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Praying For A Soul Mate

I have been praying to God for so long to send me a soulmate, I am 30 and still single, of course by accepting someone more than 30 years older than me is weird, and is it impossible for us to find a soulmate if we are very specific in our needs. Am I too choosy in looking for a soulmate?

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 ---Cherry on 10/21/05
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---CEDRIC on 3/22/15

---CEDRIC_CABILAO on 2/4/15

Cherry, you are not being too choosy. Just forget it all and tell yourself you don't want a relationship...then all of a sudden, there he is. God bless you and the desire of your life.
---shira4368 on 11/13/11

I've waited, and waited to the point that I'm tired. I'm tired of believing when there are no prospects. The men out here are liars, don't believe in God, etc. How can I continue to have faith in an area when my faith is depleted. I know that God can do all things but I have doubts whether he will send my mate.
---Tired on 11/13/11

Philippians 4:6 "do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving LET YOUR REQUEST BE MADE KNOWN TO GOD." I encourage you to pray without expectations and believe our Heavenly Father knows what you need, and don't quit, let Hannah be an example for you.
---willa5568 on 4/20/11

I'm so glad you took it the right way. I forgot to say that I was only ribbing you.

---James_L on 4/18/11

Hehehehe! Love your sarcasm James L! :D
---Mary on 4/18/11

Surrendering to God also means you let God lead you in all things because everything is HIS own. Being very specific can also mean you do not trust God to pick the right spouse for you and you are trying to lead God. "Laissez-faire" >> let God act for you, i suggest you don't hinder HIM with specifics.
---Adetunji on 4/18/11

Oh, Mary (sigh).
you don't have to trim toenails with your teeth.

You could start small by peeling him a few grapes.
---James_L on 4/18/11

Neya, I assume you're male? If you are, should I trim your toenails with my teeth?! Man!
---Mary on 4/17/11

i dont beleive woman are created to pray for a mate,its not in the bible. women where created to please the man.
---neya on 4/15/11

The term soulmate is not in the Bible.
You have to be careful what you paray for.
Men in the word of God received a wife as the Spirit of God united them.

The word also says that he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.

That is why having the Spirit and not man's devices bring a spouse is so important.
It would be terrible and damnable to be one spirit with a devil.

What communion hath light with darkness, so to speak.
---Frank on 10/24/10

No you are not being too choosy. Continue to pray, wait and don't settle for less, don't fall into temptation your soulmate is out there just keep trusting God. Keep praising Him despite the way it looks or feels. He is faithful and just....He will give you the desires of your heart.
---susie on 10/20/10

I am single and I dont believe in soulmates, but I am happy for those who find someone. some people are meant to be single, just remember that. singleness is a gift for GOD for some.
---joshua on 10/14/10

Yes, I'm praying for another.
It's hard to find equal like I am. It's hard to find a Lady that hasn't wasted her sexual on other men ( fornication ) they've not been married to. I've Not wasted my sexual on other Ladies. My sexual was Only my spouse I was married to about 27 yr's. Then she was unfaithful to me.
---Lawrence on 8/11/10

I am relieved to see this blog out there. I have been praying for a marriage partner, offering and committing for purity till marriage, and then I met someone at church under odd circumstances, and I believed with all my heart he was my soulmate. And turns out he denies ever feeling that way and the relationship did not end well. I have been daily, weekly, regularly praying for the right man, also for this man to grow in the faith, and for God's person in God's way with the right perspective. I am feeling time is getting away with me, and I feel fooled that I am committed to God's way for the relationship and here is how it ended. Other women are not as discreet and their relationships remain intact.
---elaine on 8/10/10

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I found my soulmate 9 years ago just before 9/11. The steps I followed are listed on YT under 'agathanas.' Finding one's soulmate is similar in many ways to any other breakthrough, requiring prayer in faith, waiting on God, and praising God for the manifestation in advance. But it is also a little different too: it's a lifelong event, it involves another human's free will, the outcome will affect all future generations, because it is so important God has a definite person picked out for us, because the marriage relationship is similar to Jesus' relationship with the Church, sexual cleanliness and obedience are absolutely necessary first before God can act on our behalf.
---Amanda on 7/7/10

