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Women In Leadership Roles

Why does God not want woman in leadership roles? I'm not a feminist, but being born in 1980 and without my dad. I have always been taught to be all I can be and just as competant as men so its hard for me to understand. I accept His Word to be perfect and true but am just curious?

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 ---natasha on 10/19/05
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LEADERSHIP is about INFLUENCE, the influence we have on people and processes around us. when we understand what LEADERSHIP is, then we understand that WOMEN were and are some of the most effective leaders around.
---Jeff on 8/7/06

I can't improve on how Jeff worded the above. I think of my mother,my wife.
If we look at Christ....a King...who served us all....we see ultimate leadership.

If we look at the Eklesia, as Christ portrayed "her" we see/understand position. Would any one of us assume headship over Christ? Easily answered, no.

GOD married/Divorced and is to remarry. The analogy is simple,pure and witnessed in scripture.
---Trav on 9/17/10

God created man in his own image, male and female he created them and set them to rule over the earth... "THEM" Woman is only denigrated in the story of Eden, which is simply a story - a very important story - a parable that teaches humanity to be LIKE God i.e. respectful, loyal, kind & considerate and trustworthy. Unfortunately, the senseless have siezed on the tale for their reality - noticeably the true prescription for reality is ignored - maybe because it gives people of both gender equal rights? Jesus knew like so many know today the biggest evils on this earth are the gap between rich & poor, the imbalance and disrespect between male & female, the ignorance of truth, the failure to forgive...
---Deborah on 9/15/10

Women have one of the most respected and very difficult jobs around and that is: being a mother

interesting worlds VIEWS of PARENTING as if mother's ROLE is now a leadership role because she "does so much" ...role of Mom very different than mother just as a Dad is very different from a father

As a MOTHER and mom of my own children and children within our family my ROLE is one to teach and inspire and raise up in Gods ways

leaders look for followers ...roles of leaders may inspire yet they are NOT teaching the masses

leadership and teaching are not same ROLE

there are no leadership roles WITHIN Spiritual Church of Christ for women however the ROLE of women living for Christ is inspiring
---Rhonda on 9/14/10

There are women in the bible that were in leadership roles, You do not have to be a leader to be used by God. Women have one of the most respected and very difficult jobs around and that is: being a mother. There are no others jobs in this world that is more important. Most people do not honor this position because it does not pay a salary. She stays at home (sometimes) until the kids are older. She wash,cook,clean,discipline,teach. Many responsibilities. But never receives any credit or gratitude for what she does. Being a mother is a very demanding and tiring occupation. But keep in mind, not everyone who has borne children,are mothers.True mothers are very special people.
---Robyn on 9/14/10

there is nothing wrong with women being a leader in the old days it didnt happen but God uses women as well as he does men my pastors wife held a class and she also is co-pastor and teaches/preaches on wednesday night i am a youth choir teacher & leader i am a 20 y. old female God use Joyce Meyer wonderful annointed preacher God used a donkey so why wouldnt he use a woman? open up to him and he will begin to use you we also have all female sunday school and children church teachers
---andre9789 on 12/28/07

Women have no leadership roles in church. God made Adam a HELP MEET. Not a leader. They shouldnt assume men's position in preaching..IT IS WRITTEN..women are not to preach in didnt say in halls but in I guess they can in halls or other than churches..remember, it was Eve who sinned and we have inherited that from her.Women's Lib is not of God
---jana on 5/17/07

There are no scriptural references that prohibit women form taking leadership roles in the church including being a deacon, elder, or minister. Debra was a judge in the Old Testament. Paul was only admonishing a group of women in one specific location who were causing difficulties in their local congregation. You have to be able to be able to tell the difference when scripture is generally and specifically addressed. Remember women had no cultural status when the New Testament was written.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/7/07

