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Personal Encounters With Demons

Has anyone ever had a personal encounter with a demon?

Moderator - One time in church while praying for a woman a demon starting talking with a demonic male type of voice. We were praying with this lady to accept Jesus Christ and the demon said leave me alone and started cussing nonstop. The lady started to drip sweat and shake all over. We commanded the demon to come out in the name of Jesus Christ. After about 10 minutes, the demon finally left and she accepted Jesus Christ and she stopped shaking, was calm and normal and began praising Christ.

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 ---gabriel on 10/13/05
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Hello, Sis. Shira4368 you know I had them in my apt. It on Cnt. But yes, they are real. We got to keep Jesus in our hearts mind everything close to the Lord. You know there are alot of temptations out in this world. We are BORN in Sin in this respect you notice how lill babies accept everything and trust alot untill you show them even like a pet. You for to train him,not take everthing comes his way.
---Elena9555 on 5/8/14

Terri chapman, I do absolutely know you are right about demons. They are so subtle some don't recognize what is really happening. I try not to open anything that would allow this to happen. I don't open any doors to let anything get started. I would be aware of the series Long Island medium, Harry potter, any Stephen King movie. I would not allow mine to watch any Stephen King movie.
---shira4368 on 5/8/14

I know that this was very real....all the ppl that think thus wuz fake...y'all r going somewhere that y'all don't want to go....demons are real nd they can haunt u...ive seen it with my mom my dad my uncles everything and for the ppl who do believe...keep on believing cuz this stuff is true and real
---a_person on 5/7/14

I realize that "most' almost take this as a "funny", not true now days type of thing, but believe me, I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 2008 for 7 month's, Jesus came in person- to rescue me from an eight yr. horror/terror filled posession of many in me. And if I tried to tell my entire testimony right now-I simply couldn't. I'm trying to get C.B.N. to get this story as we speak, it's true, in describable-almost.. And the things He told me and we did together all those month's, and how He made them leave. Just amazing.I wish I could tell the entire testimony here and right now, but far too long. Oh, it's all to "real", my Brothers and Sisters in Christ..... Terri
---Terri_Chapman on 11/7/11

i dont believe that this is researching demons for a project at school and this is one of the things that makes people not believe in demons. this writer didnt convince me and my fellow partners at all. the writer didnt include and other information or any makes it seem as if the person writing this was a little kid trying to scare someone. please the right thing to do is to remove this story from your website. it making it look bad. now this is the only story i have read so far and im going to read more but if they all make it seem not real.....this WILL NOT be the last time you get a reply.
XOXOXO-gabriela guardado
---gabby on 11/7/11

aka, when you ask me if it was my husband, it just hit me funny and then I got the laughing, lol, lol, lol, lo, lo, lo, l, l, I'm tired now.
---shira4368 on 10/11/11

Many, many times I have experienced demons in my half awake state of consciousness,even recently, and cast many out as well.

Many will mock a ridicule but it is very real, if anyone desires to have a serious conversation about it contact me at paua3635.

---Paul on 10/10/11

shira, i am glad you took that light-heartedly. i keep forgetting smiley faces and LOLs.
---aka on 10/10/11

aka, wish it had been my husband. I would have grabbed him and give him a big hug and kiss. Oh, cluny, I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. I don't really care who believes me or not. I simply stated a fact.
---shira4368 on 10/10/11

shira, are you talking about your husband?
---aka on 10/9/11

This sounds rather superstitious, shira.

I'm not saying there are not demons, but they are much more subtle than you are describing here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/7/11

Yes, and also with satan. But thanks be to God, for greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. The devil and all of his spirits are defeated losers, we have been given All Power over them.
---Eloy on 10/9/11

A demon followed me home from church one night (in my car) I could feel it but never saw it. Got inside my house, got ready for bed and he was in my bed. Didn't see him but could feel him there. I got my bible, put it in my bed and started saying Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, over and over. it left.
---shira4368 on 10/7/11

I believe that I have seen a demon in my dreams, and sometimes can almost hear her whisper to me. She is a young woman, maybe 19-23. She always has very pale skin like an albino, but I have seen her with grey eyes and wearing a grey hoodie and skirt as well as having bright red eyes and a blood-red hoodie on.