I am not sure what you mean by soulmate. If you are a Christian man, God will send you a Christian woman after His own heart. If you are a Christian woman, God will send you a Christian man after His own heart. God willing, you will have Christian children.
---catherine on 3/11/10

I was in love with a man, he had even planned our wedding,, we are both madly in love with God, but we broke up, and I was crying out so bad for him or someone to fill his place, but God showed me am I crying out for him that much,, and that if I am single the rest of my life God alone is more than I will ever need,, even though I do want a mate though lol
---Bay on 3/11/10

When you pray for a mate that is only the first and of course the best way to approach your problem. However I suggest that you join Christin Singles groups at Church. Keep praying and begin listening to your your HEAVENLY FATHER to respond..PRAY AND LISTEN
Dr. George
---Dr_George on 1/8/10

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I know that there is the right and perfect life partner for me. I am 39 and have been searching wiht an open heart for this since I was a young adult. God did not create a human being to be alone, but rather to be paired in a partnership that is deeply and mutually fulfilling and edifying.God has promised love and blessings in abundance. It is now my responsibility to do my part and trust in His Promise, and rest in teh knowledge of the Immutable Truth of His Word. That's it! : ) Thank you for praying and rejoicing with me in advance.
---Faithful_in_NYC on 1/7/10

God has led me to this blog tonight. Don't reduce your standards. God listens and answers our prayers... in god's time. We as mankind often get in a hurry. I have learned that God will answer the prayers of his believers, not always as we would have had him do so, but in a way that we can later reflect on and realize that he was looking out for us. We must be patient. It's not easy. Another thing that I have learned is that sometimes , insteady of steadily praying, we must listen. Find a quiet place and sit and ask god to speak to your heart, lend you the knowledge you will need, and just listen. Thank god for your trials as well as your blessings. I have prayed for your request tonight also. Praise God. Amen
---Eric on 12/18/09

BRITTNEY! I found you though faith!

You Have A Mate: He may have Already Answered your prayer. Look for the following -

My mate and I have matching names. Five letters in each first name, 3 are identical. three and five are holy numbers

He joined us in Christian Chat right after I prayed. I Love Her! We were both born in '77

Sin seperated us, but now she has a matching last name, Conner and Connors. Please pray for us too! -God's Faithfull Brian And Shira Conners

Love, Your Brother in Christ -Brian Connors

P.S. your mate may be John, I believed in Sabbath Strongly!
---brian on 12/15/09

I was searching the internet looking for answers today and ran across this blog. I have prayed off and on for years, praying that God will send that special someone. Every time I open my heart up to someone I feel that it is used simply as a door mat. The problem...I think I have been so focused on finding my soul mate that I have neglected to listen to God and what his desires for me are.
---brittany on 12/13/09

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NO NO NO!!! You cannot be too choosy! In fact you misu be picky!! Tell God exactly what you want in a mate-if you are too vague it wont work. You CAN have the man of your dreams! Read Yonggi Cho's book caled 'the fourth dimension' and Frederick C K Prices's book called 'answered prayer-guaranteed.' You need to list all the qualities you would like in your mate-your list cannot be too long and it can have silly little details on it too-if they are imporatnt to you then write them down! Then you must feel wonderful and thankful that God is going to send this person to you. There is more detail in the books but I just had to share that with you! If you feel miserable about not having someone then they wont show up.
---Bekah on 9/13/09

I believe that we are allowed to be specific to God, but be open to His will. Ask God for direction and wisdom is your mate selection. Do not go ahead of Him even though you feel like you're getting older. Our time is not God's time and just as He kept His promise to Abraham about a son, He will do the same for you because all you have to do is ask and wait patiently on the Lord. He will give you desires of your heart. God bless!
---Keesha on 10/24/08

Bible: Delight youself in The Lord and HE WILL give you THE DESIRES of your heart, When we give gifts from our hearts to those we LOVE..we give them what we know they want....and also knowing that it will not HARM them. Be specific! God's LOVE is greater than ours. EX: I want my mate to be tall, dark and average to handsome....A BORN AGAIN, spirit filled and engulfed in Biblical knowledge.
---Bobbie on 9/4/07

