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What Do I Do With My Fiance

My fiance and I had an argument and he went ahead to call his past girlfriend on phone to come to is place and later decided against it. He came to say sorry to me after 4 days. Do I continue with the relationship? Can that not happen in marriage? What do I do?

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 ---Tee on 10/13/05
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Dumping him? Big No!! How many times has he done that? If it's the first time, Please do your best to study him> Some times the reaction was triggerred by irritating naggings!Relationship challenges could be overcome.Please take your time to see how much he can change or to find out how sincere he is!
---Amin on 1/30/08

As a guy I would have to say, BEWARE! He is not over her if he turns to her when you argue. why did he call her over? Did he want bed partner to feel sorry for him? I think you have got a glimpse of the future and better go with instinct. He sounds rather imature to deal with your argument this way.
---Craig on 12/29/07

Well I would be a little leary if he felt he could just call up old g/f like that. She should not be in his life at all and certainly NOT when there is problems. Yes, it can happen in marraige. Perhaps this is a sign that you need to take a good hard look at what he has in his heart and what your future holds. He ocviously has not let old g/f go.
---Marla on 3/10/07

Have u had any premaritial couseling?This would be the best time for it,and put this on the table to talk about.Otherwise,I would have to let him go,if this is how he handles problems by running to another woman instead of talking things out,then U need to let him go.
---missy on 10/16/05

Please dump your Fiancee he 's not worth it.
my ex- boyfriend did the same to me every time we got into an argument he would cal his
ex girlfriend I let him go.
---Angea on 10/15/05

Ditto on the dump him idea. He is not able to handle disagreements and work through a relationship if he calls an old g/f right away. This is a sign of what to expect in your marriage.
---Madison on 10/15/05

Dump him?! What's he going to do when you have an argument in your marriage? Tell him where to go and run as fast as your legs can carry you.
---chioma on 10/14/05

Actions speak louder than words. He may have been upset over the argument and made an irrational decision to find comfort (words). He decided against it (actions).
---angela on 10/13/05

Your friend has not healed from his past relationship. Will this happen each time you have a disagreement.You need to have a serious talk about this relationship, and you need to talk to GOD about this and get some guidance here, you don't want to marry and have this type of behavior.
Good luck
---valerie on 10/13/05

It seems to me that since he changed his mind and didn't follow through that the Holy Spirit convicted him & he made the right decision in the end. Since he is trying to make things right with you, and if you are BOTH CHRISTIANS, I think it's definately worth giving it another chance. All married people have difficult times - it's how you work through them WITH GOD that makes a marriage stronger.
---Marilee on 10/13/05

Wow! to call a past g/f because you and he had argument? That is just WRONG! He sounds rather imature and not at all over this other women. Yes I think this could happen in marraige, is called cheating. He might think whenever you have provs in marraige he can run to other women. Better communicate with him on things and find out if he is really ready for marraige or still wants to play games.
---Shaz on 10/13/05

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