I have a few connections to people who have studied wicca and spirit guides as well as a couple who study the occult as a hobby... not in practice. The closest thing they could suggest was something similar to Lovecraft's idea of the red woman, or a demon.
Again, her name is Alice, and I was curious if anyone else has seen a similar personae in there dreams.
---Charlie_from_the_South on 10/6/11

I have experience seeing and encountering spirits my whole life as child growing up. Very frequently, as frequent as last night 12/30/09. I was awaken in my sleep by the feeling of someon crawling into the other side of my bed. In the midst of conciousness and half sleep I rolled over to take a look thinking I must be dreaming. As I quickly fell asleep I was awaken by me being on my back with a strong forceful squeeze to my upper rib cage that hurt as I tried to speak my tongue was tied and I stuggled to yell In Jesus name I rebuke you and cast you out into the outer darkness where you belong... eventually it lifted its hold and left. Anyone help with understanding this ?
---Chaz on 12/30/09

It was a dark and stormy night,
not a creature in sight...
when all of a sudden out my sin arose,
a creature biting my hands and toes.
Now I should have known better than to play with strange fire,
but I thought an out-of-the-body would take me higher.
So I called on the demons and played with fire,
I found out real quick, the devil is a liar.
If I don't renounce this evil slip,
seven stronger demons come to take me on a trip.
---Hugo on 11/5/07

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I was laying on my bed uncovered in a darkened room mid-day with all of the doors and windows shut. I asked if there was anything in the room to please help me have an out of body experiece. So, something came to my assistance- a black mist with a few colours to it. It left drops of water at the foot of my bed before it disapeared and I screamed bloody murder. I felt it- how evil it was. I believe I saw a physical manifestation of a demon.
---carlos on 11/5/07

Robyn>>>You are absolutely correct. On the demons. A whole lot of praying. Takes a lot of fortitude.
---catherine on 9/17/07

The answer form Matthew J Diaz is from me. I accidentaly wrote out my full name instead of this name I am using now. Sorry if there was any confusion.
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/17/07

We have to be very careful when dealing with demons. Demons can jump off a person and onto another. Demon invasion is very real. We should be prayed up and covered by the blood of Jesus before attempting to take authority over a demon. Everyone is not capable of this. A demon does not easily leave a person alone. It takes lot of Holy Ghost power to stand up to a demon.
---Robyn on 9/16/07

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Veronica -"What does one do when encounters such a scenario?"

You pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The HS may want you to fast before you attempt to cast this demon out. If you feel the HS wanting you to cast out that demon now, than do so. Let the HS guide you. Trust in the Holy Spirit ,and remember the power is in that name "Jesus Christ."
Jesus does the casting out, not us, through the power of His name.
---Matthew_J_Diaz on 9/16/07

At a hospital, one patient had to be tied to the bed, foul excretions were coming out of her and she tried to bite. I tried to get in her room one day and the door was stuck, though there was no lock. After throwing all my weight on door, it would not give. After prayer, the door easily gave and I recognized the demon in the woman. It was like a live enactment of Regan from Exorcist. What does one do when encounters such a scenario?
---Veronica on 9/15/07

Yes, one time and since I have been saved. Jesus appeared for me, and got rid of him. I actually saw a vision of Jesus. For all you doubters and unbelievers you need to know that Jesus is our Savior, He is alive and He is well. And that Jesus is God. And that He is "I am".
---catherine on 9/8/07

Kenny - you really need to deal with this - Find a church that understands that we deal with demonic activity all the time - "the healing rooms" will give you a directory of participating churches you can walk in for deliverence with trained people. Be blessed.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

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If demons are helping you understand who you are in Christ, that is unbiblical and deception from an antichrist spirit.

Under the antichrist,
Warring spirits - produce a fierce violent battle, and a state of hostility.
Lying spirits
Under fear, controlling spirits with power to dominate and produce submission

---Michelle on 9/8/07

Roots feed demonic spirits

There must be an acceptance on behalf of the human spirit before a deliverance can take place.
These are behaviors you might see in someone with a demon(s) in need of deliverance

Denial. They do not exist
Suspicion. You think everyone else needs one
Recognition. You know you need it but don't want anyone else to know
Acceptance. You don't care who knows, you want to be set free

---Michelle on 9/8/07

Kenny, the works of the flesh can open the entrance to demonic strongholds.

