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No Christmas Or Easter

I met a christian woman who doesn't believe in celebrating christmas. Isn't christmas a celebration of Christ birthday? She says she doesn't believe in Christmas or Easter. Is she still a christian? Isn't this birth and resurection?

Moderator - She would be correct. Christ was born in late September. Nimrod or a anti-christ was born on December 25th. Christians celebrate Passover not Easter. Easter is the celebration of fertility.

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 ---jenny on 10/16/05
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\\Eloy, That's fine, but, how would it be if all of the people you personally knew decided to regard your birthday on a date several months away from your actual birthdate? \\

This is done in Great Britain all the time.

The Queen's birthday is in March or April (I forget which), but the official celebration is in June, when the weather is better.

What is being celebrated on the Nativity is not the DAY of Christ's birth, but the FACT that God took on human flesh, and was born as a mere mortal babe.
---Cluny on 10/18/10

David ... What makes you think that I think that the celebrations of Christ's birth, death and resurrection are God ordained or coimmanded, or that they are on the actual anniversaries?

Please can you point to the scripture that says we are not to celebrate them?

Oh, and by the way, can you point to the scripture that says you may use the computer and the internet for talking about Christan things, bearing in mind that both were invented by pagans?
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/18/10

Alan & Eloy- where does the Bible command Christians to celebrate Jesus' birth and/or resurrection?

If you want to celebrate Jesus' birth and resurrection on dates appointed by pagans, then that's your prerogative. But don't kid yourself into thinking they are God ordained commands, dates or celebrations. Unless of course you can show me that they are!

There is only one celebration Jesus commanded his followers to observe on the night prior to his death, Nisan 14, 33CE- Luke 22:19.
---David8318 on 10/18/10

Eloy, That's fine, but, how would it be if all of the people you personally knew decided to regard your birthday on a date several months away from your actual birthdate? And they chose to do that every year from that point onward. They chose to regard your birthdate on a day that's months away from your actual birthdate. Maybe you'll reply "Hey, I wouldn't mind too much, just as long as they celebrated it SOMETIME. At least I'd know they're thinking of me." If you should respond that way, then, let it really happen, and you'll more than likely have a change of heart about it after a few times of it happening. Things look different when you're in the middle of it, rather than just being on the outside looking in.
---Gordon on 10/18/10

We Christians celebrate "Christ" during "Christmas" and "Easter", and the worldly celebrate santy clauses and Easter bunnies or whatever else they desire. But because the nonChristian celebrates nonChristian things during these holidays their nonChristian celebrating does not make the holiday nonChristian, for the holiday is historically established in commemoration of Christ's birth and death and resurrection in Bethlehem and Golgotha outside the wall of Jerusalem.
---Eloy on 10/18/10

\\So Cluny doesn't believe Jesus existed in heaven prior to his conception.\\

That's not what I said, either.

The Logos was begotten in heaven by the Father without mother in eternity.

The Logos took flesh, and only when INCARNATE (which means "made flesh") in the womb of the Virgin without father in time was known by the name Jesus.
---Cluny on 10/17/10

Whatever day was chosen for thinking specially about these two great events, the spoilers would find some reason for saying it was satanic or pagan.


True Christians want deceived "christians" to understand xmas and the queen of heaven fertility day (Ishtar or easter) are not BIBLICAL

NOTHING supports these pagan days that are superimposed OVER the True Christ (or man-made days if you will if that soothes the emotions any)

any day declared HOLY or celebrated IN PLACE of Gods Holy Days is simply a tradition of man

call me a "spoiler" if you choose however I will always stand on Gods Holy Truth and explain to the deceived how God HATES traditions of men Mark 7:6-9
---Rhonda on 10/17/10

OH YES Cluny...... Defending the traditions of men (in this case Orthos), against the throne of G-d.

How Sad!!!
But not unexpected by those who married the world, and by doing so divorced The Christ.

As these will readily stand in line blindly, with great anticipation and exuberance and accept the "Mark of the Beast".
---JOHN on 10/17/10

So Cluny doesn't believe Jesus existed in heaven prior to his conception.

'JEsus wasn't transferred, He was conceived' - Cluny on 10/17/10.

To be conceived in Mary's womb, Jesus would need to have been transferred from heaven to Mary's womb- that's logical if one believes Jesus had a pre-human existence. But was Jesus incarnated or conceived? Even Cluny is forced to concede that Jesus was conceived (Luke 2:21).

