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Husband Left Me To Make A Baby

My marriage has been taken away by a strange woman simple because I could not give my husband a child. We are still living together. What steps should I take.

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 ---mercy3849 on 10/17/05
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According to the scriptures, if your husband has commited adultery, you have the right, but not the obligation, to divorce. Pray pray pray, seek Christian council. What you should do is up to you and God.
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

Pray..pray and pray some more.
---melanie on 5/27/08

I suggest you seek a lawyer and speak with your pastor.
---Madison on 5/27/08

You know what the word says: Cheating on your mate is a sin. We must forgive, but we are not to embrass sin and accept it. Your husband is a fool, and will pay. Pray for him and ask God for advise. I know as a male, that having a child is important, but a gift from God and if God has said no, then enjoy each other and what God gives you...but how can you live with a man that has done this? What will he do next? Seek the Lord!!!
---George on 8/4/07

Your husband committed adultry plain and simple . He should have prayed and trusted the Lord and His timing to give you both a child. You did nothing wrong .You do have grounds for divorce. Think about it . Will this be his excuse everytime you can't give him a child..To get have sex and get other women pregnant !You should move out ,before this situation turns worse. You are in my prayers .
---benna5383 on 8/26/06

I do not think that artificial insemination by a donor would be prohibitive in cost. If she has sex (makes love!!!) with her ex, and has his child ... how ill you feel & how will she feel? Do you think she will be able to love you more than the man who gave her that great gift of a child in such a personal way?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/29/05

I am unable to have kids. My soon to be wife has asked for my permission to have sex with an old boyfriend so that we can have a baby. Normally I would have said: NO WAY! But we don't have the money for any medical miracle, artificial insemination, or even adoption. This is one way for her to have her very own baby.

Moderator - I hope you are kidding? Try adoption.
---anonymous on 10/29/05

Have you truly exhausted all the modern medical alternatives available to couples whom are having conception problems or the ability of the female to curry the fetus to full term.
Seek good medical specialist in this area before you give up on each other.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/18/05

My husband and in laws tormented me for a long time because I couldnt have a child.I lifted my eyes up to my source of strength and with much prayers and persuasions, we visited our doctor.The problem was from him and not me. With shame, he lift. Had he known he was transporting me to a better and brighter future, he wouldnt have moved out.You will one day understand and rejoice like me. Children are gift from God. At his appointed time,He will grant your heart desire. Move on with life girl!
---Eileen on 10/18/05

Strange woman? Could she possibly be stranger than your husband?
Is he having sex with this woman?
If so, show him the door.
---NV_Barbara on 10/18/05

Why are you still living with the guy?
Did you know you could not have kids before you got married-if so did you tell your man upfront?
---Charles_Tarkington on 10/17/05

Wonder if he thinks a surrogate mother for you would nice. I guess the ball and the baby is in his court. What do you want to do next?
---barbara67 on 10/17/05

Mercy, please realize that your problem is not uncommon and exercise patience. 'Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing" Please expend all your resources and energy on the critical personal problem of your childlessness. Have faith in God. Seek medical help. By faith, ask God to restore your fruitfulness and hope in the Lord for your abundance. He will surely bless you with children in Jesus name as He has always done for many in your predicament. God bless you.
---Isaac8389 on 10/17/05

when your husband married you he took vows before God to love and cherish you for better or worse. He has broken those vows. It doesn't matter if you could give him a child or not. Has he not heard of adoption? Not giving him a child is just an excuse for him sleeping with another. HE IS WRONG and has committed adultry. He can very well do it again. Talk to pastor and councellor. has he asked forgiveness or he thinks he is in right?
---Marla on 10/17/05

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