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Revelation In Chronological Order

I sometimes listen to a radio program called "Politics and Religion", a program of the End Times Ministry ... they say that Revelation is not in chronological order. Is this true or not?

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 ---Nellah on 10/18/05
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I don't think much of the talk about Revelations today should be considered Fact. Many of the "great" Teachers over Revelations have been wrong already with predictions and such. To understand Revelations we must understand the old Testament, and actual history. much of Revelation has already happened some is yet to come. But through it all God is victorious and we are called to make disciples not worry about the end of the age.
---Jared on 4/18/07

joshua- there is a fantastic book on how religious education has taken a back seat and feelings and emotions of scripture have come to the forefront. I think if more people would get back to sola scriptura " the bible only" and study some history on the bible people would have a better understanding of what and why other people think the way they do. its by Prothero the title is Religious literacy
---ramona on 4/18/07

I understand what Ashley is saying, and only disagree in that some ARE willing to hear, discuss, and criticize views rather than people; but admittedly few listen. How many people here call the book "Revelations". If such people have not even read the table of contents in their Bible, why should we listen to their interpretations? And those who "took courses" claim they never heard of the "recapitulation view"?? Poor education, and/or they weren't listening.
---Joshua on 4/8/07

All I have seen are many in denial of God's truths. you then have the gall to ridicule those who have learned through the power of the Holy Ghost many truths about Jesus Christ. It is HIS gospel, not Elders gospel, not John T's gospel or Joe Blows gospel. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The only name given under heaven where men have a chance to return to God. It is arrogance to believe others are wrong without backing it up.
---ashley on 3/28/07

Ashley, you appear to lack a lot of spiritual understanding if you think Dave was casting anything but plastic beads.
Dave doesn't believe the fundamental meanings of words such as Redemption, Salvation and so fourth.
If you swallow his message as Godly teaching then your spiritual sight is just as blind as his. There are certain things even a pig won't eat but you go ahead and feast. The bill comes later.
---Elder on 3/27/07

Elder: "To the Law and the Testimony, if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them."

Does the Book of Mormon pass this test? Where does it fail? This is how we are to test the spirits and those claiming to be prophets.

---TS on 3/27/07

why does everyone automatically judge someone when they tell you something that contradicts your own beliefs. Dave left the site because he got tired of casting pearls before swine. Everyone had a closed mind and rejected the words of Jesus Christ. You loved to mock others. Guess what, you all lose. People understand the bible more than you think. why. because the Holy Ghost speaks truth to others. I could tell you many things about John's visions in revelations. why waste my time. You will not listen.
---ashley on 3/27/07

Dave as always you try to throw in your Mormon training to mislead people.
You tell others to read and the Holy Spirit will lead them. That one statement from you is true.
But, tell me why He hasn't lead you to know that there is not a book of Revelations in the Bible? Of course, being Mormon, you are used to adding to the Word of God.
You see it is The Book of Revelation. There is only one revelation in that book. I guess you don't even know what that revelation is.
If you know tell me.
---Elder on 3/26/07

Revelation is of "Chiastic Structure" Climax in middle, prallel events at ends. Thus order of events confusion eliminated

B:The 7 churches 1:9-4.
C:Destiny of righteous (seals, judgment, victory) 4:1-8:1
D:Trumpet warns against apostasy 8:2-11:18
E: Covenant conflict and victory through the sanctuary 11:19-16.
D: Plagues poured out 16:1-19.
C: Destiny of the wicked (judgment & punishment) 19:1-21.
B: The victorious church 21:1-8
A: Epilogue
---TS on 3/26/07

Ann thank you for your comments. I posted that a long time ago but nothing has changed. Revelation is in chronological order.
Many events are going on at the same time. That is why it appears to not be in order.
There are things happening in Heaven while things are happening on earth. When we see that the book becomes so plain and clear.
---Elder on 3/25/07

Too bad your list of things to come is completely out of whack with God and contains your own opinions and false beliefs. If you want to read revelations, read it with the help of the Holy Ghost and not with corrupt learning of Man. That profits you nothing and deceives many that want to know truth, not your own fantasies.
---Dave on 3/25/07

Elder, you get yerself in here & answer this. You have a wonderful chronology for end times.
---Ann5758 on 3/25/07

Friends I shall try to give you a brief outline to follow the events of the Book of Revelation.
1 Christ Revealed
2-3 The 7 Churches Revealed
4 The Rapture Revealed
5-18 The Tribulation Revealed
19 The Second Coming Revealed
20 Millennium and Final Judgement Revealed
21-22 New Heaven and Earth Revealed.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 10/27/05

Cond #2-->
Let's look at the events in chapter 20 in the order they appear.
1 Satan bound v1-3
2 First Resurrection and Millennium
begins v4-6
3 Satan loosed v7
4 Satan's final rebellion v8-10
5 Wicked judged and cast into Lake of Fire
This is just an example. There is structure and chronological order throughout this book.
---Elder on 10/27/05

Brother Elder, I too have started on another class of Revelations and I too would like to hear your comments on it. Sorry about your stuff being lost.
---Lupe2618 on 10/20/05

Elder, was sorry to hear about the robbery. Hope you're allright. I, too, believe Revelation to be in chronological order. Edwin Baxter hosts "Politics and Religion" and you'd better be careful what you take from his words.
---Nellah on 10/19/05

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Elder, I'm sorry to hear about you being robbed (that's a helpless feeling), I hope all goes well while you're trying to deal with it.
---Heather on 10/19/05

Ann & Heather thank you for your trust and comments.
I am having to go out of town again to deal with our recent robbery but when I return (by Monday) I will list what I think is the orders of events in the Revelation.
If I fail to remember (old age) write me at elder2291 and tell me to get on the job.
Thanks and God Bless.
---Elder on 10/19/05

Chronos, I think, is the Greek for what we call time. But it is more a passing of environment. Revelation contains allusions to non-time environment characters, i.e. the angel dilivering the message to John, the Lamb. So chronological is wrong because it cannot be logically connected to time.
---gregg8944 on 10/19/05

*smiling* Ann, I'm behind 100% on Elder's grounding in chronology. I have no reason to believe Revelation is not in chrnoological order, but I've never thought about it (everything's numbered by seal or horseman)and it will be interesting to read some of the others' answers.
---Heather on 10/19/05

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There are many Theologians that believe that Book of Revelation gives us pictures of events that are either not in chronological order and/or are the same events. The LCMS, Reformed, Catholic and various other churces do not agree with Hal Lindsian Theology. The most complete study done on Revelation was by the late David Chilton in his book "Days of Vengeance"
---David7647 on 10/19/05

Over the years I've taken at least 3 courses in Revelation on the BS level and 2 more on the graduate level. Than you add to that the 20 some books I've read concerning the book of Revelation, plus research work done in preparation to teach various topices in Revelation. During all of this,I have never once read or heard about Revelation not being in chronological order.
---WIVV on 10/18/05

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