Cluny appears not to understand the difference between conceived and incarnated. There is a difference. If it was purposed that Jesus simply incarnate himself as a human being there would have been no need for Jesus to be conceived in the womb of a woman.
---David8318 on 10/17/10

Here is your Easter: 1 Kings 11:5 For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians,

This is whom your christmas is nameD for:
Ezekiel 8:14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which [was] toward the north, and, behold, there sat women weeping for TAMMUZ

this is also the origin of lent
---FRANCIS on 10/17/10

Whatever day was chosen for thinking specially about these two great events, the spoilers would find some reason for saying it was satanic or pagan.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/17/10

\\Everyone knows John the baptiser was conceived in Elizabeth's womb 6 months before Jesus was transferred to the womb of Mary\\

JEsus wasn't transferred, He was conceived.

And please see what I said about "Easter" earlier in this blog.

To summarize, the Feast of Christ's Resurrection is called "Easter" ONLY in Germanic languages. Most other European languages use PASCHA (from the Hebrew Pesach) or a phonetic variation.
---Cluny on 10/17/10

Cluny sounds somewhat bemused by John's comments regarding the evil of Christmas and Easter. Of course, Cluny will associate the pagan Easter with Christ's resurrection, which is what makes pagan Easter "evil", as it is used by pagans masquerading as Christians as a Christian 'holy-day' to promote their fertility festival. And "woe betide any who dispute our sacred traditions", so shout the paganised Christians.

Everyone knows John the baptiser was conceived in Elizabeth's womb 6 months before Jesus was transferred to the womb of Mary. That means Jesus was born 15 months after 'the Division of Abijah', the period Zechariah was serving in the temple. (Luke 1:5,26,27) Thus Jesus was born late September, early October.
---David8318 on 10/17/10

The Jewish/Messianic Holy Days hold the "Secret", if it needs to be called that, to the Events of the Messiah in relation to His Work of Salvation. GOOGLE IT, Church! You're on "Christianet", so you have Internet access! December 25th is a Pagan Holiday "Saturnalia" which the Church "christianized". Easter is likewise. The "Feast of Tabernacles"/"SUKKOT" is the Time of YAHUSHUA's (JESUS') Birth. The Peshach/Passover is the Time of His Crucifixion and then, 3 Days later, His Resurrection. But, because the Church has all but TOSSED OUT the Pld Testamnet, and "all-things-Hebraic(Hebrew), she doesn't KNOW these things. And now, she falls for the lie of the christianized Pagan Holidays.
---Gordon on 10/16/10

\\Christmas is the Holiest day for the pagans....

Christmas and Easter are the two most evil days!!!
---JOhn on 10/15/10\\

Can you explain just HOW the Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ a holy day for pagans? (Anyway, I thought it was Samhain on 31 October.)

And how are the Nativity and Resurrection of Christ from the dead evil?
---Cluny on 10/16/10

ecclesiastes 7:1
a good name is better then precious ointment,and the day of death then the day of one's birth.
Christians celabrate both briths, Christ's birth and the new brith (resurrection,but not the 2 deaths,Passover the death of the LAMB. Feast of unleavened bread, the death of the first born Son.
---mjke8383 on 10/16/10

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Christ's birth was the 2nd hour of night, between 7 and 8 o'clock Mediterranean time, on December 25th, 5 B.C. "Now set your heart from this day and upward, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth, from the day that the foundation of Yhwh's temple was laid, set your heart: from this day will I bless. And she birthed the son of her, the first-born, and quilt-strapped him." Heg.2:18,19+ Lk.2:7,10,11. The Lord's Passover Communion was Thursday April 14, 28 A.D. at 6:00 p.m. Three days later was Jesus' Resurrection Day, called Easter. "Passover Communion" or "Resurrection Easter" is correctly celebrated on Sunday April 14 or the 1st Sunday immediately after April 14. (ref: Ex.12:1-18+ Lk.22:1-22,47-53+ 24:1-12).
---Eloy on 10/16/10


Christ passover(Pascha)-conception birth-death-resurrection etc...

research the dates-understand the purpose-
without judging-don't let your joy be stolen.
---char on 10/15/10

Moderator you are absolutely correct. You are a TRUE Christian! Very refreshing.

