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Use The Internet To Find A Mate

I am a Born again Single Mother of 1 child i got before salvation am 33 yrs trusting God for Apartner but is it right for me to search for him in the net.

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 ---apolotg on 10/20/05
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Sites such as THIS is a great way to meet friends AND your future mate. Once you find someone you enjoy emailing, here's a suggestion...Snail Mail. Get a post office box for security reasons. You can find out so much about him by writing old-fashioned letters, exchanging pictures (they speak a 1000 words,& look in the background of them too!), and sing "Mr. Postman"! It slows down dating so that it's not going "too fast". He's out there & God will lead him to you in His time :).
---Caroa6864 on 11/16/05

Dear single mother of one,
Use the 'net to cyber date a few months,don't rush into anything take your time,watch for clues to their Real personality,God bless you in your search.
---russe9356 on 11/15/05

People lie in person just as they do online, If you talk to someone online long enough, the truth will come out if you are open to it, if they are lying to you, just as it will in person. The internet has a lot of resources to learn a lot about a person you couldn't normally find out.
---PAT on 10/20/05

I've heard horror stories about internet meetings but with any meeting you're taking a chance. More internet meetings DONT work than DO. Meet asap (don't waste time getting emotional involved). You don't know if whom your speaking with is who they claim to be. It's a great place for people to make up fantasy lives about who they are. I say meet people the old fashion way, not the internet. When you least expect it, someone will appear. A watched pot never boils.
---drea on 10/20/05

I sure wouldn't. You never know who your talking to, it could be the next Charles Mansion. It is too dangerous. If you feel safe in giving your personal information over the internet where anyone can get ahold of it, then more power to you.
---Rebecca_D on 10/20/05

I would not recomend it. You never know who or what you may find online. Many people are not who they say they are. If God has someone for you, you shall find a good Christian man in due time. I have heard stories about people meeting online, getting married, and things going horribly wrong. Just trust God, and he'll take it from there.
---Sly on 10/20/05

I prayed for God to pick a husband for me. I met a man right here on this site, and after 1 year, we married this past April...6 months ago. Use the good sense God gave you, meet in public places, do a background check on a man if you believe it's getting serious, meet his family and friends, and ...go to his church with him. Most importantly....give it all to God!
---Tammy on 10/20/05

i am child of God, i have not marry am still but i want to meet my partner in the internet, i know that God will help me to locate my partner, i repented in the years 2001 when i finished my educaGod arrested me on the road, i am asking God to provide a Job for me because am looking for job, and another thing is that my life partner also invloved.
---obioma on 10/20/05

My husband & I met on a Christian site and have been married over 4 years. It can work but the main thing is to pray and let God do the leading. There are definately some weirdos on Christian sites so you do have to be very careful. I tribute the success of my marriage to the fact that we were both deep in prayer for years and didn't marry until we knew it was God's plan for us. Just pray and open your heart to listen...
---Marilee on 10/20/05

I met my wife on the internet. We are both born again Christians. We prayed for a long time for God to show us the person he had for us to marry. Yes, we all need to exercise much caution, but the same holds true on blind dates or meeting someone at church or any other public place. The thing about the net is that you don't have to give your full name, address, or phone # until you're ready. You're in the safety of your own home.
---craig on 10/20/05

God can bring mate from anywhere. He can even use net. There are many good stories and bad but, my advice is to take Beth's advice. Met women from christianet other week who had talked with on here for 11 month.
She lied about age, about number of children, and she was married (not divorced as had said), and Many other things of importance. I have also met many wonderful people so can go either way.
---Craig on 10/20/05

I have been on net for awhile. Have met many people from net in person. When getting to know them on net they are wonderful and very kind and SEEM honest. Meet in person and they are shallow and dishonest. Net place to be whoever they WANT to be. Many dishonest people here. Have many friends who married whom they met here as well. Take ALL beth's advice cause have to be safe and secure especially with child.
---Shaz on 10/20/05

The internet is no worse than meeting a guy in church. My first ex I met in church, 7 months after we married, he tried to kill me for the first time after an affair with my best friend, my second ex was an evangelist I met in church, he had an affair 2 weeks after our wedding, the third was an evangelist I met in church, extremely abusive and liar and adulterer. No matter where you meet or how, takes much caution. God will have to knock me in the head with a 2x4 before I will marry again, LOL.
---PAT on 10/20/05

Where I live is one "Christian" singles group of 6 people, none dating/marraige material. Go to church where I am only single mother. Most in church seniors. Have been on net for 7 yrs and have met many people in person.
BE CAREFUL! Yes is way to meet people BUT, is also way for people to lie about who and what they are. If God wants to use internet to show you mate, he will but do your part to be safe. know many g/f who met awsome husbands here but also some who met nightmares here.
---Marla on 10/20/05

I agree with a certain people, but my friend heather was soliciated and almost kidnapped, and her dads a cop! butmy other friend tasha is now engaged, ya just gotta be weary ,and pray! who knows! maybe ur best friend (thats a guy) could be ur soul mate!
---angie on 10/20/05

I do not see anything wrong with finding a mate on the net, i for one have found many friends on the christianet whom i could not have met at church or within my shpere of life. I spend 90% of my active time at work and the internet has become a great source of inetraction for me. You only need God's guidance that you will not be led astray for there are also wolves in sheep's clothes. All the best.
---runya9977 on 10/20/05

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My dad, in the pre internet days, put a personals ad in a magazine. A lady in the Phillipines answered, they began corresponding. Internet would have been so great. Anyhow, he saved up and went to PI and married her the next day. She was the best thing that ever happened to him (next to his youngest daughter anyhow). She was by his side till the day he died. She taught me to love and cherish my husband (in case I ever have one).
God can use whatever means he chooses.
---PAT on 10/20/05

I've heard of many success stories concerning couples that met via the internet, but I've heard just as many horror stories. There's nothing wrong with searching that way, you just need to be careful.
---Heather on 10/20/05

what about your church? Does your town have a singles group. Even tho I have found a couple of good friends on ChristiaNet, I would be afraid of a partnership from the internet.
---shira_5965 on 10/20/05

I don't see anything wrong with finding a mate on the internet. I met my husband over the internet 8 years ago. I do have suggestions for you tho. DO NOT give him your phone number, DO NOT give him your home address, MEET IN PUBLIC and take a friend with you, take your own vehicle and DO NOT LET HIM TAKE YOU HOME until you get to know him very well. Also before meeting him request a picture. When you e-mail each other also you may want to keep all your e-mails. Hope this helps somewhat.
---beth on 10/20/05

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Speaking from past must be warned that many men are using the net to get women tangled up in fake relationships. Even on this site and many other Christian friends sites..Christian women are targets for such men..Please be careful. The net can be good but I have seen more harm done than good.I do believe that God will and can use any method though to bring the right man for you in answer to prayer. You have to go by whatever method He leads you to go by. Pray to Him about it. God Bless You
---Karla7347 on 10/20/05

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