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Cried Because Asked To Pray

In a ladies' meeting the leader asked a young mum to close in prayer. She just burst into tears. She does not like praying aloud and felt terrible afterwards. Should we check with people first befroe asking them to take part or do you think it is O.K. to ask out of the blue like that?

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 ---M.A. on 10/11/05
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A true Christian may have a poor prayer life at home, if she or he has problem praying in public. This young woman certainly had a problem. Remember, when asked to pray out in public, pause for a second, or a minute, and wait upon the Person of the holy spirit, open your mouth and let the words be straight from out of God's very own mouth.>>>You do not need to start saying a whole bunch of stuff just as soon as someone says to you to pray. WAIT. POWER in prayer.
---catherine on 5/18/08

Always ask first before the meeting even starts. She also may have burst into tears because she was in a hurting place and the Holy Spirits presense comforted her Whatever her reason for tears she should have been asked first. A general "would anyone else like to close in prayer" is a good way also.
---rache on 5/17/08

The lady should have been asked first b4 the meeting. That is a bit rude to put this upon her unaware of it. One would know if another can pray or has the confidence. When I was asked to read a mission story first time, I refused bcos I was not confident to stand up front. a close friend ordered me 2do it,God is watching hah.. I did, made a lot of boo but later took up more chances n now, I can confidently pray etc up front. It takes time.
---jana on 5/4/07

Something to keep in mind. In oder for anyone in church to pray [God hears them] they must be saved. This is something to take close consideration of.
---catherine on 4/29/07

Ask before the meeting first. This lady may never go again if she feels nervous about anything. Some people just dont like to pray or talk about personal things in front of strangers. Give her time.
---sue on 4/28/07

Mima>>> I think you have alot of courage. I mean, you might would get some religious people pointing fingers, "saying well", at you. you don't seem to mind. That is good. As long as you know who you are in Christ, we do not care what other people think.
---catherine on 4/28/07

Different pastors, when they see me in their church congregation ask me to pray. Sometimes I pass this prayer request to a younger individual, who I know is a Christian and would welcome the opportunity to pray publicly. I believe too much attention is given in this matter of praying publicly to old goat's like myself.
---Mima on 4/27/07

It works both ways. Some people who have never prayed aloud at a meeting are very glad to be asked and are excited about the opportunity for new experience.

Only God can give an answer to the moment.

Jonah didn't especially want to go to Nineveh either. There are many experiences in life that we don't want but that will affect the life of many or of just one for Christ. And somehow it will all turn out for the benefit of the kingdom of God.
---Barbara67 on 4/27/07

i dont think it was fear that made her cry; prayer is an emotional thing, i guess she was having an underlaying issue. Does depend on what the meating and prayers were about, might of hit a raw point
---susanna on 11/10/05

A good way to handle it is to either ask them in advance if it would be alright to call on them, or ask for volunteers to pray aloud. That way, no one is put on the spot.
---Annie on 10/11/05

I used to be terrified to pray out loud and dreaded being asked and it took almost ten years before felt comfortable thanks to gentle understanding leaders. I dont think its wrong to ask anyone to pray out loud; you would be wise to recognize that such a request will be an expectation in Christian settings. Your friend does have the option to say Im not comfortable praying out loud just now and also helping her to pray in a small setting by saying only one sentence to start?
---A. on 10/11/05

Is fine to ask people who are used to praying in public to do so on spur of moment but, some people who are new to it should be asked ahead of time. Some feel cornered when asked to do something like this. I feel nervous when asked to pray because, many people I know pray long, showy prayers. I pray simply like I am talking to best friend. Sometimes people look down on this and this makes me feel like I have not done good enough even though I know God hears me and loves it when I talk to him as my friend.
---Marla on 10/11/05

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