Christmas is the Holiest day for the pagans. Honoring the gods of light in whom Constantine added Jesus to the list. They would bring in an evergreen tree and burn a Yule log in an offering to the gods. Hoping they would return after winter.

Easter is the celebration of the goddess Ister. The goddess of the rising sun. You would honor her by going to the top of a mountain and have a sunrise offering.

Christmas and Easter are the two most evil days!!!
---JOhn on 10/15/10

Christ warned True believers about tradtions of men (easter xmas) and following HIM

True Christians believe EVERY word of Holy Scripture

mainstream christianity PREFERS the emotions of a pagan tradition ...the lights decorations meals etc

celebrate xmas and easter if YOU CHOSE however it is NOT biblical ...Christ and Apostles did not celebrate/honor/participate in this pagan day
---Rhonda on 10/14/10

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I don't know all of the history of Christmas or Easter. That is not a requirement to be saved. Thank God. I am a blood bought Christian and that's enough. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. I see nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas or Easter. I love the beauty and wonder of Christmastime. The decorations and so forth. I also take the time to give gifts to my friends and loved ones. an expression of love, on my part. I don't know about others. Easter is a happy time for me, as well. I color eggs, go to church, spend time with others and enjoy the day for what it is worth. Loosen up,people. We can enjoy ourselves down here on Earth, if we try, and still be saved. Nothing can separate me from the love of God.
---Robyn on 10/14/10

Just because MOST christians celabrate easter and or christmas does not make it right.

Deuteronomy 12:30 Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee, and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise.

Deuteronomy 12:31 Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods, for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.

Deuteronomy 12:32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.
---francis on 10/14/10

\\Moderator - She would be correct. Christ was born in late September. Nimrod or a anti-christ was born on December 25th. Christians celebrate Passover not Easter. Easter is the celebration of fertility.\\

It's only in Germanic languages that the word "Easter" is used for the Feast of the Resurrection.

In most other European languages it's called "Pascha" (a metathesis of the Hebrew PESACH) or a phonetic variation.

This is the preferred Orthodox name, btw.

And the Bible requires that ALL men who celebrate the Jewish passover must be circumcised--something that Acts 15 forbids of Gentiles.
---Cluny on 10/14/10

Since we have no evidence of exactly WHEN Christ was born, some people prefer to use the 25th of December to remember his birth. For the moderator's comment about September, I have heard various dates, generally from Fall to Winter, but there seems to be no agreement between different goups about when, so I take it we can celebrate when we prefer, as long as we remember it is almost certainly not the correct date

Easter is just a problem WORD, not event. We celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead, the day after Passover. I personally prefer 'ressurection Sunday', but if someone calls it Easter, but remembers what it is, I don't really care
---Peter on 10/14/10

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The idea of decorated trees & lights etc Is Pagan & Wrong to celebrate Jesus birth. A nativity Is best.

The idea of e - eggs & bunnies etc Is Pagan & Wrong to celebrate Jesus resurrection.
---Lawrence on 8/18/10

Easter is the day of worship for the Goddess Ishtar.
It is all about fertility rites.
It has to do with the Goddess Movement...
It's all sun worship.
---faith on 12/20/07

Who is to blame for the ruination? In a word "Mankind" prompted by the great Deciever SATAN. John the BAPTIST" preached REPENTANCE make straight the ways of the lord".Does Jesus worry about Santa? NO!Did not the 3 Kings bring HIM gifts.Christnas to Easter is a period of CHANGE a reminder by God,what He wants of us CHANGE make use of the conscience He has placed in Us.This is His way of prompting us to walk on that road to Perfection if we desire to be saved by HOPE.
---Emcee on 12/20/07

Who is to blame for the ruination? In a word "Mankind" prompted by the great Deciever SATAN. John the BAPTIST" preached REPENTANCE make straight the ways of the lord".Does Jesus worry about Santa? NO!Did not the 3 Kings bring HIM gifts.Christnas to Easter is a period of CHANGE a reminder by God,what He wants of us CHANGE make use of the conscience He has placed in Us.This is His way of prompting us to walk on that road to Perfection if we desire to be saved by HOPE.
---Emcee on 12/20/07

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We were never commanded to keep the pagan holiday of Christmas. True Christians obey God. God says not to learn the way of the heathen. Much of Christianity is worshipping Christ in vain and disobeying Him so the term 'Christianity' is a subject in itself.
---Audrey on 12/19/07

I dont blame this woman. I can hardly stand Christmas anymore! It's totally ruined. It's all about commercialism now. If it was up to me, I'd take my mom, husband and cats and go up north and spend Christmas far away from everything/body else.
Christmas is making me depressed.
---sue on 12/19/07

Moderator--Easter is NOT the celebration of fertility, OSTARA is.