Check inside and see if maybe you're a bit afraid of love--emotional blocks can delay a soulmates arrival. Make a list instead of three of your greatest fears about falling in love with the wrong person. And let the fears go or ask God to erase them from your subconscious memory. There is a great book out called Divine Complement--all about soulmates. It spells out the psychological road blocks that can keep soulmates apart.
---Ariadne on 10/8/06

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I made a list of what I wanted in a soulmate. Then I added..God, this is what I think I want but you know what I need in a man. Thank you for bringing me the man you have for me when we are both ready...Do not settle for less. You will know when it is the right one. It's worth the wait.
---Terry on 8/10/06

I came on ths site to see if anyone has any answeres to this age old question. I am 39 and i have been married before and God has spoken to me and told me he already had a mate for me but I think the hard part is the waiting. I find myself haveing feelings for a person that is in my life but am not sur eif he is the one or not. I guess how do you know?
---Stephanie on 4/17/06

Hi the one good piece of advice i can give you is stop looking because a woman is not suppose to look for a man. proverbs 18;22 who soever findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtain favour of the lord. You are the favour and he needs to find you. Don't become like potiphar wife, chasing after a man.I have been single for almost 6yrs. Its not easy but I want god to pick him. what i pick is a hot mess. find something to do to take your mind off it. like Ruth work and he will come.
---towan9767 on 11/22/05

I am single too, and never married. For several years I advertised in the matrimonial columns of newspapers, magazines, etc., until I realized that I needed to totally surrender this area of my life to Jesus. I asked Jesus, in faith, to send me my lifepartner. I believe God has already created him for me, and even if he is presently somewhere at the North Pole, God will guide/send him to me, IN HIS TIME ALONE. So, ask our Lord, have faith and hope, Cherry. He will answer your prayer made in faith.
---Christabel on 10/27/05

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I am living proof that God has a soul mate for us all.

No, you are not wrong in being choosy. Start praying specifically for him. I started praying for my soulmate at 15 years old and on a beautiful Sunday evening there he was in a teal jacket, matching tie, and khaki pants leading my favorite hymn Marching to Zion. 1 year later he proposed in front of the whole church! On August 28, 1999 we said I do he was 30 years old!

Have hope sister!

---Alicia on 10/22/05

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Definitely, I will do that and I am one of the members and I hope that I will find my soulmate here. God Bless!!!
---Cherry on 10/21/05

Cherry ... I agree with Pierre on this one.
God gives us brains, emotions, and these will help us find a partner. God will not just send your future soul-mate knocking on your front door! If you expect this, maybe you are both sitting at your separate homes, waiting for that knock, and you never meet each other! Why not sign on the PenPal section here, and check out the men on this site?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/21/05

Cherry, I'm not so sure there is such a thing as being too choosy in this area. I've heard a few testimonies about this particular subject and the women giving them encouraged being specific. They said they were and God sent men into their lives (their now husbands) who were specifically what they'd prayed for. And if it makes you rest any easier, I'm 31 and still single (I've managed to recognize some specific reasons for this).
---Heather on 10/21/05

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Why be so choosy. God is known to be an almighty God he knows who and what is right for both our spiritual and emotional lives. Why not have the confidence and trust in the Lord and believe that he will not dissapoint you when he will give you that special someone. What if God has a different plan for your life and wants to use you for his will and needs you to be still so that he can manifest his glory on you. Be reflective and Godly trustworthy. He will not dissapoint you. God bless you.
---Erica on 10/21/05

I believe that what you ask GOD is what he's going to give to you,but you have be patient and trust in him for he cannever disappoint you.But dont be too choosy.
---francisco on 10/21/05

There is nothing wrong with being choosy. Why would you ever settle for someone? The Lord knows the desires of your heart. Just keep living for the Lord and He will direct you to the right person, place and time. When you get to the point that it's no longer the main priority in your life, that's usually when you end up meeting someone!
---Cathy_Y on 10/21/05

God didn't send me my soulmate/spouse until I was 44. Patience is hard, but God's timing is perfect. Never a second too late or too early.
---clark on 10/21/05

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I honestly don't believe that God picks and sends life partners. I believe that He will give you all the help you need to find that person but you have to look and eventually make the choice yourself.
Start by looking right here in the Profiles!
Best wishes, Pierre
---Pierre on 10/21/05

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