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Can't Get Enough Of God

I can't get enough of God since I was saved. It's all I can talk about, I play amazing christian music that sometimes leaves me in tears. Its wonderful except that my mom getting irritated. How do I handle this? Also she is not supporting some decisions such as entering ministry?

Moderator - Food for thought? Many people when they get saved believe that they need to go to Bible school forgetting that whatever vocation we pursue that we are all ministers of the Gospel.

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 ---natasha on 10/11/05
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How wonderful it is to experience God in being born again! And that hunger for Him....don't let anyone take that from you. It is a precious pearl indeed to have that hunger. Now that you have taken a step in experiencing God (the water gate), now it is time to take a step in excellence (the Ephraim gate) and get grounded in the word of salvation so that no voice will ever cause you to doubt that you are saved.
---Linda_Smith on 2/23/08

Being called into the ministry, the Bible saids, is a great favor from God. You really need God to support you, because you won't get any support from family and other people. So you must be sure that it is God. Also, we ought to please God rather than man. Playing godly music is a great way of chasing Satan out of your house. So perhaps, you can worship God with music when mom is out. Ask God about it.
---catherine on 5/11/07

Advice given me by a preacher when I wanted to go into the ministry. DON"T unless you are absolutly sure God is calling you to that ministry. Sometimes we try to get ahead of God. If God wants you in the ministry, he will put you there. There is still a lot you can do for God without being in the ministry.
---Rev_Herb on 5/10/07

How old are you Natasha? Are you still under the care of your mom? I mean, are you still dependent financially with your mom? If you are, then I understand her concern.
---Linda6546 on 10/14/05

"One of the greatest things an orphan can hear is that he/she is not fatherless because God has come to be the Father to them. Out of that relationship, these children can have wisdom beyond their years. "

This is exactly what our country needs! people that will sacrifice to bring the children to know God!!
---natasha on 10/11/05

you are awesome! thanks! and yes my moms statements are really sad.. she doesnt like that money is not my main focus anymore.. shes trying hard to be supportive, but i can see im hurting her.. but God is perfect so everything will be fine.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! :)
---natasha on 10/11/05

"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Never apologize for loving Jesus. Just obey God and love people. Remember ministry is a by product or overflow of your relationship with the Lord.
---ann_G on 10/11/05

Father desires for us to be whole spirit, soul, and body (1 Thess.5:23). Give Him your heart, seek His, and allow Him to develop the seed He has placed within you.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

I heard an example one time about a man who had a desire in his heart to minister to the blind. Instead of allowing that ministry to develop, he went out immediately upon hearing the call and started a school for the blind. That is wonderful in and of itself but schools cost money to run while God's gift is free. God's desire was that that man become so grounded in the healing word that he would lay hands on the blind and they would see.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

One of the greatest things an orphan can hear is that he/she is not fatherless because God has come to be the Father to them. Out of that relationship, these children can have wisdom beyond their years. In the heart of the Father, there is exceedingly abudantly more than we can ask or think.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

What happens to a lot of Christians is that they experience God in a mighty way but then hear others who have lost that freshness tell them that it is just a phase and it will lose its fire pretty soon. That is so sad because that fire should never die...and it won't as long as each step of experience brings another step in excellence. In regards to ministry, allow the Lord to develop that. He has placed the desire in your heart.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

"she says she knows all this as when she was younger she was in the church and its just a phase"

The fire in your heart should never be just a phase and your first day with Jesus should never be the best one. Your life in Him should continue to be a fresh experience of His love and faithfulness, with each step of experience demanding a step of excellence to be rooted and grounded in His love.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

rache.. im in south africa and am going in dec/jan to a lady that has been running a similiar facility for longer than i have been alive.. im sure it will be great.. hoping to see what it takes etc.. my mom has always been there for me so i just feel like im disappointing her.... thanks.. so glad i found this site :) p.s wasnt planning on going to bible school and pastor and 2 other members support my decisions thankfully..
---natasha on 10/11/05

Natasha I agree totally with everything Linda Smith has said. Wise woman wise counsel. Possibly you can go on a mission trip to an orphange somewhere and see what you really can do to help. Or here in the states. You don't have to go abroad.......... get the counsel of your pastor also. But honor your mother. And no you don't need to go to Bible school.
---rache on 10/11/05

linda, thanks so much!.. my mom believes she is saved, so its hard to speak to her.. she says she knows all this as when she was younger she was in the church and its just a phase.. God watches from a distance and when times are tough you call on Him.. its just hard to relate to her at the moment and i dont want to upset her :) am 24 yrs old..
---natasha on 10/11/05

just to clarify.. coming into some money and where my mom wants me to build myself a house, i want to open an orphanage for children to know God and learn skills like sewing, marketing and basic computer skills? Just want to know if i should continue to speak to her about Christ and what He wants from me, although it irritates her or avoid the topic with her? If i should continue what do i say?
---natasha on 10/11/05

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The vertical relationship with God defines the horizontal relationship with others. If you are an adult, just simply sitting down with your mother and listening to her concerns would go a long way in letting her know that you still care about how she feels and that her presence in your life is celebrated.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

The greatest in the kingdom is the servant. We are sons of God but we serve one another. I don't know how old you are but it does make a difference regarding ministry whether you are under your mother's care or not. If you are an adult, then you make ministry decisions by the Holy Ghost as an adult. If you are a youth still under your mother's care, then the Holy Ghost would never lead you to go against loving and honoring your mother.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

The irritation your mother is experiencing is a result of wanting that same experience and not being able to produce it herself. Pray for her to experience God as you have and love with the love that God has shed abroad in your heart by His Holy Spirit. Honoring your mother is the natural outflow of your love and hunger for God first. You are already a minister of the gospel, a king and priest unto God and of the Lamb, because Jesus is a King-Priest and you are a joint-heir with Him.
---Linda_Smith on 10/11/05

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