Easter Day varies, and it celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

Ostara is always on the spring equinox and celebrates a fertility goddess.

Easter got its name and trappings from Ostara, due to chronological proximity, but it is Christian.

And most Christians do NOT celebrate Passover. At most they have a Christianized seder dinner, but that's not Passover by any means.
---Nancy on 12/19/07

The date to celebrate the birth of Jesus is not important. The important thing is people remember His birth and glorify His name that day. Easter is the holiday celebrated to remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the same way Jesus gave us the sacrament. This do in remembrance of my blood and body. Things are done in remembrance, not materialism or commercialism. That is another man made deception like many others they have invented to deceive followers of Jesus Christ.
---Dave on 3/15/07

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Look at the lies surrounding the celebrations fo christmas and easter. Santa clause and reindeer flying, etc, etc. And bunnies laying colored eggs, what could that possibly have to do with the Ressurection. It is all totally sacreligious!! Things of God are not filled with lies and commercialism. Just because the majority of denominationalism does something, dont make it right.
---PAT on 3/15/07

I am a Christian & I donot celebrate Christmas nor Easter with the bunnies, I celebrate passover , I celebrate Jesus all year. There is more then just remembering him as a baby, but what he did growing up & in his ministry & then at his death.
---Candice on 12/4/05

I know several families who start the day on Dec. 25th by saying Happy Birthday Jesus.Christians know that the date is not correct but this is done to remember that He came to earth in human form FOR OUR SAKES. We remember His death and resurrection for the same reason. Dates are not important, nor is anything else that happened on those same dates. I have no problem with those who choose not to remember Jesus specifically on these dates. That is up to the individual.

Moderator - I have no concerns for or against TRUELY celebrating Christ's birth. My observation has been that most Christians celebrate His birth and mix in some pagan practices. The mixing in of the pagan practices versus the focus being only Christ is the concern.
---M.A. on 10/25/05

Cliff, first of all I didn't ask a question. Secondly, credibility is born of consistency. Would you heed the words of a man who told you that you shouldn't drink alcohol, and yet he owns a liquor store? How seriously would you consider the words of man who told you not to smoke because it was bad, and yet he owns tobacco fields? Now I'm asking questions.
---ralph7477 on 10/25/05

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Alan; Actually I did answer!(below) Were talking "Christmas" here. I'm saying not to go about it as tho it was "God ordained", that's all.
---1st_cliff on 10/25/05

moderator, our family does. We usually have a birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Jesus" decorated on it, and we sing happy birthday to him. And we also sing some Christmas Carols together.
---Eloy on 10/25/05

Cliff .... you have not answered Ralph's point.
You say that celebration of Christ's birth and resurrection is wrong becasue the Bible does not command it.
It follows then that all the things Ralph lists are wrong, it follows that the ChristiaNet site and these blog discussions are wrong, because they are not commanded in the bible.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/25/05

Ralph; You just answered your own question, the verse is obviously not there so why do it? If God wanted us to commemorate His Son's birth, He would have said so in no uncertain terms! This is meant ONLY as a warning " then they will come to me and say Lord we have done many wonderful things in your name ...and He will say get away from me... I never knew you at all!" matt.7.22
---1st_cliff on 10/24/05

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Cliff, there was no abuse in what I wrote and just a hint of sarcasm. I was simply following your line of reasoning to it's logical end. Challenging somebody to find a verse in scripture that is obviously not there is not an argument. It is a response that people use when they have no argument.
---ralph7477 on 10/24/05

Ralph7477: All the things you mention are things "you" want to do, and that's fine. Doing what God wants is a different story! I've been a Christian for a long time and accustomed to abuse so sarcasim doesn't realy phase me!
---1st_cliff on 10/24/05

Christmas and Easter is when most people go to church. "Doing their good deed for God" twice a year. Using God as a crutch. No one knows when Jesus was born. It matters, but we need to praise and worship him every day not just twice a year.
---Rebecca_D on 10/23/05

Mod " You know a few what?" Sorry I fell into the trap of not quoting the question I was answering! I meant Christians who REALLY celebrated Christ's birth.