---barbara67 on 10/20/05 has got it right.
LEADERSHIP is about INFLUENCE, the influence we have on people and processes around us. when we understand what LEADERSHIP is, then we understand that WOMEN were and are some of the most effective leaders around.
---Jeff on 8/7/06

Yes, GOD DOES WANT WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP ROLES. Women were put in leadership roles and they were called by the titles of "prophetess," "judge," "APOSTLE," "Co-worker(colleague) in Christ," and let us not forget "DEACON."
---Rosanne_FerreriFeske on 4/20/06

I once ask a wise old christian lady," do you understand that women are to be helpmates
or servants to their husbands" yes she answered I accept GOD'S word but it makes me shake my head.---mima 11/9/2005
---mima on 11/9/05

Someone please show me where God will change His statutes if the culture is different. One of the greatest things we celebrate about God is that He is unchanging. He is not corrupted by time or circumstances. Think about it. If God was willing to concede, even an inch, we would be going to an eternal home with sin in it.
---mike on 10/27/05

Ct'd. There are scriptures from "Genes is" to "Revel a tions" showing the differences in Spiritual and Carnal headship. A judge is carnal, to do with the law. An overseer (bishop)(Acts20:28)is spiritual, to do with God's word. (1Cor.2:14,Heb.12:9). And finally, please read all of 1Tim.2 to get full context of men and women in church & spiritual fashion. Amen.
---mike_fl on 10/26/05

ct'd. The Greek word (K.J. usurp)means "assume". I have visited churches having women in roles the Bible says men should be in because "there aren't men willing to take those roles". That is usurping. Wait on God. He will provide. It's like the caravan leaving Jesus behind teaching. The movement gets going & just can't wait for Jesus. We can have emotions, healings, even perfect preaching but if we leave Jesus (assume His place)are we still Christians or simply emotionalists? cont'd.
---mike_fl on 10/26/05

Natasha, I believe this has been the most spirit filled blog yet on this subject. My earlier comments were meant as positioning of man to woman. We are e q u a l. It is God that chose who would be responsible in headship from the "garden" forward. Men and women are equal in mental ability, spirituality (love of God), and leadership. Yet, God has a plan. His book gives us that plan. Somebody had to be the "heavy" and by default it is man. cont'd.
---mike_fl on 10/26/05

During Jesus' time on earth, women and children were not even counted as citizens. That's why Mary had to go to Joseph's birthplace for census. Society has changed. Women are now counted as much more worthwhile than those times. Behind every good preacher/pastor/evangelist, etc., is almost always a very supportive wife. Often the wife is really the one who has the calling. Just start with Ester if you want to hear about strong women.
---Sally on 10/26/05

God certainly does use women in leadership roles - but as the exception, not the rule. Examples - Debra was a judge of Israel, there are also a few examples of women in the NT, the Persecuted Church - China is one place - male pastors are often beaten, arrested, and/or killed - so women must often walk in those roles. We shouldn't walk according to the exceptions - but we should acknowledge them and the Hand of God in them.
---daphn8897 on 10/25/05

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"FROM EVERY WOMAN IN THE BIBLE" by Sue and Larry Richards P.236

The absolute prohibition against women teaching(1Timothy 2:9-15)
This passage is the most difficult to interpret in harmony with the positive & supportive view of women that we have identified throughout the New Testament.
.... It seems the women were more interested in beauty aids(vanity) than in good works. And they are not to lead away by gullible women loaded with sins, nor
led away by various lusts.
---barbara67 on 10/24/05

I think it was because Eve was deceived by the serpent and did what God had commanded Adam not to do. Genesis 2:16 \ 3:1-6,16 As part of Eve's punishment "and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."
God is a God of order. I think of it as a pecking order kind of. Ephesians 5:23 Jesus knew what it was to submit to his Father's will. Phillippians 2:6-11 He is the perfect example of humility being exalted in do time.
---Ulrika on 10/21/05

Both men & women are often pictured as being vain. But many are humble. Humility seems to be the more Godly route.
The problem seems to come when women/men assume God is wrong. God is a God of order.

