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Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts

Are the Dead Sea Scrolls the oldest manuscripts of parts of the bible that the world has? Are there enough pieces for experts to make any 'judgements' as to how accurate some of our English translations are? Not another NIV/KJV argument please - just information if you have any.

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 ---M.P. on 10/14/05
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Qumran Library collection represents one of the oldest sets of Hebrew literature from 300 BCE - 68 CE containing:

Biblical - those books found in the Tanach with the exception of Ester.

Apocryphal or Pseudepigraphical - books of a religious nature that may or my not be included in various Canon list but outside of the books contained the current Tanach.

Sectarian - scrolls relating to religious activities, commentates, ordinances, apocalyptic visions and other liturgical subjects.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/3/07

M.A.: Look on the Net, I found there ARE TOURS of some Qumran scrolls; including parts of Isaiah! But let's never forget that we worship the God whom they talk about; not old pieces of paper, parchment, velum or whatever.
gerra: You need to STUDY more before stating something as fact when it isn't. The scrolls were not only inside clay jars, but wrapped in linen and covered with wax and pitch to preserve them! After 2000 years and rough handling by the Bedouin boys, some are in remarkable shape.
---Daniel on 10/19/05

Daniel, sent you an e-mail with info. Geraa, you are thinking of the Armanu Scrolls found in Egypt there were uncovered while they were looking through trash heaps. For those that want to know, the Book of Job is found in the ANET. ISBN 0691035032 and 0691035024.
---David7647 on 10/18/05

David7647: 13th cent.B.C. for a copy of Psalm 104? I'd like to see some documentation, because that would really be something! That would place it around the time some believe the Exodus took place, and long before the book of Psalms was compiled! PLEASE tell us where and who found such very old writings?! Are they on clay? Have they been truly verified by Biblical archaeologists? Info on book of Job would be appreciated as well!
---Daniel on 10/16/05

The answer is "NO", the scrolls found near Qumran are NOT the oldest manuscripts of Scripture in existance. Just off the top of the head, in the Ancient Near East texts that date back to the time of Solomon's reign there was a copy of the book of Job in Akkadian. In Coptic dating back to the 13th century BC they found Psalm 104 in Egypt. These are just 2 examples.
---David7647 on 10/16/05

M.A., Tuta who?...just kiddin', i know who he was.
---Eloy on 10/15/05

Geraa I believe they were found in clay pots in a cave, or perhaps it was several caves. I would love to be able to see these pieces of the old testament. They should do a tour of them around the world like they did with Tutenkhamun's treasures.
---M.A. on 10/15/05

What I have read on them is that they were found in a pile of trash. Now why would they be put in with the trash? Were the people trying to hid them or were they in error and put there for that reason?
---geraa7578 on 10/15/05

Oldest does not mean truest. There were heretical sects who had their own writings at the same time the true followers of God had their scriptures. Remember there was the darkness, and then he created the light. So all new discoveries should be measured by the Bible which we already know and has already been proven true, and not vice versa. Please read II Corinthians 11:3,4; Galatians 1:8,9; I Timothy 4:1.

Moderator - I agree Eloy because the oldest manuscripts were from Alexandrian origin which were tampered with.
---Eloy on 10/14/05

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