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Feel Empty Not Conceiving

God has Blessed me & my husband w/the adoption of our son. I love him w/ all my heart & sometimes feel as if he's our biological son; however, there are times when I feel so empty & less of a women w/ not conceiving. What can I do to stop feeling this way?

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 ---Tresa on 10/19/05
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Children who are adopted are also more blessed because they too were CHOSEN. Natural children sometimes might doubt if their parents wanted them. But not adopted children.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

Having children is about training them and forming their characters. You do this every day that you are with them. Many people have their own children and then take up careers that mean maids, and nanny services bring their kids up. When they finally leave home, the parents might realized that they missed out on bringing up their children. Those children remain forever strangers.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

I sympathize a lot with this lady. But there are so many famous and other women in the same boat. And then there are so many women who have loads of children but they feel a deep need to constantly have a baby around and as soon as their children get bigger they are dissatisfied. You have to channel all your great love and energy into other areas of life. You will then be mightily blessed. Brooding for a baby won't make you happy.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

Many people do not pass the stringent requirements for becoming adoptive parents. Those people have nothing. It is good to thank God that He blessed you with a wonderful child. (The baby time only lasts a year or two.) Don't look at yourself from other peoples' viewpoint, but judge yourself on your spiritual progress. If you are not making progress you can do something about THAT. Don't waste time thinking about things you cannot change.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

Your adopted son is now flesh of your adopted him as your own so never feel late husband and I wanted children in the worse way and when we couldn't biologically give birth we gave adoptive birth to 3 special needs children who we adopted...they became ours and seeing our names on their birth certificates made us feel very are still 100% even if you never gave actual fact, we adoptive mothers are more blessed than if we actually gave birth! We were chosen!
---fran6775 on 5/17/08

My husband and I adopted a son in 1971 and a daughter in 1977. They always felt like my biological children, I was so blessed to have them without the complications of pregnancy, I was able to enjoy them from the first day they arrived. "Not heart of my heart, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, you didn't grow under my heart....but in it." In time, you will realize that you don't have to give birth to be a mother in every sense of the word.
---Nan on 3/20/07

Stop listening to the devil! He is a liar. I know people who have been prayed for and God has healed them and they can now conceive and how much more special the child is to them, and God gets the glory for healing them!
---Otis on 7/11/06

I suggest that you do a study of who you are in Christ. God has designed you and has determined how you are to be a parent. Look at your body and your role as a mother through His eyes. If it were His will that you conceive at this point in your life, it would have happened by now. God's ways are not our ways.

You are His bride right now, perfect in His eyes because of what Christ has done. You are complete in Him. Believe that.
---Madison on 10/22/05

Although I am male, I believe that most women feel this same emptiness. Its the maternal side that aches and longs for a child of one's own. I think the best thing is to pray about this. Ask God to fill you in other ways.
---Craig on 10/20/05

1. I'm adopted
2. My adopted parents never had children of their own.
Comments: I was the only one adopted, but they had a hand in raising 56 other welfare children. A number of us, (including me) were not suppose to see our 1st birthday. Once the welfare dept. found me, they took me to a public hospital. (I was 9 mos. old) Had my adopted parents had children of their own, it's doubtful I be alive today. Maybe God has not given you children for a reason.
---WIVV on 10/19/05

I will confess something to you when my daughter was born my husband left me and I was in the hospital with complications for weeks.I did not feel all lovey with my daughter when she was born.It took me a whole month before I started to bond with my daughter.A month of doing for someone who was dependant on me for everything.You are doing the same even if you did not give birth to him.That bonding takes time and commitment.
---sherry on 10/19/05

Satan attacks us in many ways, I started praising him all throughout the day, this will drive out that evil spirit that makes you feel empty. DONT FEED THE EVIL SPIRITS AND THEY WILL DIE.when you get to thinking about that again say, I PRAISE YOU LORD., satan backs off from praise and when you do this enough he flees ( oh yes, he will return with another trick.but you have the remedy ) when you dwell, that feeds those evil spirits that torment you. as soon as it comes , sidetrack it .
---Jan4876 on 10/19/05

GOD do the best for each of us. Thanks GOD to be alive, to have a son, a husband, and things Him brings to your life. To avoid bad feelings, just remember that GOD love you, love around you, remember how important are you to GOD. Who gave HIS loved SON to free us of sin and eternal death. Always be happy on HIM. Remember it is more easy, not to have a child that to have one and be forced to give him away, sometime for GOD did.
GOD bless you for life..
---Julio on 10/19/05

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