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Allow Kids To Trick Or Treat

Allow kids to trick or treat? What do other Christians think about this. With the child abductions today, I don't think it is a good idea, especially letting them do this alone. Actually I don't like the whole halloween thing anyway.

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 ---Kathy on 10/17/05
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I took my kids trick or treating when they were small. They are grown now. But I do enjoy giving the kids candies and gospel tracts in their bags. I dont put out the decorations anymore at my house. Some of the churches have parties for the kids and show good clean movies for kids and adults, as well. The kids are in a safe environment.I do not recommend kids trick or treating alone.
---Robyn on 5/28/07

my son does not trick ot treat. Instead we have our own special night at home. We order in a pizza and watch a clean family movie, play board games or read together. We do not hand out candy to others either as this just promotes the night for them. I disagree very much with strangers giving someone else's children candy and with younger children out on own on such a night. We have had cases of needles in apples and other things as well. If kids want candy parents can buy their own and give it to them.
---Marla on 5/28/07

---generic_phentermine on 1/6/07

This year my husband &I did go to his sistsers house & he took the children trick or treating & I stayed with our son in his stroller. I felt sick in the gut of my being,but I have to listen to my husband because he is the head of the home. Next year the children will not go trick or treating because I donot want that feeling again. maybe he'll listen.
---wanda on 11/14/05

I thank and praise God that there are other people who believe Halloween is a satanic holiday...From 1st hand I can tell you it is,because I...before becoming a Christian was a in that world of darkness.I know the meanings behind the holiday the world celebrates blindly.
---Eve on 10/22/05

my husband and i dont let our kids celebrate halloween,we celebrate harvest. my husbands mom buys little toys and some candy and our kids go up to the grandparents house and get the goodies,they have fun doing this every year and theyare safe as well.
---wendy on 10/21/05

Don't celebrate Halloween, but it is okay to give the kids candy, and i always hand out halloween tracts with it,it is a great chance to witness to the neighborhood, dont overlook it.
---Joyce on 10/18/05

Look at halloweens deeply satanic origins and ask is it right to teach the kids this? It represents unspeakable practices and is nothing short of a demonic festival should not the people of the lord Teach up a child in the way it should go, Parents run the home not the kids. "What agreement hath the temple of Christ with belial" will you let your children get involved in this it doesnt matter what the worl is doing we follow the lord .
---thomas on 10/18/05

"Trunk or treat"...that's kind of cute- I like that. 8>)
---Ann5758 on 10/18/05

Some of those same people who tell their children not to take sweets from strangers allow them to think that a strange man in red with a big white beard creeps into their bedrooms when they are asleep and leave gifts. How very strange.
---M.A. on 10/18/05

A number of churches in our area are doing "trunk or treat" in the church parking lots. Families decorate the trunks, tailgates, etc. of their cars and trucks and the children go from family to family, collecting treats. Usually there is also a church dinner and a gospel concert afterward.
---Annie on 10/17/05

At our church in New City, New York, instead of letting the kids go trick or treating, we had a Harvest Party at the church and it was great to be with our brothers and sisters in the Lord and the kids loved it! We adults had a lot of fun too! I'm a big kid at heart. I'll never grow up!
---John on 10/17/05

No, I'm not feeling convicted of it. I just think that the holloween thing is just stupid. We tell our children not to accept candy from strangers and yet people let their kids go trick or treating.
---Kathy on 10/17/05

I dont understand how any one who calls themselves a christian could even think about participating in halloween in any way at all. Dont you realise that this is Satans "high holy day" you only have to look at the kinds of decorations to see that, and if you do any kind of research you will find that there are more suicides and murders on that dtate than any other during the year.
---Diane on 10/17/05

Halloween is definitely a demonic holiday (I don't even consider it a holiday) and while my 3 children were growing up we never allowed them to go trick or the fall we had a Harvest Fest and the neighborhood children (we were seminary students) came and they all dressed as Bible characters only and we had fun but never did we allow our children to partake of anything with Halloween..Christians need to be careful about letting their children get involved with this satanic day..
---fran6775 on 10/17/05

If you are going to let kids trick or treat make sure you go with them and what most people do-trick and treat before dark.
---Charles_Tarkington on 10/17/05

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Sounds like you are feeling conviction over it, I never let my son go trick or treating and I taught him young about the evils of it. On halloween we would stay home and pray and rubuke the powers of satan together for hours. Even if it weren't satanic, they are teaching their kids to go begging, now is that what you want to teach your kids. We tell them not to take candy from strangers but they send them out on halloween to do just that!! Hmmmmmm.
---PAT on 10/17/05

Halloween History The Real Origins, a web site I found while doing research on hallowe'en ... when I became a Christian I did away with hallowe'en. Guess when I was baptized with the Holy Ghost ... October 31. Now what better way to chase those demons away.

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---Nellah on 10/17/05

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