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Misunderstanding With My Brother

My Dad passed away 3 months ago, since then my brother and I have gotten into a huge misunderstanding - its horrible. I am so lonely it hurts. Why has God split up my once close family - now.

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 ---Mike on 10/12/05
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what is the misunderstanding about... is it over money? is it over who gets dads stuff? what is the problem about, then you can begin to find an answer
---madelyn on 8/18/07

The biggest hurt we can have is to lose those with whom we have had all our life. Perhaps, your father was the glue that kept the family together. I would deal with your brother as your earthly father and Heavenly Father would have you do. It may be long and it will be painful but do not close any doors that can not be reopened. Pray for your relationship with God and with your brother.
---chuck on 7/27/07

(Cont.)Of course it pains me. But the pain subsided later. After the grieving, comes the understanding. Let time do its share for healing. Just forgive your brother. Am sure you are on the same boat, grieving! Don't think that you lost two people in your life. You lost your Dad, yes, but your brother is still around. Just keep your distance this time. Respect his grief.
---bebet3754 on 10/14/05

I have gone through similar episodes over the death of my dad 25 years ago, and over the death of my mom, 15 years ago. I got into a misunderstanding with my favorite brother over nothing at all when my Father died! I insisted and tried to outweigh the reasoning of my most respected elder sister when my Mother died! I don't know, but I think the "pain of separation" and some "guilt" on some things made me to do that.
---bebet3754 on 10/14/05

Where did you get the idea that God split you and your brother up? Matthew 5:23-24 says "If then you are making an offering at the altar and there it comes to your mind that your brother has something against you, leave your gift at the altar, and go your way, first be reconciled to your brother, and then come back and offer your gift." Go and make peace with your brother.
---Tonya on 10/13/05

You and your brother must be hurting terribly. Have you tried Christian grief counseling? My brother's death date is tomorrow (10/14) 18 years. I still feel lonely! I dont know what you're feeling because I am not and never have been in your situation. Use each other for comfort at this time. Just call him and start with "I love you". God Bless You.
---angela on 10/13/05

Go to your brother before anymore time goes by. I would almost bet he is hurting too. May God Bless You Both!
---a_friend on 10/13/05

NaHoKa's right, God ISN'T to blame, He didn't force you and your brother to argue. However, now that it has happened He'll try to teach you something from it if you'll let Him. Pray and ask God what He wants to do next and accept the guidance He will provide.
---Heather on 10/12/05

Why are you blaming God? Put the blame where it belongs - on you and your brother. God doesn't force you to do anything. You do. Galatians 5:22&23, the fruit of the Spirit. The last one is self control. Exercise it!
---NaHoKa on 10/12/05

First of all, God didn't split up your family, it happened because you are all human and you are grieving. Try to speak with your brother in a calm, non-judgmental setting. Tell him your feelings and allow him to tell his side. If you can't agree, get a third-party mediator such as a pastor, family friend, attorney, or counselor that will listen to both sides and help you resolve it fairly. You won't know peace until you get this stumbling block out of your path. Best wishes and God bless.
---Nan on 10/12/05

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