As to the parties & gifts, you call these pagan ... why are they? OK the pagans had parties and gifts, so did the Jews at times of celebration ... Jesus told a parable about one.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

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Cliff, while we're at it let's look for verses that command or suggest that children go to Sunday school, or that there be church youth groups, or weekly prayer meetings, or church gymnasiums, or a National Day of Prayer, or Promise Keeper rallies, or Thanksgiving, or Tupperware parties or that we should eat chicken soup when we have a cold or whatever it is that Christians do in modern times.
---ralph7477 on 10/23/05

Moderator ... I know a few! As to the other part of yuor original question, "Why is the focus on everything but Jesus?" ... I do not find this applies to Christians. Cliff ... Does the absence of an instruction amount to a prohibition?

Moderator - You know a few what? Second comment - again maybe it is a difference in the USA. In the USA, yes people will go to a Christmas church service in remembrance of Christ's birth and that is where it ends. Then the pagan part of Christmas starts, gift giving, parties, trees, etc.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

2. We do not waste ANYTHING. We send cards which have a Christmas message, no 'merry' on our cards, no robins, holly and puddings either. It's not all appreciated and we get some quite ridiculous cards sent to us. We believe we must 'put our money where our mouth is' and live the way we speak otherwise we would be seen to be, and actually would be, hypocrites.
---M.P. on 10/23/05

Moderator, We as a family do celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec. 25th. We do not know exactly when the actual birth took place but we do what we do in remembrance of the fact that it did happen and with the knowledge that His birth was prophesied as was all that happened through His short life. We spend money on others at Christmas (those in real need) rather than on each other.

Moderator - I would agree IF a Christian decided to celebrate Christmas in remembrance of Him and gifts to those in need would seem to embrace Christ's commandments. Matthew 22:37-40
---M.P. on 10/23/05

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I would like to see a scripture that commands or even suggests that Christ's birth be "celeberated" on a yearly basis.
---1st_cliff on 10/23/05

My question is how many Christians REALLY celebrate Christ's birth even on December 25th?
---Moderator on 10/23/05

Moderator why don't you ask your question " My question is how many Christians REALLY celebrate Christ's birth even on December 25th? Why is the focus on everything, but Christ?" as a direct question posted as such rather than tagged onto the end of someone else's response? Perhaps you would then get the answers that you are seeking.
---M.P. on 10/23/05

..And God laughed. Early Christians did not know when Christ's birth was. They chose a day and celebrated His birth and it has stayed that way. As Christians we observe Dec.25 as Christ's birth. Don't get so worked up about it. If its the wrong day, God knows our hearts and knows we observe this day for Him.

Moderator - My question is how many Christians REALLY celebrate Christ's birth even on December 25th? Why is the focus on everything, but Christ? Parties, gifts, idols, spending, time off work - how much of this is directed at WORSHIPING Christ versus just doing the things the world is doing that time of the year?
---NVBarbara on 10/22/05

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Ann5758, i am with you. Decemeber 25th, Christmas, the date taken from the taxation documents in Rome, is the celebration of Christ's birth. And the decorating of evergreen in the winter shows a celebration of greenery or life in the dead of winter. And Easter should be called Passover when Jesus had his last supper communion and his Resurrection on Sunday morning. None of this is pagan. So Praise God! i celebrate with you Christ's birth, death, and resurrection.

Moderator - Eloy you already stated this information and it came from a cult's website. I recommend believing historic facts versus made up information.
---Eloy on 10/21/05

Jesus,may not have been born on dec.25 but it is somewhere close to that time. That is the reason why we chose december 25 to celebrate his birth.

Moderator - That is incorrect information. Jesus was born in late September. The Roman Catholic Church choose December 25th because the pagans worshiped Nimrod's birthday as the sun god. Christians had never celebrated Christ's birth or the Son of God. In order to increase church membership, the Church told the Catholics that was the day to celebrate Christ and told the pagans they could celebrate the sun god or Nimrod. The Roman Catholic Church membership exploded and paganism in the Roman empire supposely began extinct within 30 years. The truth is the Church began a process of becoming part Christian and part pagan. Give this information to your pastors and have them study it and they will know that I am stating a historical fact. Just because most Christians are ignorant of Church history doesn't make it go away.
---angea on 10/20/05

Moderator, you are wrong. My pastor knows the bible. We are having people saved and our church is growing. It isn't all the preachers fault, it is the people. But like my pastor says even some pastors are not saved. And even people like you, pastors, and churchs can be mislead too. I don't see anywhere in the bible that says that what you say is true. I don't agree with you on that. Some things i agree with you on, but this is not one of them.

