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How To Stop Being Lonely

I am so lonely! Most of this is my fault and I don't know how to stop it. I close myself off from people. Others generally like me, but I don't let them get to know me very well. We stopped going to church and I miss the fellowship so much. I have serious commitment issues.

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 ---Rebekah on 10/21/05
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I am so lonely also. Sometimes my body aches from loneness. It is horrible. I am a career woman who has the exciting challenaging job. I come home to an empty house and that is it! I do not know how to move forward. I pray and I feel Jesus does not hear me!
---Virginia on 5/30/08

When you learn to love Christ, you will automaticlly love other people and yourself, for that matter. Sin has caused you to be in this lonely place. Give your life to the Lord and follow His commands and you should be much happier.We were created to serve and worship God. When we stray from this, all type evils, move in on us and we suffer, needlessly. You have built a self made prison around yourself. Not easy to deal with alone. You need Jesus.
---Robyn on 11/25/07

I don't know too much about the bible because I'm a buhddist but all I gotta say is people scare me too
---Cagalli_Meisalsa on 11/24/07

Hmmm...rules....odd for a response to someone who feels so lonely. Ditto. Committment issues aren't even the beginning of the problem. Committment to whom or what? Lonely is going to chase someone else out very SOON.
---Jane on 11/18/07

I'm in the same boat as you.You have written my life story.In 7 days I have had a total of maybe four hours of conversation.
I don't want to be that way.My wife decided to leave after 15 years of marriage but I'm very happy except for the loneliness. I wish we could chat in more details.Keep in touch Rebecca
---lee_a._leblanc on 8/10/07

Hang in there Rebecca. I agree with what everyone is saying. Try everything that is being suggested. Your circumstances will get better. I am a living witiness.

Will you share the scripture reference you refered to about if a person emerses themselves in the Word, they will reap friends? It's a wonderful promise.

---joy9988 on 8/9/07

You need to get out of yourself and into others. The cure for lonliness is to stop focusing on YOU and YOUR feelings. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find a needy person or project and get out there and do something for someone. You will no longer feel lonly. The style of life you now lead is actually a type of sin in that you are not following Christ. Do not just sit and rot.WE love God because He first loved us. U want to be loved by people then go and love them first.
---jody on 8/9/07

Rebekah:Yes you do have some very serious issues you are dealing with.You really have answered some of your own question. Start reaching out to people. Invite someone out to a movie or over to your house for lunch etc...Be genuinely interested in them. You need to go back to church also. Get in fellowship with like minded people. Reaching out to others will solve a lot of your loneliness. It will take a while before these issues can be resolved. Seem as though you have been hurt in the past also.
---Robyn on 8/9/07

Loneliness is something that many of us can relate to. Imagine now having parents you can talk to, not having any close friends to share things with, and not having any (for me) g/f. "Lover and friend hast thou put far from me, and mine acquaintance into darkness." Psalm 88:18. The only recommendation would be to find a friend that can become your best friend. There is also a promise that if you stay in His Word that He will bring others around you. Hope this helps Lady Rebeckah.
---David7647 on 8/9/07

You seem pretty much to know your problem well. Do you also know WHY you have this problem?
Find help to answer the WHY question and have someone you trust dismantle the obstacles. Let God be the first to help you. Go back to church and ask for special prayer of intersession. That's one reason church attendance is so important.
---Pierre on 3/9/07

while you are alot of bible reading...chapters at a time, I was reading about 20 some chapters of the bible a day and it really got me on a higher level with the Lord, take this time to study his word for now. is the people that talked about you sinless?
---Jan4876 on 11/19/05

Rebekah::You cannot stop tongues from wagging any more than a dog who wags his tail.they are both well oiled!You could not have strayed too far from God if you go to church with your kids & you are a quiet one. One way to cure a wagging tounge is to LAUGH at them, yes they get madder than a wet hen & start to moult.Turn your catch 22 into a positive 2doz-a sure thing & pray do not be disheartened.There are friends on the net.
---Emcee on 10/22/05

Did you confront the person who said those things? I would tell them, in love, how what they said hurt me. I would also not let anyone's behavior make me change my church attendance. That is not taking responsibility for my relationship with the Lord, and worship.
---Madison on 10/21/05

Hi! I was going to church with my hubby and kids. Some hurtful things were being said about me (very long story) while I was standing right there. I have strayed far from God, though I have known him all my life. I know I have "hermit" tendencies, but even though I enjoy alone time, I am still lonely. Catch 22 :o)
---Rebekah on 10/21/05

Rebekah::You have just crossed the first barrier of lonliness.Jesus said whenever 2 or more are gathered together in my name I am there amongst you.You are in the right place. this ChristiaNet will give you the confidence you are lacking,you can still wear your duds,bare feet & communicate. You will soon find that you have found a friend& you dont have to expose feelings & put on your ceremonial dress.So relax & enjoy,maybe this will be a start to go back To church & broaden your circle of Friends.
---Emcee on 10/21/05

Hi! I understand. I am more socialable, than I use to be. Who are you talking about, when you say, we stopped going to church? Could you go by yourself. I go alone to church. Have you been praying about it?
---Ulrika on 10/21/05

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Get back to church. Get involved in a Bible study, or small group. Make the commitment to go every week. You don't have to open up right away, but over time, you will feel safe enough to open up to a few people. Pray and fellowship.
---Madison on 10/21/05

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