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Can A Cheater Change

Can a cheater change? He told me he realized it was a mistake that he would never make again. I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance, so should I give him one?

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 ---Elizabeth on 10/20/05
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Yes, he can. I think it is OK, though, be be careful, because each person has his/her own weak points, that may be his, so try either (a) keep him away from things that will tempt him or (b) harder - work so that if it does happen again, it will hurt you less. As I said, we all have weak points, and God may first leave us to struggle with them before He helps us, so we know we cannot do it
---peter3594 on 3/12/10

Sure How much Mercy do you want from God?
---TIMOTHY on 2/15/10

I think it depends a lot on a person's internal makeup. Is he an honest person a heart, who just happened to get pushed beyond the limits of temptation? Or is he a philanderer at heart who is adept at the arts of discretion and self-control (whenever those are convenient)?

In the first case, keeping him away from extreme temptation should be fine. In the second case, nothing short of a short leash will do.

It's like the difference between a loyal dog, and a cat who will always do whatever he wants and can get away with.
---StrongAxe on 1/29/10

Hi There - my husband has cheated four times and I have just left him. It's been terrible. I definitely think a cheater can change - however be weary of letting him do it over and over again. Because it has really killed me inside and it may take awhile now for me to heal and move on.
---Trista on 1/29/10

you are correct everyone deserves a second chance a cheater can change of he truly repents and seek God's guidance and will i would say this much though i would ask him to be tested of stds because of the high number std victims just as a precautionary measure for your safety i wouldnt give him another chance if he cheats again save yourself the heartache
---andre9789 on 9/21/07

Johnny, read on.
---R.A. on 10/26/06

My Ex is same way. problem is he does every thing I ask BUT go back to God. There fore I know it won't work. I give him lots of chances, but goes back to old ways. not truely repentent.
---Laure5469 on 11/16/05

No, a cheater cannot change but God can take a cheater and make him a new creature in Christ.
---Deborah on 10/23/05

Maybe your right. I was basically just asking for second opinions...
---Elizabeth on 10/23/05

You answered your own qustyion witha question, STRANGE. You state that you FIRMLY believe in giving a person a 2nd chance! Then you ask:"Should I? What is the right answer: YES or NO ? NB. I know you were asleep when you asked the question. Just kidding!
---Pierre on 10/22/05

God,can change anyone and every situtions.But
you have to belive in Jesus.Do you know that
the Church is made up on? Mainly X'S.X-drug
addit,Alcholics,lier's,and the list goes on.
The were transformed,by God.
---Florence on 10/21/05

I say if you love him, then give him another chance. Yes they can change.
---a_friend on 10/21/05

If he has truly repented, and is seeking the Lord, yes. I am speaking from experience. My husband repented and though it is taking time, our marriage is getting stronger because we are both seeking & trusting the Lord. I will pray for the both of you! God Bless!
---Melissa on 10/21/05

No, a cheater cannot change. But God can change them. Its God who does the tranformation from the inside out. We must allow God to have control over every area of our lives. If we really want to change, God will do it. The key is: do we want Him to?
---clark on 10/21/05

If you have to ask this question.....then you have doubts about his repentance...if even there was any sign of repentance. SO I would say that if you stay with'll regret it...and you'll remember I told you so.
---jade on 10/20/05

If he has found God and is truely serving him between then and now then yes you could trust him. But if he hasn't changed and didn't recieve God then I wouldn't think twice. Remember the saying you burn me once that's your fault, you burn me twice that's my fault.
---Rebecca_D on 10/20/05

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Of course cheaters CAN change. The majority of cheaters just don't want to change. Bottom line is people will do whatever they ultimately want to do, Christian or non-christian. Only you can decide whether or not to gamble again. As with any gamble, you may get lucky or the house may clean you out.
---ralph7477 on 10/20/05

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