Moderator - Which concept would you like scriptures for?
---angea on 10/20/05

I believe we do celebrate Easter and Christmas. Christmas, we celebrate Jesus's birth, and we celebrate Easter cause of Jesus's death and resurrection. I never heard of what the moderator said before. I always been taught that what just told you. My pastor who the Lord is using, even agrees with that. I don't know where you got that from.

Moderator - Most pastors don't know the Bible well or understand church history well. If they did, the sheep wouldn't be so lost.
---angea on 10/20/05

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The holidays known as Christmas and Easter are man-made celebrations. At our house, we celebrate Jesus everday! And at Easter it is always a struggle with someone at church to explain why we do not have an Easter egg hunt or have Easter baskets for the kids. We do celebrate Christmas time as a time of giving and remembering our family and friends. But, first we try to do something to reach the homeless and hungry.
---Sally on 10/18/05

I don't have to justify myself before man.I answer to God only and He has not convicted me this is wrong.I'm getting a very bad feeling of "holier-than-thou" in these blogs..don't do this,don't do that,this is wrong,this is pagan,it's evil,it's sinful,a true Christian would never celebrate Christmas or Easter-enough already.You celebrate(or don't as the case may be)your way,and I'll celebrate Christ mine,with joy and praise and thankfulness at these special times of the year.It's not wrong.

Moderator - I thought scripture said to be in the world, but not of the world? This is an example of Christians being no different than the pagans. Please show scriptures that you can ignore the scriptures.
---Ann5758 on 10/17/05

[Pt.5] I know there are some historical references to a St. Nicolaus, but he'd certainly be appalled at what they've done with his character! Parts of some "Christmas movies" being so enjoyable, make them all the more dangerous to children's understanding of God, SO MAKE SURE TO DISCUSS with them WHAT IS/ISN'T real in them according to the Bible!
---Daniel on 10/17/05

[Pt.4]... they'll do whatever they can to get rid of any Christian message associated with it! So, they bring out the booze, make it all about "getting things" and even change the name to XMAS to water-down any possible Christian message. They blasphemously tell kids a fantasy figure (SantaClaus) has the divine attributes of omniscience and almost omnipresence!!
---Daniel on 10/17/05

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[Pt.3] Moderator: I never said atheists were pagans. I said: "I'd rather proclaim Christ from the Bible than focus on pagan history (or sit at home doing nothing) while atheists try to pervert everything that's related to faith in God." Atheists could care less about any relation to ancient pagan history of holidays; UNLESS it fits into some argument against us. They want all true Christian belief and worship to disappear from society! And since they can't get rid of Christmas,... [CONT.]
---Daniel on 10/17/05

If she or others don't want to celebrate,that's fine and their choice.Me,I love to celebrate Christ's birth and Resurrection.I don't think of anything so-called "pagan"-I celebrate Christ-so they are not pagan holidays to me...and yes,I enjoy Christmas trees and wreaths,holly & ivy,and I enjoy getting a box of chocolates at Easter.Does that make me evil & sinful? No, because Christ is first in my celebrations. Celebrating Him overrides all the other things that may have happened at the same time.

Moderator - Please prove with scriptures that you can celebrate both the Christian and pagan parts of these holidays and be a godly.
---Ann5758 on 10/17/05

This is not important to me, but i try to understand these fairy tales, myths, and traditions that people have, like the easter rabbit. So i was just wondering, does anyone know where people got the lame-brain idea that a rabbit can lay an egg?
---Eloy on 10/17/05

[Pt.2] So, why not turn them (esp. Christmas and Resurrection Day; I refuse to call it anything else!) into witnessing opportunities? Tell others about Christ and share the Gospel with them in ways you couldn't at other times. Every day is WHAT we MAKE of it, in spite of its peculiar history. It's a spiritual battle and I'd rather proclaim Christ from the Bible than focus on pagan history (or sit at home doing nothing) while atheists try to pervert everything that's related to faith in God).

