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Pray For Hurricane Toward Florida

Please pray for the ones that this hurricane is becoming a threat to pray for the safety and well being of all that will be affected by it i live in central florida Dear God just let it fizzle out with no major damage if possible but your will be done not mine have your way with this storm

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 ---andre9789 on 10/20/05
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I have been praying for Florida and NVBarbara's son already and my greatnephew who lives on Florida's West Coast.I agree in prayer with Barbara and hold hope the storm will loose it's power .
---Darlene_1 on 11/29/07

I had noticed the same on another blog, Barbara.
Am item I posted two years ago had been redated to this year.
I think the Site is recycling old blog subjects.
---alan_of_UK on 3/17/07

What's your point H&H, whoever you really are? I have not mentioned that on this blog. I did see this blog from when the hurricanes were slamming Fla. Quite frankly I can't understand HOW my old blog here got the date changed to just this week! There are no storms now. Mods?
---NVBarbara on 3/16/07

NVBarbara, we know you're trying to make a point. If you don't like the older blogs, go to the new ones and blog away.
---HalfnHalf on 3/16/07

AMEN Andre! My son lives in Ft.Myers and I have been in prayer for 2 days already.

Praise you Papa Father, protect our loved ones, I ask Lord that you allow this monster storm to fizzle out in the Gulf and not make landfall and do more damage. We thank you for hearing our prayers and we praise your precious name. We ask this in our Savior's name, your son our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen
---NVBarbara on 3/14/07

Indeed Elsie, I'm happy to hear that you are safe and sound!
My son in Cape Coral/Ft. Myers is fine as well.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers, what a blessing you all are!
I lived in Fla. for 18 years so I know how scary hurricanes and the tornados spawned off of them can be. I once had to retrieve one whole side of my Cypress privacy fence from a neighbor's yard several houses away.
Keep all the ones affected in your prayers pls, many still have no power. God bless.
---NVBarbara on 10/26/05

Praise God, my home and town was spared and barely affected by Hurricane Wilma. THANK YOU LORD GOD and THANK YOU DEAR ONES WHO PRAYED FOR US. In fact God gave me peace and I slept through most of it. The cool northerly air has cleaned the hurricane away and now there is beautiful humidity free air which is the first we have had since June. Our God is faithful to answer our prayers. Bless you! Please pray for those who have lost lives and property further south in the U.S. and Mexico.
---Elsie on 10/25/05

Natasha, I think it is endearing to our Father when we are close enough to Him to call Him a name that shows that love and closeness.
I also called one of my G'father's Papa. When my children came along, they called my Daddy 'Papa', so to avoid confusion I called him that too, even after the kids were grown.
I miss him so!
---NVBarbara on 10/23/05

God bless you Elsie, you are in my prayers, along with all the others.
My son in particular who lives in Ft.Myers. I spoke with him today. He's staying in his home, but has outside metal shutters that cover all windows and bolt down. He's got them all buttoned up and has candles etc if the power should go out.
---NVBarbara on 10/23/05

Papa is used in the UK as well!
I used to call one of my grandfathers "Papa"
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/23/05

NVBarbara, i didnt take it up badly at all.. i thought it was extremely cool to see an afrikaans word here.. Papa means dad here.. kids calls there fathers, papa, and their moms mama :)
---natasha on 10/23/05

Thank you for all your prayers re the hurricane. As I type this to you, Wilma is coming swiftly upon us here on the SW coast of Florida where I live. We have a few hours to go to shelters etc. Unfortunately I have difficulty ambulating so do not know at this point what I am going to do except pray. May we be spared to live another day and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. We serve an almighty, merciful and wise God! Bless you all!
---Elsie on 10/23/05

My best friend lives in Central Florida, and I know that the Lord protected her last year through every hurricane. Her home never got damaged.

I pray for all the people in this hurricane's path.
---Madison on 10/22/05

Still praying, God bless our Mexican neighbors, they have taken a beating.
I'm wearing my Cancun shirt today, so everytime I notice it I say another prayer.
---NVBarbara on 10/22/05

My cousins live in central Florida. God Bless all of you there and I am praying for your safety & protection!
---Melissa on 10/21/05

I'm American Natasha. But I called my earthy father Papa or daddy and I feel close to my heavenly father and often call Him Papa or Daddy, no disrespect, but He hears me and answers when I call. I mean it lovingly.
---NVBarbara on 10/21/05

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NVBarbara,you're welcome,but it's what we should do for our family,and that includes their loved ones.It seems this is a record breaking year for storms,I hope it begins to change for the future.Such a huge number hurt and killed in so many catastrophes.I pray it does get down to a 1 before it hits Florida.May God help all.
---Darlene_1 on 10/21/05

NVbarbara, "Papa". that is an afrikaans word which is the language in south africa. (similiar to dutch) Are you american?
---natasha on 10/21/05

Thank you Darlene, you're a dear! This storm has already done much damage, its a monster. I did see on the weather channel that if/when it makes landfall in FL it will most likely have calmed to a CAT 1 hurricane. But of course they can only make educated guesses,I'm still keeping my prayers going to the Father!
---NVBarbara on 10/20/05

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