion.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/12/05

Im in the healthcare field in Canada and I can tell you for a fact that the morning after pill is NOT an abortion per say. What it is, is two does of regular birth control given within 24 hours. It prevents the egg from implanting itself and will often cause a woman to have her period the next day. The morning after pill is given with 72 hours because the egg has that much time to implant itself. It isnt 100% effective either.
---Angela on 10/12/05

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Thanks Madison, I must have been misinformed. However, regarding the morning-after pill it is certainly legal in U.K. This will horrify you if you didn't already know this. It can be given out to children in school by the school nurse and under 16s can get it at a chemist without parental consent. Also doctors can sign forms for under 16s to have an abortion, not only without parental consent but without parents even being informed that it has been done!! God's wrath could be on its way here.
---M.P. on 10/12/05

The morning after pill is available on demand in the UK
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/12/05

Refer to Nan's blog, she is correct. The "Morning after" pill which if you have conceived will kill the embryo. Definitely NOT an option. Talk to your Dr. about alternatives.
Some people don't want children ASAP after they marry, that is a wise choice. A Couple needs that bonding time to learn to grow together and build a foundation before they bring a child into the world, that is a big step!
---NVBarbara on 10/11/05

MP: I am afraid you are confused. Regular birth control pills preven ovulation, or the egg from being released each month. If there is no egg, there can be no fertilization.

As for the morning after pill, I am not so sure it has been made legal yet, except in cases of rape.

I suggest Lisa go to her gynecologist and discuss birth control with that professional.
---Madison on 10/11/05

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Most birth control pills work by stopping a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the wall of the uterus (womb). Those are the ones that stop you from conceiving. The one you mention that 'kills the baby' is called the morning-after pill. This is taken just incase pregnancy has occurred and creates a very early abortion. If you are young and/or unmarried your best birth control is abstinance. It would be much better if you talked with someone personally; parent, pastor, older friend or relative maybe.
---M.P. on 10/11/05

Birth control pills prevent ovulation (release of the egg from the ovary). Without ovulation, there is no egg for the sperm to join with and create a fetus. It is about 99% effective if taken as directed. However, it does not protect you from HIV, Hepatitis, or venereal disease. Some married women use BC pills until they are ready to have children, some unmarried girls and women use them for medical reasons other than birth control.
---Nan on 10/11/05

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