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Am I Still A Virgin

I was raped about as year ago. Will people still consider me a virgin?

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 ---angie on 10/12/05
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angie: 1st i am sorry about what happened to you iwas raped a little over a year ago also if you wanna talk you can write at andre9789 it is up to you to me and others that know about mine all said that in the worlds eyes it is different some still will consider you a virgin cause you didnt give it freely to me you still are but to others they may see different i considered myself still a virgin until i gave it up freely i will tell you my personal story if you will write me and explain to you what i mean
---andre9789 on 12/10/07

No! Regardless of the circumstances, you are not a virgin. If you become engaged, or ever have a reason to explain this act, don't try to cover it up with some "spiritual jargon", just tell it like it is. (You had no choice in the matter, but you are not a virgin.) Should this not be understood - that's their problem, not yours.
---WIVV on 11/19/05

, remember that Jesus loves you and wants all of us to experience the joys of heaven, where there will be no more pain and no more sin.
---steve on 11/7/05

Rape is an act of VIOLENCE and not sex. As such, if you've not experienced sex you are a virgin no matter what people may believe.
---Nancy on 10/19/05

, when i was a little kid, i wandered into a neighborhood where a bad man lived. he's dead of old age now, but that day took decades to recover from.
---steve on 10/13/05

MP I agree with you but not because the white dress stands for the individual but the white dress stands for the purity of marriage.
God looks on the heart and not the condition of the flesh.
Our victim in this case was pure to start and was pure after not like the drunk in the other question.
---Elder on 10/13/05

I agree with what Elder said. Keep yourself pure till God gives you the husband he wants you to have. Give your hurts to God and let him heal you emotionally and spiritually. God is our great counselor.
---EJ on 10/13/05

Hi Angie, I'm so sorry you were the victim of such a horrible crime. Honey, you are definately a virgin. Having your hymen broken does not mean you are no longer a virgin. There are surgeries that break the hymen, and then there is the rape. Both situations you are still a virgin!
---angea on 10/13/05

'When you marry you would give up your virginity (not have it taken from you) but you would remain pure.' I agree with this Elder and, going off track slightly, would like to add that I think that a widow remarrying should, if she so chooses, marry in white. If she was 'pure' when she married the first time and was faithful throughout that marriage I believe she is still pure. I've never found anyone who agrees with this thought though. I wonder where the idea of white=pure=virgin came from.
---M.P. on 10/13/05

Aw..... Madison you just know I love you (and Barbara, whew, can't leave her out you know how she is.)
Thank you Madison you are such a kind heart.
---Elder on 10/12/05

Sadly, you may find those who will blame you for what happened, & say "You must have led him on"

But I say that although physically you are no longer virga intacta, you are still in your character, still a virgin.
When a man asks you to marry him, you should tell him (if you've not done so already) what happened. If he is worthy of you, he will say "It does not matter one jot"
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/12/05

Angie, I am a man and let me tell you.. you are still a virgin!
---Alex on 10/12/05

, you were the victim of a terrible crime. i hope the guy who did it stays in prison as long as possible. please don't feel bad about this in any way, you are the innocent one here.
---steve on 10/12/05

Listen to what Elder said. I understand your pain and confusion somewhat because a child molestor took my virginity.

God can keep you pure, because purity is a matter of the heart combined with the body. Virginity is just a physical aspect of your body.
---Madison on 10/12/05

Elder: I think that was the most thoughtful, sensitive post I have seen on this website in a very long time. You have a gift. Thank you.
---Madison on 10/12/05

Angie, I think you'd still be considered a virgin for the exact reasons Andre gave. I'm very sorry to hear this happened to you; you're in my prayers.
---Heather on 10/12/05

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yes your still a virgin spiritually you could not have done anything else to stop that from happening. dont worry about it. its in the past.i know its hurts ive been there i know the pain is always gonna be there but trust in jesus he will help you through. he will punish the person who hurt you. just continue living for him. sometimes things happen in life we find it hard to explain then we st artto ask why me?.dont listen what people have to say i believe you are still a virgin
---kisha on 10/12/05

No, you are not a virgin. God knows your heart is pure.
---Ulrika on 10/12/05

Yes. That was not of your will and virginity is not only a physical thing, it is also how you feel in your mind.
---Livia on 10/12/05

No, technically you are not a virgin. But since you were forced, it was not by choice and you are not responsible for the act. No one should ask you this question except your doctor or fiance'. Rape counseling is available in most areas of this country, I hope you seek them out to help you heal. God bless you.
---Nan on 10/12/05

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One of the things a rapist takes from you is your virginity.
The thing he can't take is your purity.
Do not focus on the physical but pay close attention to your purity.
God has a plan where you can keep your purity all your life.
When you marry you would give up your virginity (not have it taken from you) but you would remain pure.
Read Prov 31 and bask in the Sonshine (spelled right) of your purity.
---Elder on 10/12/05

No, because you are not but I wouldn't let that worry you. Some people associate virginity with purity but your virginity was taken against your will. It was not anything impure on your part. You cannot change what happened but I hope you will not let this spoil your life. Tell what happened to those who need to know (future husband especially).Those who truly care for you will not allow it to make any difference.
---M.P. on 10/12/05

In God's eyes yes. You have not willfully engaged in sex. SO take care of yourslef, Jesus loves you and you are still HIS angle.
I pray God's healling upon you
---edward590 on 10/12/05

If you have had sexual intercourse...voluntarily or are no longer a virgin.It does not matter what people may think about you, what God thinks of you is all that counts.
---MARIE on 10/12/05

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