And sometimes our own very lack of knowledge of Scripture seems to mess order up. We belong to a congregation to keep encouraging one another to do good works.

Honour all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the King. I Peter 2:17

Find a Christian Bookstore
---barbara67 on 10/21/05

Vanity -
1. excessive personal pride - conceit
2. ambitious display; ostentation
3. the quality or state of being fruitless, useless, or destitute of reality etc.
4. a bag or box of cosmetics, comb, mirror etc.
5. a dressing table.

1.a modest sense of one's own value - humble
1. free from pride or vaniy, modest, meek, unassuming.
2. lowly in station, rank, condition, pretentious, modest
3. servile; fawning
4. respectful
---Barbara67 on 10/21/05

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barbara, thanks.. this was pretty close to what i was looking for. do you think its because woman get too vain.. ha ha.. so its a humbling scripture?
---natasha on 10/21/05

Women Of Influence
Eve, Priscilla, Phoebe, Ester -both queen and her own Bible book, Deborah, Sarah is listed in the Hebrews 11 chapter on faith, Ruth - Bible book, 2nd John -to the elect lady and her children, Rachel, Rebecca, Numbers 36 - Marriage of female heirs, Zipporah, mrs. Noah and her daughter-in-laws -Mrs. Shem, Mrs. Ham, Mrs Japheth, Hagar, Dorcas, Elizabeth, at the crucifixion many women were there watching from a distance, Mary Magdalene, the other Mary, Mary His mother, and others.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

I have never written so much nor felt so passionate about a subject in this computer blog business as I have about this one on the role of women. Women are even healed.
Incredible, as women we have access to God and yet we are not ordained in the way that men are - it is the mystery that women have accepted by faith since the writing of the many orders in the Bible.
And it gives incredible order to my personal faith.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

The Question of Evil
In Acts 5 - both man & woman are equally punished for evil - even hidden evil.
In Genesis 1-3 both man & woman are sent from the garden.
So for sin, both men & women are discovered by God & punished.
We are to obey God rather than man in all things. We are to stay away from evil. All evil is to be avoided.
When men let us down we must obey God. This is why our Bible knowledge must increase. We must learn to rightly divide the Word of God.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

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However - who was at the last supper? Only men. Who is listed in the 12 disciples - only men. It is this order that gave the restriction in early church history to the ordination of men only and the administration of the Lord's supper by only men. But women are not excluded from learning the Bible or even praying nor from receiving the Lord's supper. But women are allowed to share the Gospel. Such restrictions in the church and in marriage are insignificant when we understand that God is in command.
---Barbara67 on 10/20/05

Women are not listed among the 12 disciples. Yet women become believers & women may share the Gospel. Women have faith & women are trusted with & share in raising of children. In Proverbs 31 a woman considers a field & buys it. So why are women forbidden to teach men? Women must learn in silence. But a woman begs for her brother to be raised from the dead. What if we must just accept certain conditions by faith? Faith that God is a God of order & understands church & family growth.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

Women Of Influence
Eve, Priscilla, Phoebe, Ester -both queen and her own Bible book, Deborah, Sarah is listed in the Hebrews 11 chapter on faith, Ruth - Bible book, 2nd John -to the elect lady and her children, Rachel, Rebecca, Numbers 36 - Marriage of female heirs, Zipporah, mrs. Noah and her daughter-in-laws -Mrs. Shem, Mrs. Ham, Mrs Japheth, Hagar, Dorcas, Elizabeth, at the crucifixion many women were there watching from a distance, Mary Magdalene, the other Mary, Mary His mother, and others.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

Try at the Christian bookstore - often there are Bible Studies for women that can guide believers sort matters about Bible women/men & marriages with Bible references

We are in equal to men in terms of needing salvation.
Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

But we know from life that there are all these things so why is this verse creating equality?
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

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Submit to God resist the devil - 1 Peter 5;5-11
5b - God resists the proud
But gives grace to the humble.
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time.
casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.

