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Boyfriend Sleeps At Ex's House

My boyfriend has a child. He is divorced of five years & tell's me that he has had sleep over's @ ex's home in the past on christmas eve for the child, And time at her lake cabin. I'am unsure that he will continue to do this now that we are involved, how do I ask him? I would not appricate it.

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 ---Terra on 10/12/05
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Get out of this relationship, right away from him. Don't think for a moment that he will stop doing this just because he is involved with you. I would question his degree of involvement. This would continue even if you were married to him.
---Helen_5378 on 7/6/07

That is definitely a red flag that you should see. I am a guy and with a guy staying over at his ex's place, I would most definitely say he is still involved with her. And you shouldn't be shy about asking him about it. Just come out and ask him straight up. May God work this out and guide you to do His will. In Christ, Eric9874
---Eric on 7/5/07

He should not do that if you two are involved, or if it gets serious between you to you go too. Pray for guidance
---Tonya on 8/2/06

you are compleatly wrong rose, there are biblical grounds for divorce! if the man commited adultary on his wife and left her, she has every right/need to remarry. see 1corinthians 7v2
---susanna on 11/10/05

Rose, I think you're assuming a lot. First of all, this man may be divorced because his wife committed adultery. Second, "sleepovers" may not involve sleeping with the exwife, it may be that he sleeps in a separate room. Third, because he is the writer's boyfriend does not mean she is having sexual relations with him, so would not be adultery or fornication. She needs to have a long, honest, open discussion with the boyfriend, and pray for God's guidance in this matter.
---Nan on 10/13/05

First both of you have been deceived by the devil.That woman is still his according to the bible and by accepting him means you commit adultery with him.Unless the wife is dead, that man is not yours.ASK GOD AND PRAY THAT HE GIVES YOU YOUR MR. RIGHT.
---rose on 10/13/05

Terra, I would just ask him, if he gets upset because you ask him then you'll know then that something isn't right. I refuse to be with a man I could not trust and to top it off why should you have to go to bed with knots in your stomach because you're scared to ask him a question, after all he's not your husband and if he was how would you handle it then?
---Samantha on 10/12/05

my ex fiancee was staying at his ex wifes house when he went back to see his son, found out later they did more on the couch then sleep. guess they thought since they had been married it was ok...well, its not. its cheating. he wouldnt like it if "I" stayed at MY ex's house.
---Jan4876 on 10/12/05

I would say drop this guy like a bad habit and seek God's will for your life's mate. The longer you stay with this man who has a warped sense of proper boundries & expects you to scrifice what's right, the more your heart will break as time goes on. Situations like this RARELY work out! Get out and get with God - He has an awesome somebody for you that will treat you right!!!
---Marilee on 10/12/05

I think there is a problem with him sleeping at ex's home. Why can't he take child to his home for sleep overs? That is rediculous and if he is still doing it or plans on doing it while you are together than I would be taking a good hard look at what is in store for you if you stick with him.
Communicate your feelings to him honestly. If you can't communicate now then I would think long and hard about a future with this man.
---Marla on 10/12/05

RED FLAG!!!!! He has not cut the strings with the ex. It is inappropriate for an unmarried man to spend the night at a single woman's house.
---Madison on 10/12/05

So your boyfriend is sleeping at his ex house that is a no-no that is consider being unfaithful to you I would tell the guy it's over you don't need the heartache be careful
---Angea on 10/12/05

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