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Large USA Churches Preaching

We hear of huge congregations, mainly in U.S. Are all these churches prosperity gospel type churches or are there also huge churches that teach that we are sinners who need to repent?

Moderator - It is mostly a mix of Prosperity, Seeker Friendly, Southern Baptist, Non-Denominational and Methodist. By far most of the churches everywhere on this planet are questionable Christian. Very few are using the Bible and using it properly.

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 ---M.A. on 10/15/05
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I dont care if a chuch has 10 or 30,000. When you get on TV and will not say that Jesus is the only way, you have issues. My pastor preaches the uncompromised Word. My spirit is fed. Just a thought.
---Mikki on 4/5/08

Seeker Friendly churches started with people like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. The services are oriented and designed to appeal to people that are not Christians. You are to avoid making the sinners feel uncomfortable and should avoid topics such as hell, sin and repentenance. These are the fasting growing churches in the USA with Lakewood church at 30,000 members, and Warren's Saddleback at 20,000.
---Moderator on 10/16/05

Whatever you do, don't give them any scripture. It's too offensive.
---Ted on 4/4/08

There is no problem with a Mega Church per se.The real issue should be whether they preach the true word of God as stated in the Bible.As for Lakewood Joel Osteen always ends his service with asking people to be born again.I also think a true church should preach balanced gospel ie..not too much prosperity but getting saved as well.A church that has no missionary programs is DEAD!!!
---pkay on 11/12/05

M.P., I ve had the opportunity to follow Bonkes ministry in Africa.He should be applauded as one of the few evangelists today who take Jesus in areas where people ve never heard of Him.I cannot defend his exact figure of 1million, but all I can say he has harvested millions of souls for Christ all across Africa.
---pkay on 11/12/05

My husband often preaches the old-fashioned hell and brimstone kind of sermons. He preaches hard and by the Bible. He preaches Jesus! He preaches against so-called evangelists who are lifting up their own names instead of the name of Jesus. There is a great response in the prisons as inmates know that it is all about Jesus and not about any man. We have seen great revivals inside some of the facilities.
---Sally on 10/18/05

Most mega-churches (non-denominational) have come out of the Rick Warren nonsense of how to grow a church. Little is said about true repentence and salvation--just lots of programs and activities. Baptist do an excellent job of reaching people for repentence and salvation, but then tell people that they can live like the devil and still be saved.
---Sally on 10/18/05

AMEN, I agree with you M.P.!
---Monte on 10/17/05

Yes we are meant to grow but in my area in U.K. when churches reach a certain size they start 'daughter' churches elsewhere so that the gospel gets spread to the surrounding areas (taking the gospel to them) We are told to go into the world and preach the gospel not to build huge churches and the world come to that.
---M.P. on 10/16/05

Ultimately big church-v-small church comes down to personal preference. Yes, there are unbiblically motivated churches that are big but there are as many unbiblically sound churches that are small. For anyone who is adamant about small churches, remember that "If you don't grow you die." This applies to churches.BTW, Moderator, I'd been reading the responses re: seeker-friendly churches (I really wasn't sure exactly what they were, either). The one you give here is the clearest one I've read.
---Heather on 10/16/05

Seeker Friendly churches started with people like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. The services are oriented and designed to appeal to people that are not Christians. You are to avoid making the sinners feel uncomfortable and should avoid topics such as hell, sin and repentenance. These are the fasting growing churches in the USA with Lakewood church at 30,000 members, and Warren's Saddleback at 20,000.
---Moderator on 10/16/05

My church is huge..we have 4 services for about 6500 people. I think it's too big. With 3 services on Sunday there is no time to get to know anyone.Also it seems very rushed and not enough preaching to me. I want more in depth teaching and preaching the word but they seem to rely on indiviual classes ands study for that. The live band and annoucements take up too much time. Moderator what is a Seeker Friendly church?
---Karla7347 on 10/16/05

IF a shepherd is to know his sheep, how does a pastor personally get to know over a hundred members? How could a church of such numbers meet home to home with each other? Have we lost something in the name of more? Is it really important to have bus, Sunday school, church, & member numbers as a goal?What about individuals? Wouldn't that be more important? To be able to serve the flock, knowing each individual persons needs for salvation & growth in Christ. Amen. Big numbers really mean big $$$$
---mike_fl on 10/16/05

I heard Reinhard Bonnke saying in an interview on T.V. that at a mass open air meeting in Africa there were 1 million people there (or was it 1 million saved?). For a start how do you count 1 million people and be certain no-one has been counted twice and how can you know a huge number have been saved? Everyone coming to the altar or filling in a decision card does not necessarily mean a person saved? Often people are just curious.
---M.P. on 10/16/05

Shira: Do they preach against fornication and adultery? Those are also sexual sins that are committed these days. I don't hear too much about those sins anymore.
---Madison on 10/16/05

WIVV, my church is the same way. We have two services (upwards of 2,500 members in all is my estimate) with more people responding to God's Word, being saved (publically), and being baptized. I have been to many churches (large and small) in the course of my life and I've never been part of a church so on fire for God before. It's awesome to see what God can do in churches that preach His word unapologetically and in its entirity.
---Heather on 10/16/05

What we need is preachers with the backbone to preach the gospel....all the gospel. No one ever preaches on hell or the blood anymore. My church is small but Godly and our pastor preachers the way he should. Preachers don't preach the sin of homosexuality anymore because they might offend someone. God help us all.
---shira_5965 on 10/16/05

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Been in many churches. Some very large even up to 3,000+. Am back to tiny church my grandfather helped build and parents grew up in. Is bible believing, preaching church, this is where I want my son to learn the real truth. My son has learnt much in our little church and always tells me how happy he is that we left big churches. He says in big churches no one practices what they preach, they just change more to bring in the world and start acting like the world. This is from a 14 yr old boys view.
---Marla on 10/16/05

Sometimes you just can't help it Monte. Our church started small and everyone was close. However it teaches the unvarnised word of God and it drew people in seeking truth. Its not MEGA, but 3x the size it was a year ago. We have been able to encorporate groups that meet together, and rotate the members around to different groups so it still has a 'small' feel.
---NVBarbara on 10/16/05

I have been to big Mega/Franchise Churches and have found one or two disturbing themes.
1-Most do not preach that you must profess PUBLICLY that you have asked Christ to be your Savior
2-I have seen the "it's ok to willfully sin as long as you confess on Sunday" mentality from a LOT of these congregations.
A lot of these types of Churches teach "politcal correctness"
I've found that a small congregation is more like a FAMILY and a Mega/Franchise church is more like a club.
---Monte on 10/15/05

Don't know if the chuch I attend is a "mega" church or not, (2,200 members), but it does preach the Bible and does call for repentance. (It's also Southern Baptist.)
---WIVV on 10/15/05

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My family attend a Baptist church& it's small.We just avoid the mega churches. My Sis in law goes to a baptist mega church down the road from us, but I prefer it less glamourous& more for Jesus.
---candice on 10/15/05

Calvary Chapel churches are excellent, Bible teaching, true Christian churches. They originated with Chuck Smith in Costa Mesa, CA and have grown enormously. They have a web site that's easy to find and it will give locations of all the Calvary Chapel Churches. It is non-denominational and they study the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. They are by far the best churches I've ever attended!
---Marilee on 10/15/05

Give me a small country church ANYDAY as opposed to a mega-church.-Monte
---Monte on 10/15/05

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