Incredible examples of leadership are given
- friendship, wife, mom, daughter, sister, grandmother,neighbour, employee, church member, voter, employer
If you do not see us in leadership roles, we deeply influence the leader.
---Barbara67 on 10/20/05

1 Peter 3: 1-6 Submission to Husbands
1 Peter 3: 7 A word to the Husbands.
Likewise you husbands dwell with them with understanding, giving honour to the wife as the weaker vessel and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.

We have incredible influence over a man's prayers. Leaders are leaders.
---barbara67 on 10/20/05

hi mike :) i really appreciate you answers. i also think it quite clearly states that woman should not usurp her husbands authority. i was looking for opinions as to why other christians think God wrote it that way. Gods word is obviously perfect and im sure not going to question it. Just wondering what "mans" opinion is on why?
---natasha on 10/20/05

and someone please show me where it says that the guidance we get from God's word is designed to change with cultures and time.
---mike on 10/20/05

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show me a woman who can be a pastor and obey the apostle Paul when he said that women are to remain silent in the church. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife - and she led me to Christ, but she accepts her role and performs it very well.
---mike on 10/20/05

Natasha ... usurp means take something, such as a position of power or authority, wrongfully.
So a woman would usurp a man's power if she took control over him.
And she should not do this in respect of spiritual matters particularly.
(I'm not sure I agree with this 100% nowadays, but leave this discussio to others!)
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/20/05

A woman can't usurp authority over men who didn't have that authority to begin with.Notice even that verse in 1Timothy2:12 says woman and the man ,singular.The only man who has authority over a woman is her husband,and that is what that verse is addressing.Not all men over all women.Only one place says God gave rule over woman to man, Genesis 3:16, and that plainly shows it is only in the marriage relationship.
---Darlene_1 on 10/20/05

mike: what does usurp mean. and pls tell me what you mean by over the woman spiritually. i did say, i accept the word as true and perfect but youre right i dont understand it 100%. which is why i asked the question :)
---natasha on 10/20/05

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Also, I would like to see where it shows Paul speaking only to a small group about only their church concerning order. Neither can I see when Jesus told a woman to tell someone about Him that it meant she should become a teacher??? It is good to seek intellegence & want to be the best man or woman we can be. But it is wrong to try and be what we are not, especially when the scriptures direct us specifically in something. Ability doesn't mean blessed by God to do something, it means ability.
---mike_fl on 10/19/05

The Bible(& ref's & interlinear trans')does show men as responsible for the Christian family. Yet in the last Proverb we see a grand woman, a wife, who has business dealings, employees, even a good brain for stewardship of the home. So, where is the conflict? God placed the man "over" the woman in spiritual matters. A woman is NOT to usurp authority over a man. Not teach, not replace, not make family decisions over his word. Why is that so very hard for women today? IT IS scripture.
---mike_fl on 10/19/05

There is scriptural basis for women to be teachers and in other leadership roles. Remember it was a woman that first encountered Jesus at the tomb. He instructed her to "Go tell my apostles." That's telling her to be a teacher!
---Nancy on 10/19/05

Women CAN be in leadership roles. Look at Joyce Meyers. Man I would be lost without her. Now adays women in ministry is a wonderful thing. Women need other women who can speak to them on their own level and from similair experiences. If you want to be a leader somewhere pray and let God know your heart and desire. if he is calling you then he will make a way.
---Marla on 10/19/05

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If you need Biblical references, try 1 Tim, chapter three. Elders are to be HUSBANDS of one wife, Deacons are to be MEN worthy of respect,, Deacons must be HUSBANDS of one wife. In chapt2 verse 12, do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. God gave Adam headship at creation. God made us to be soft, gentle, not leaders or dominant, but caregivers, nuturers. That doesnt mean we are incompetant.
---Teresa on 10/19/05

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