Moderator - I agree Christians should make a stand and witness, however that is the rare exception. Instead, in most cases, one can't tell the Christians from the pagans. By the way pagan, doesn't mean atheist.
---Daniel on 10/17/05

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People will always commercialize and distort the true holidays. We have Jesus Christ coming in the clouds with all his holy angels, his vesture is dipped in blood, and he rewards everyone according to their deeds; then you have Santa Claus coming with his reindeer, dressed in red tights and giving gifts to children. Also, we have the Eastern Rabbi walking the straight and narrow path; then you have the easter rabbit hopping down the bunny trail...what big a stretch just to sell merchandise.
---Eloy on 10/17/05

Jenny: [Pt.1] Some heretical "Christian cults" would agree with this woman because they teach celebrating ANY birthday (including those of your children) or holiday is 'satanic'; yet their leaders are often very evil (such as the Armstrongs!). So, be cautious of that. That said, I abhor many things about almost every holiday myself, but they're a FACT of life. You can't 'wish away' Christmas from being an official US holiday for example. [CONT.]
---Daniel on 10/17/05

I don't see how a season that honors Christ and brings others closer to him through prayer, study and fasting is a bad thing. The tone of this, if read by non-Christians, would make them head away from church, not to our Lord.
---Annie on 10/16/05

Moderator's response to Annie suggests that God does not take into account the heart or motivation of individuals. It also suggests that two Christians exchanging Christmas gifts or members of a choir singing "He Arose" on Easter morning are not travelling the narrow way to Heaven. How ridiculous.

Moderator - Reread Ralph.
---ralph7477 on 10/16/05

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Peter 5658; Dec.25 is not "more or less random" but deliberate, for the God Mithras, and Nimrod. Annie,you and others say "Lent" is part of the Easter cellebration,yet Jesus' 40 day sojourn in the willderness was 3 1/2 yrs before His crucifiction, how did it become linked to passover? One has no relation to the other!
---1st_cliff on 10/16/05

Alan is correct. Many Christians, myself included, celebrate the seasons of Advent (in the weeks before Christmas) and Lent (in the weeks before Easter) as a time of spiritual study, growth and preparation. The moderator needs to realize that Lent is not about fertility and that most Christians do celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Moderator - I know most Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter. I also know the Word says the way to heaven is narrow. On a personal level, I can't celebrate because I know better. Most Christians don't realise that they are celebrating a pagan holiday. Once they know, God does hold them accountable though.
---Annie on 10/16/05

Just because the world and some Christians abuse and misuse Christmas and Easter surely doesn't make it evil. People are commonly misusing all kinds of things like food, cars,and weapons but that doesn't make all those things evil. Let no one judge any one in meat or in drink or in holy days or sabbaths. bro. john
---john on 10/16/05

PAT gives a good criticism of the celebrations of Christmas and Easter.... Yes, Dec 25 is not the right day, but we don't KNOW the correct day. We CAN celebrate Christmas IF anything pagan is REMOVED! I come from a country where Easter/Passover (where I'm from, the word is the same) is the main holiday, not Christmas, and the Easter bunny does not exist-have our own silly celebrations! The problem is not the date, it is the celebration itself - what do we really celebrate? - that's the problem usually!
---peter7658 on 10/16/05

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"Yes", she can still be a Christian and not celebrate any of the holidays. For one thing, they aren't exact. Most evidence states Christ was probably born in the early fall. Christmas is actually a pagan holiday. Easter is also connected to pagan rituals. It's the start of "new life" since it's spring. You also have Passover at this time - altougth this is considered the time of the crucifixion and resurection. Christians celebrate all three, but it's not required.
---WIVV on 10/16/05

She can still be a christian without celebrating any holidays at all. She probably does not like all the commercialism that dilutes the holidays and so discards any participation. Yes, Christmas on December 25 is a celebration of Christ's birthday, and the misnamed Easter which should be called Passover and Resurrection Day in April are the celebration of Jesus' last supper communion and his crucifixion and his ressurrection.
---Eloy on 10/16/05

The date of Dec 25 is more or less random, so we don't need to celebrate Christ's birth THEN. Since Christ's ressurection was the day after the passover (we know that), I would celebrate Easter, probably without the commercial add-ons, which can be a bit silly....
---Peter7658 on 10/16/05

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