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Make-Up Or Hair Color Godly

Should Christian women wear make-up or change the colour of their hair or curl straight hair etc. or are these things wrong because they are changing the appearance that God gave women? Likewise, should men with hair shave their heads. Is there any scripture for any of this?

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 ---M.A. on 10/11/05
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when it really comes down to it, its about the state of your heart. why are you doing it? if you are doing it because you hate your appearance or are unhappy with yourself then yes it is wrong. but if you are merely treating yourself and enhancing your God-given beauty, then go for it.
---abi on 9/30/07

This is a very touchy subject to many but I believe that God looks at the heart and if it is in line with him the rest will fall into place.
---Amy8445 on 9/30/07

God looks at the heart when it is in line then the rest will fall in place....
---Amy on 9/30/07

Amen Catherine, make-up and hair color will no send you to hell. Let's learn some grace people!
---Michelle on 9/29/07

According to the scriptures the bible talks about the outward adorning and for me it speaks volumes when one gets up puts on your make up, wig,false teeth,etc and not even a word of prayer is breathed from your mouth. So this is me, as long as one remembers God in prayer and is faithfull, Moderation will always be the key. what people do with the money they have earned after tax's and church/home commitments is up to them. People that behave without wisdom will always be shown up for being so.
---Carla5754 on 9/29/07

Well, I never. I am not even going to look for A scripture. I will keep coloring my hair and I will KEEP wearing make-up, Until God tells me face to face not to. Thank you!++
---catherine on 9/29/07

I guess everyone is serious around here- lighten up people! Some of these blogs are so ridiculous, they make me laugh.
---Michelle on 9/28/07

Yes, we need make-up! Are you kidding? I don't care what other people say, I look like a corpse without some blush and mascara. I also color my hair and three different colors mind you. It's called carmelizing and it's gorgeous. My students ask me who painted my hair the way it is- I find that funny.
Sorry, even old barns need new paint!
---Michelle on 9/26/07

The other bloggers have quoted scripture. My opinion is that it is hair splitting in Gods eyes. Not a problem unless someone gets legalistic and stumbles. In Christ, there is liberty.
---jody_martin on 9/9/07

What is on the inside is far more important than what is on the outside, but I do not see anything wrong with wearing a little makeup, as long as it is not overdone. As far as coloring your hair, I have done it but after I was saved, I became very convicted about coloring my hair, so therefore I will "gracefully grow old, gray hair and all! This is only my opinion.
---Cynthia on 9/9/07

Try looking at 1 Timothy 2:9 Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, I think it is more preference than anything.
---denna7667 on 9/9/07

There is nothing wrong with these things. We are to take care of what God has given us. We are not to dwell on the outward appearances but on the inward but many times if we look and feel good on the outside it makes us feel better on the inside as well.
As long as we are not hurting ourselves with what we do then trying to look ones best is not wrong.
---Marla on 9/9/07

The Bible declares man looks at the outward appearence, but God at the heart. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup or dying the hair. God is more concerned about our relationship with him rather than our hair or makeup. I believe God wants us to take care of our bodies, not only eating proper foods, get rest, and so forth, but also to take care of our appearences. I feel doing these things are ok, as long as you do not get carried away and place your looks above God, or dress in an ungodly fasion.
---Sly5696 on 3/31/07

I look so awful without makeup that if I tried approaching anyone to witness to them I think they would take one look and run away :) I also dye my hair to cover up the ever thickening streak of grey hairs. As long as I do not try to make myself look worldly it is ok.
---Helen_5378 on 6/11/06

Loose powder and makeups,along with conservative clothes help protect the skin from cancer.Hygiene is always important so I try to look fresh ,wear white and avoid all the ticks ,fleas ,fire ants as well as mesquitos and horse flies( which bite).Wasps and bees?Reasons are not always vain .I wear a bluejean shirt,mexican sombrero,socks and tennis shoes to mow! What would Jesus do?Conservative but sensible.Lulac3895
---Lula on 6/10/06

Look at a women that is Holy Ghost filled she has a glow about her she doesn't need makeup
---Betty on 3/13/06

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biology 101- genetics make us blonde or brunette, age makes us grey. We are not to judge others or make wearing or not wearing makeup a point of salvation-we can not earn our salvation-for by grace we are saved not of works
Proverbs31:22-she is dressed in expensive material
Esther 5:1 Esther put on her royal robes(vs.2 says the king was pleased therefore she could carry out the will of God) Song of Solomon 1:3,4:10- your perfume is pleasant-we are trying to please our mate. Do what pleases him
---debba7755 on 12/30/05

It shows that there is nothing wrong with women wearing make-up, getting a weave, or even shaving all of their hair off. There should be limits as to dresses above the knees and us christian men wearing skin-tight clothing. Sometimes what we wear, unknowingly, is a destraction to others.
---Rickey on 12/30/05

As christians I don't see anything wrong with women wearing makeup or dying their hair. Likewise, with men we should definitely get our hair cut, shave, wear colonge, etc. I Peter 3:3-4 talks about this. In verse 3 it says..."Let not yours be "merely" external adorning; braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses;
The verse says "Merely" meaning "ONLY or ALONE".
---Rickey on 12/30/05

Why are they doing it? To please MAN? A lot of girls dye their hair blonde because of the saying "gentleman prefer blondes". God made each person with their own identity, and if he wanted them to be a blonde instead of a brunette he would have done so. God looks at the heart...that's what is important to him! Some men need to be the same way.
---Bubbah on 12/30/05

