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WasThis A Demonic Encounter

I'm really troubled my sister met a woman who told her more about herself than anyone knew, she was a complete stranger. She told my sister to go home and pray about it. I think she is a reader is this demonic?

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 ---norma_c on 10/17/05
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Well I am curious did this woman ask to pray with you all. A stranger comin up to you and telling you things no one else knows can be a demonic encounter. If your sister has something in her life and is praying for an answer, God will answer. There has to be an order to things. It is easy to tell people to pray, there are different people that pray different prayers. When someone has a word of knowledge for someone else from God, they will want to pray with them and give the word.
---Tammy on 6/8/08

They don't come off with all kinds of things and tell them to go pray. To work in the gift of prophecy, knowledge, and wisdom, the word one gives from the Lord needs to be spot on and uplifting to that person. Knowledge reveals things no one else could know, prophecy is going to be a word of God's direction for one's life, and a word of wisdom is usually given to a person who is in need of guidence. "Readers" who are not working in the spirit of God should be avoided.
---Tammy on 6/8/08

Of course not.Mabey the lady needed a good friend to confide in,and just confessed her problemes to your sister.But also the best thing for the lady to do is pray to god about her own problemes because god hears all of our prayers,and answers them diffrently.
---Jhene on 6/4/08

Cindy, there's a saying: when one hears hoofbeats, think 'horses' not 'zebras'.

The point of the saying is, if something can be caused be two different things, assume it is the more likely of the two, until proven otherwise.

And use of information technology strikes me as the more likely (or at the very least, more reliably documentable) cause of this scenario.
---Nancy on 11/25/07

Nancy, you've left the Holy Spirit out.

The Holy Spirit can give you names, places, false theology that people are trying to deceive you with.
You don't need a search engine, a bad firefall, or any knowledge of what a computer programmer is capable of pulling over your eyes.
---Cindy on 11/18/07

The Holy Spirit can reveal which people are actually manifesting or being influenced by demons even through their blog replies.
It's spiritual, and through the Holy Spirit, you know which people continually use different names to try and cover themselves.
Whether it be men or women's names, you know them by their fruit and false words.
Some of it is pathology, but the majority of it is demonically influenced. Some are oppressed and others are literally possessed.
---Cindy on 11/18/07

Yes, you can have a demonic encounter, even with a blogger. But it is like teflon, it slides ride off of CN and the Christian, because no weapon formed against us shall prosper. They will use your name and run with it if you confront them, however.
It could be a combination of pathology/possession. All those with the same affliction - operate with a great deal of familiarity. They all try and cover their true self, but it comes through.
---Cindy on 11/18/07

If you don't understand or know the Holy Spirit, you would mistakenly call the evidence of knowledge to be from the enemy.
You would not realize that the Holy Spirit can speak directly to you and reveal exactly what it is you're dealing with.
---Cindy on 11/18/07

These are the days of the Internet.

Nowadays, just about anyone can find out anything about anyone else.

It has nothing to do with demons.

Just lousy firewall software.

(Or, for the more traditional, a gossipy neighbor.)
---Nancy on 11/14/07

Demons can tell someone to pray to God for something outside God's will. Something selfish maybe. For example, "Pray to God for an expensive new car."
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/13/07

A demon would not encourage a person to turn to God in prayer. But she definitely should. And you should pray God to open her heart and for protection.
---Linda on 11/13/07

of course this type of thing is demonic any socalled word or prophecy or such like if it does not further your love and interest in Yahuweh/ Yahushua, it is not from him.
---truthfinder on 7/24/06

It is the sin of occult activity. Tarot cards and divination or fortune-telling is not for the Christian to dirty their souls thereby. Show no interest and cut communications with the person, if they ask why, tell them you're a Christian and you don't desire nor need to partake in any occultic activities.
---Eloy on 5/28/06

how do you test the spirits? especially if they are false prophets? because won't some say to Jesus "we haealed and cast out demons in Your name?" and Jesus reply "get away from me you evil doers?" so if they perform signs and miracles in Jesus name, how can we tell?
---michelle on 5/28/06

I would advise to read Deuteronomy 18:10. Stay away from psychics witches and mediums. They will open door for demonic influence.
---michelle on 5/28/06

