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Sin Against The Holy Spirit

What is the sin against Holy Spirit? Why will these sins not be pardoned?

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 ---Valsan on 10/21/05
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A word for those who worry they've committed this sin - if you are worried about it - that means you have not committed this sin. When you blaspheme against the holy Spirit he leveas your side and you are not capable of feeling repentant about sin or of feeling a need for God. You cannot feel conviction if the Holy Spirit has departed from your side. Only HE convicts of sin. Jesus said that. If you feel guilty or repentful of something stupid you said or did - don't fret - God is still waiting for you.
---alexandra on 8/7/07

It is having a spirit of desecration, which mockingly ascribes the works of the Holy Spirit to Satan. It is calling the good evil, the truth a lie, and the Holy unholy. When God's Spirit genuinely works through a person (as He did through Jesus' miracles), and then another person (like the Jewish Ministers and Teachers) disses it or disgraces it, that is blasphemy. Knowing the supernatural deeds are from God, then saying in front of others that the good miracles are unholy or from Satan is unforgiveable.
---Eloy on 8/7/07

Valsan and all others who are interested:

The Reason These Sins Will Not Be Pardoned:
Jesus came to earth and became a man to stand in the gap for us becoming an intercession for us so that grace destroys our sins. Today Jesus even sometimes appears as man to people, which angels who are intercessory (ministering spirits) do also, but God or the Holu Spirit don't.
God the father, has authority over Jesus, and He sent Him to die for our sins, to reconcile us to Him.
---OK on 8/7/07

2) So He made a compromise for us so that His judgement was waived for us. He intervened on behalf of our sins by appointing an intercessor.
The Holy Spirit, who is subject to both the Father and Jesus, came as an intercessor on God's behalf. He interceded for God, bringing His rigtheousness, will, cousel & direction into our lives, fulfilling our already given grace.
Because the Holy Spirit is not a messenger of grace's compromise like is Jesus and the Father sinning against Him is not atoned.
---OK on 8/7/07

To sin against the Holy Spirit is to reject His conviction that God raised Jesus from the dead and come to saving faith. In other words, to remain in unbelief. To remain in unbelief is to reject the Christ whom the Holy Spirit testifies of. That sin cannot be pardoned because one receives pardon by receiving Jesus who pardoned him.
---Deborah on 8/7/07

The sins against the Holy Spirit are: Resisting the H.S., Insulting (doing in spite of) the H.S., Blaspheming the H.S., Grieving the H.S., Lying to the H.S., & Quenching (not wanting to recieve) the H.S.
---Leslie on 1/4/07

I totally agree with Deborah-the first answer given.---mima 11/4/2005
---mima on 11/4/05

I agree with Bruce 5656 & Co_ach. Recorded scripture (the Bible),as you've referenced, shows people who knew better; but, attributed the works of God (The Holy Spirit) to the devil (unholy spirit). It's blasphemy to speak impiously against (to rail, to villify, to revile) God, the Holy Spirit. That's the unpardonable sin.
---Leon on 10/22/05

I believe Bruce has the right answer...Blaspheme as spoke of in Mark 3 is in no way referring to rejection of The Holy the whole chapter and you will see for yourself....don`t take anyones word for what THE WORD to show THYSELF approved!!
---co_ach on 10/21/05

It is reaching a state of deliberate, willfull rebellion against God; asking Him in essence to get lost and snuffing out any desire to do what is right!
Such a person cannot be forgiven because he/she does not see his/her need to repent, therefore no forgiveness.
I sense also that a person who deliberatly goes that way may not know exactly when he/she reaches that 'point of no return'!
Comments on last thought, welcome!
---Pierre on 10/21/05

You will recieve many answers that are based on the wisdom of man but scripture is very specific:
Matt 12:31,32 Luke 12:10 Mark 3:28-30: Jesus meant what He said. There is an "unpardonable sin" and it is giving credit to Satan for the work of the Holy Spirit. In this case the Pharisees, who KNEW that Jesus was who He claimed to be, did not want to surrender their place of authority and have people submit to Jesus instead.
---Bruce5656 on 10/21/05

So, they deliberately and knowingly attributed the work of the Holy Spirit to Satan in an attempt to discredit Jesus. This was not a casual or accidental "sin" but a deliberate rejection of the Messiah.
---Bruce5656 on 10/21/05

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