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No I don't believe we should wear makeup or dye, cut, or do anything to ourselves. God made us all beautiful! Why change what God created!
---Kellie on 11/18/05

wow never heard that, no I dont think its wrong but u should be happy with what GOd gave you, he made you EXACTLY how he wanted you, gray hair,fat butt and all!
---angie on 10/27/05

When we first moved back here to the middle of the so-called "Bible belt" I noticed that women wear an awful lot of makeup. I hardly wore any as I lived in Las Vegas where only showgirls and prostitutes painted their faces this much. It's the old "in moderation" thing again!
---Sally on 10/26/05

NOw that answer does not pretend to be biblical!
But it does seem to me that to dress or make up specially to attract lots of competing men shows an artificial mind, which thinks that all men are looking for is the physical, rahter than the person inside the body. And of course in many cases they are right.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

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Actually, men do look at these blogs, and just leave it to the women to answer. But now the challenge is there, I have noticed among male acquaintances that some go for ladies who are all painted up, and others, like me, prefer the more natural look! Same with what attracts them in terms of ladies clothing ... some will go for the very sexy outfit, others will prefer the girl who dresses modestly (often hoping that the modest dress conceals an immodest behaviour!)
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

I am neither for nor against make-up etc. I asked because a Christian I know has her hair coloured yet is against make-up and that doesn't make sense. Sally I don't think we can compare general cleanliness and good health issues with my points in the question. There are rules about cleanliness in the Old Testament and they are meant for our well being. Make-up is an option and is taken to ridiculous lengths by some.
---M.A. on 10/23/05

If women and men did not change the way they were born, there would be a lot of stinking people around with long, unkept hair and long fingernails, etc. Get my point?
---Sally on 10/15/05

I'd like to hear what men think of this subject! Do they prefer to see their wives wear a little make-up and hair looking nice when they come home, or go out together?
NOT a Tammy Faye look, but a subtle glow!
---NVBarbara on 10/14/05

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Of course I do, noticed. It would be highly abnormal if I found names of men responding to this blog. This isn't men's concern. Aside from that... I found this trivial! But being a woman, I can't help but take a look about the things going on re: hair color, make up, etc! "Oh woman! How vain you are!" But I am glad, I am a woman!
---Linda6546 on 10/14/05

has anybody else noticed that the only replies are from women
---Kaleo on 10/14/05

In my opinion what you mentioned is not wrong. All things in moderation is a good rule concerning just about anything. Philippians 4:5.
---Ulrika on 10/13/05

What others wear on their face is no concern of ours, unless our brother or sister are in blatant sin, then we are to confess our sin and go to them in love and try to restore them from the sin they are in. Too many people judge others by their hair color and make up, when the heart is the most important part of all of us.
---Joyce9456 on 10/12/05

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I think it comes down to personal conviction. Some people have no problem with it; some wouldn't do it for any amount of money. The key is not to judge or criticize those who aren't convicted the same way about it that you are.
---Heather on 10/12/05

Someone many years ago asked my opionion if a woman should be able to wear make-up or not, my reply was, I guess it depends on how 'ugly' she is!

Make-up, hair, for women, is it Godly, common sense really, the Holy Spirit, if truely within a woman whose relationship with God is stong and obedient, will hear very clearly if her Heavenly Dad approves of her 'look', not just in make up/hair, also in our clothing attire - chaste is good, elegant, feminine etc...
---bethany on 10/12/05

Questions like these have caused troubles in the church I have attended before. Instead of focusing on God's saving grace and power, we focused on trivial things like make up and head shaving! As long as the woman does not look like a clown, make up is okay! If the man seem to be at ease with his "hairless" head, then it is okay. It isn't your head, anyway!
---Linda6546 on 10/11/05

Rule of thumb: "You are to be attractive but not an attraction." Your traditions and cultural background will dictate some of this. (What may be excessive in one culture may not be enough in another.) Actually, some Christians who make it a point of being "plain" are as much of an attraction as the Christian who wears to much make-up. Balance is the key and adjusting to your culture.
---WIVV on 10/11/05

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count... futher ,the bible forbids following the changing fashions of the world. rom 12:2;1thess 5:22; titus 2:11,12 1pt 1:14
Now all said, it is your choice to wear makeup , I donot see anything about haircolor, I think that's fine.
---candice on 10/11/05

That is personal between that person & God.I donot wear makeup because my husband says I give off a natural "glow", but according to the bible it says we should be modest.The bible forbids the wearing of gold,pearls, or costly array. 1tim 2:9 notice the attire of the babylonish harlot. rev 17:4, also the rich men's apparel luke 16:19
---candice on 10/11/05

God gave me lips to apply a little lipstick to, and eyelashes just right for mascara!
If this barn door needs painting, you betcha it WILL get painted!
I also use a curling iron to put some wave in my otherwise straight hair!
---NVBarbara on 10/11/05

I once had a pastor who very plainly said, "If the barn door needs painting, paint it." There is nothing wrong with enhancing one's appearance with make-up or hair color. Nor is there anything wrong with men shaving their heads. As the previous blogger mentioned, God is more concerned with my heart than that I hide my grey hair.
---Madison on 10/11/05

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Moderation in all things!
---Margaret on 10/11/05

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