Katie, don't you know that witches and psychics "pray"? That is no indication that the woman was speaking from God. If it causes one to even question it is suspect. If it was God he can confirm it. this gal should not even play with the devil and open a door that can cause demonic oppression.
---Ann on 5/28/06

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my sister has agreed to not contact the lady reader,her daughter says she will never do that again, a lady who cares for my mom came thursday she told my sis the same thing and named two more people he knew. i think she has opened the door for satan this is no coinsidence
---norma on 10/22/05

Rule of thumb...God tells us plainly to test the spirits because satan can imitate some Godly things. You should read about Paul in Acts 16:16-19.
---Auror3743 on 10/18/05

Woah, I should have read the replies before replying to the first question. Norma, ignore my first comment, it was based solely on the original question. I agree with the others. It was not of God. Tell your sister to not return to the reader, and to give this to God in prayer. He is her protection, and although she did open herself up, God can and will protect her from further stuff. There is no need to fear, just don't go back.
---Katie on 10/18/05

IF it was a psychic or something along that nature, then yes, the person is being used demonically. But what gets me is that your sister was told to pray about it, which leads me to believe it was a prophechy. Whichever it was your sister should just give it to God. Prophecy is used for encouragement, so let it be just that. If it was of a demonic spirit your sister needs to know that her God is greater than he who is in the world, and just ask for his protection over her life.
---Katie on 10/18/05

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With the information you have given us now, I don't think any one would question that it is either hoax or demonic and most likely demonic. Consulting with seers, fortune tellers, familiars or mediums is strictly forbidden in scripture. Is your sister a Christian? She certainly needs to pray for God's protection on her life and if not a Christian, now would be the time to get saved!
---Bruce5656b on 10/18/05

Norma ... There is a lot you have not told yet.
How did yuor sister meet this woman? How was the neice involved? Could the neice have given the information? What does the neice say about all this? Did your sister see/hear the man screaming? What needs to be solved before he can "cross over"? Did she pay money?
It seems like a seance situation. Sometimes these are total tickery, sometimes demonic.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/18/05

It seems to be Hogwash. There is no in between. Cross over? A person is either with God after they die or they're not. There is no middle ground with God. I think your sister needs to stay away from all of this. Reading from cards, taroh reading, stuff like that is something not to be messed with. I played with an Oujia board once and believe you me, it was NOT a good experience.
---Rebecca_D on 10/17/05

the names were people he knew
---norma on 10/17/05

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the him was the deseased the lady said he was in a red and black place and couldn't cross over until this was solved
---norma on 10/17/05

Who is the 'him' that your niece saw? And what names did she tell her to write?
She has opened herself up to demon activity, she needs to pray for release and rebuke the devil and all his lies.
---NVBarbara on 10/17/05

no it wasn't a saonce but she did read from cards, my niece was also there and she saw him in back of this woman he was screaming and waving his hands ,but she couldn't hear him. at that time the lady told him to quit screaming there were names that she couldn't have known that he told her to write. she asked if he died from a gunshot wound to the head. she told her yes
---norma on 10/17/05

What were the circumstances of their meeting?

Don't forget that Jesus did this more than once. (Nathanael, The woman at the well...) Was He possessed? Of course not. God may be speaking to your sister through this individual.

Was it a seance setting? That would be a different matter altogether.
---Bruce5656 on 10/17/05

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I think that it was a demonic experience. And a demon could possibly tell someone to pray about something because it says in the Bible, the Satan can appear as an angel of light. The Bible warns about physics and astrology......and not to believe in old wives tales that this stuff is not from Him. that it is all witchcraft. You should only believe in God. Demons are real, they are fallen angels, and they are at work with the father of all lies Satan.
---cheryl on 10/17/05

now a days everyone wants to prophesy. But no one wants to seek God the way they should. When God speaks he has a distinctive way of starting off. "thus says the Lord" or "I am God...etc." the scriptures also tell us which is the way to test the spirits and when to know if the person prophesying is a fake. Prayer for now with your sister is defenitely the key but also get into the scriptures. It eliminates a lot of confusion.
---evie6669 on 10/17/05

What exactly did the woman tell her about herself? Pray and ask God for wisdom to discern between His voice and that of an evil spirit. U should not be afraid. If u r God's children u should know that u r untouchable. Psalm 91. God bless
---Vero on 10/17/05

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