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I Need Someone Godly For Help

I have only been married for 3 months and my husband has left for another woman he says that he does not want a divorce but he needs some time to himself. I would love to talk to somebody about my marriage but I do not have anybody to talk to. I only ask for your prays and someone Godly to talk to.

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 ---Kenyatta on 10/16/05
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Kenyatta, Are you and your husband believers in the Lord Jesus Christ? If so, your husband needs to understand that he is in sin. He is committing adultery, if he is having an affair with another woman. You need to find a church in your area, if possible, to give you both proper guidance in this situation. Contact me at this penpal site, my user name is tommy3007, I'll try to help, if I can.
---tommy3007 on 7/9/07

HI,sorry to hear this. Your husband is confused- mabey he jumped into marriage TOO quik, without thinking it out first. He has alot of decisins to make and needs to get straight what he's gonna do, but if he did me like that I don't think I could accept him back. Sounds like he just was not ready to marry and he also needs to know where he stands with God.
---Glenda on 10/19/05

Talk to me, I do have private Qns/Answers for ya. You are in my prayers. lily9364
---Lily9364 on 10/19/05

Remembering you in prayer as you sort out you life - may your own life always honour God and may you feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit.
---barbara67 on 10/17/05

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this when you should be on your honeymoon. If you are not involved in a local church, find one right away and meet with the pastor for Godly counsel. Get involved in a woman's Bible study and get into the Word, and find an older woman to mentor you.

Scripture says that you are free to divorce because of your husband's adultery. Obviously, he is not serious about his wedding vows. Seek legal advice as well as spiritual advice.
---Madison on 10/16/05

smile: Could you please type in words? I cannot read your post.
---Madison on 10/16/05

Hello what God put 2gether let no man separate. 4, 1 if u no the word what the devil means 4 our harm God turns around 4our good. 2me it seems like u r saved and he is missing a few good points about christianity, so y get caught up with some1 that doesn't believe as yourself, don't be unequally yoked the word tells us that. Pray & may God lead u 2 what 2do n all areas of your life. No need 2beat yourself up now. He lost a good woman God allowed a bad man 2leave
---smile6554 on 10/16/05

It sounds to me that your husband wants the "best of both worlds." It is very common that cheating spouses continue to cheat, or cheat again down the road. Have you spoken to him about counseling? (With a Christian counselor, or course.) If he says no, it is clear he is not interested in salvaging the marriage, and gives you more optins what to do.
---sly on 10/16/05

On behalf of men in general (and on behalf of your husband) I want to say sorry, for what when have so often done to women. I feel sad, I too know the feeling of lust, but that does NOT excuse him. I pray that something can be worked out.
---peter7658 on 10/16/05

Your husband has committed adultry and he is using the excuse of wanting to be on his own.
If he did not want a divorce then why did he commit adultry? Why has HE left YOU? When one marries in God's eyes you marry forever you DO NOT cheat. I know from my own past experiences....Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater. If not in body than in mind.
You need a good Christian councellor and a better man who will treat you with respect and love and NOT PLAY GAMES.
---Craig on 10/16/05

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