Works of the flesh


---Michelle on 9/8/07

A yoke of the law
Spirit of lying, whoredoms, haughtiness
The roots, hypocrisy, idolatry, pride

A yoke of disobedience/transgression/sin
Spirits of antichrist, dumb/deaf, fear
Roots of rejection, rebellion, disobedience

Yoke of bondage, slavery
Spirits of bondage, perverse, unclean
Roots of bitterness, defilement, lust

Yoke of oppression
Spirits - seducing, lethargy, heaviness
Roots - discontent, procrastination, depression

---Michelle on 9/8/07

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I have encounters on a regular basis and have since I was young. Although I feel and sound crazy regularly because of it, I have come to learn alot about myself because of them. They're not all evil, in fact most aren't. My advice to anyone... and the way I've always responded to them... is to remain strong-willed, no matter what your religious affiliation, if you believe in yourself nothing can beat you.
---Kenny on 8/21/07

I was away at an encounter weekend, and after having deliverance, I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I sensed in the spirit a tall, grotesque figure outside my window. I went back to sleep, and was woken shortly after with an intense fear in the room, and the spirit of rejection was strangling me. I couldn't speak, so I started rebuking it in my mind "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you". After a while, it fled out through the (closed) door.
---Campbell on 4/15/07

Demons dont come as being terrible ugly or people would all follow christ instead demons come as angels in disguise to try to fool you away from the lords teachings
---Grayson on 4/23/06

Have dealt with people that were fully possessed before.
There is a purpose behind your question, what do you really want? The comments about these people having connections with the occult is correct, it is the surrest way of possession. Another way is through sexuality, especially homosexuality (mainly with women). Since it was brought up in comment, the only real movies about exorcism that do portray any truth about possessions are Exorcist 1 and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
---David7647 on 10/16/05

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Excerpt from a news paper."there is no doubt the devil is intervening in the life of man these days"It is indespensable that an exorcist know how to discern between Demonic possession & psychological problems""Satan targets the young above all.When faith is in decline Idolatory enters in"Films about exorcism do exaggerate but the victims really do scream,yell in incomprehensible tongues roll their eyes-when their physical strength is disproportinat to their body size & age.
---Emcee on 10/14/05

A young boy living next door to my sister and her family had a violent temper, even to the point of once storming after a group of younger, terrified children with an axe. I prayed for this boy and the neighboring children for years. (Neither his family nor my sister's family were Christian.)

When he was approximately 20, my husband and I were in a prayer meeting when this boy (who I didn't recognize) requested prayer. Intense rage manifested during the prayer session.
---DoryLory on 10/14/05

It was frightening to witness, what this seemingly mild mannered young man, was capable of. (I believe he had several prayer sessions.)

Later, after I discovered who we were praying for, I had the opportunity to tell him I had prayed for him while he was a child (from about 6) and growing up. He was very humble & expressed heartfelt gratitude. I'll forever remember his appreciation. That was 10 years ago. He's now in the ministry ... a changed person! Glory to God!
---DoryLory on 10/14/05

So far I have had four occassions where I approached the affected people two of them total strangers. One admitted studying the occult specifically demons. One a man who admitted he was pondering cheating on his wife. One who didn't tell me what was going on but said that my prayer was helping her. The other is still in the midst of things. Unfortunately has now turned from church completely. Still praying for her.
---Linda on 10/14/05

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Never dealt with a "possessed" person but can spot a "oppressed" person because I see the demons at times, like looking a real person around people. Used to be scared by it until someone talked to me about the gift of discernment. I learned the many people with this gift see demons and angels. Haven't seen an angel yet but looking forward to it. Continued
---Linda on 10/14/05

Oh my, how I enjoy this blog ... before I became born-again I was into the occult, fascinated me ... while living in the ministry a woman came in, she took me aside one night and told me that I didn't need to get involved in a relationship, that I was too strong and powerful ... my heart knew what she meant. That night we bound, annointed the dorm and cast the demons out. That woman sat straight up in the bed.
---Nellah on 10/13/05

It might depend on the meaning
1. an evil spirit, devil
2. a very wicked or cruel person
3. a person with great skill or zeal - a demon with a gun
4. in ancient Greek religion, a supernatural being of secondary rank; also a guardian spirit genius: also called daimon /daemon
---Barbara67 on 10/13/05

We had the same experience. Here the demon is female. She questioned the speaker in mean language "Who are you - why you are distrubing me" He said I am child of God and in the name of Jesus, I order you to get out of the body." The demon left.
---satya4656 on 10/13/05

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