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What Do Men Want

What do men want? I am 26 and perfect yet I can't find a man. Am I to be more bold?

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 ---annmarie on 10/21/05
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Wow!! This bloog,gave me a laugh! No one is or ever will any human be Perfect!! Satan can trick people or it what called "Self deception that will believes their own lie!" That's why men can Or Get turned off if a woman or if a man puts himself way above God!! same thing can happen...just keep it simple, be in prayer ask God to help you,He knows way more about you, or I should say. "us" in general. He a God that can not lie! Thanks Cnt.
Never seen this one!!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 11/5/14

Dear if you believe that you are 'perfect', you will never find what you seek. Some humility would help!
By what standards are you perfect?
---NVBarbara on 2/11/08

1stly, no one is perfect. 2nd) Perhaps you need to wait on God's timing to find the RIGHT one God has chosen for you.
26 is young yet. My grandmother is single and looking at 85 and she is leaving it ALL up to God.
---Craig on 5/10/07

yes i would like to know what men won't to
The one's i come in contact with won' to talk about is sex or they are 60 but feel like 30 i told one man im 68 and i feel every
bit of it
---Betty on 8/30/06

You ppl are brutal about the "perfect" issue! I agree no one is perfect, but perhaps she meant to say that she feels she is ready for marriage. Read between the lines people! "But seek first God's Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well"(Matthew 6:33). God knows what He's doing and knows the desires of your heart so just trust Him. Remember that God is well able to provide a suitable mate for you in His timing and according to His will.
---Ellen on 10/27/05

I think that what 90% of men are looking for is a GREAT long-term relationship with a GREAT woman.
What do I mean when I use the term "Great Woman"?
I mean a woman who is naturally beautiful, who takes care of herself physically, who is emotionally and financially stable... who doesn't "need" you, but "wants" you, who can take care of herself in every way.
---Alex on 10/25/05

As a man I can tell you that every man is looking for something different, but there are things in common, for example: we want a girl that we consider beautiful, cute, sweet, tender, smart and that knows how to laugh.
---Alex on 10/25/05

Annemarie, as you have been prepared to tell us that you are perfect (even though you might not have meant that quite the way we have understood it) I'm wondering just how you are perceived men. If they are aware that you think you are perfect, be it looks, qualifications, whatever, you might actually be scaring them off. Your 'perfection' whatever it is, might be your problem.
---M.P. on 10/23/05

From a man's perspective... What I look for in a woman is faithfulness and honesty. Two things that I have yet to find in a woman that I have ever dated.

As to your being perfect... God made man in His own image, and yet man fell. "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."
---David7647 on 10/23/05

Annmarie::All Good things come to those who wait-Maybe the perfect man is lurking in the wings waiting to be announced-dont strain at the leash You know what God said about moving mountains -that is your cue Earnest Prayer.God bless you in your endeavour.You will be included in my prayers
---Emcee on 10/22/05

Annmarie::All Good things come to those who wait-Maybe the perfect man is lurking in the wings waiting to be announced-dont strain at the leash You know what God said about moving mountains -that is your cue Earnest Prayer.God bless you in your endeavour.You will be included in my prayers
---Emcee on 10/22/05

yo first misconception is thinking that yu are perfect ,no one is perfect.all i can say is seek the truth and yu will ultimately find God and never think yu can guide the course love ,if love find yu worthy it will guide yo course ,so juss be patient
---lucy on 10/22/05

You need to spend more time praying for your lifetime partner and be sensitive enough to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. If you are a child of God, you should worry about it because He promised that He will give what is the best for us. So don't lose heart, okey?
---keith5896 on 10/22/05

my dear annemarie, why don't you come down to earth and get rid of your pride. No one is perfect nor have ever been perfect except for Jesus Christ.
---shira_5965 on 10/22/05


If your grandmother is a "grandmother" how can she be just single?

Moderator - I had to think about that for one minute also :) Widow.
---Livia on 10/22/05

At last I have been looking for you everywhere, A perfect young lady, Well I too am perfect if you consider imperfection is the measure to be judged by. I think you mean that you are in good shape for a 26yr old, you are a christian, you dont make mistakes etc etc. Why is every one judgemental, why does not the right person come along.Why do we have to spend our days and evenings by ourselves. Well maybe we are not so perfect at all
---keith on 10/22/05

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Hi,Yes; Whilst its good to be humble, God require that we correct each other in Love. Please bear in mind that why we are all waiting for our 'Shinning armour', nobody except Jesus is perfect. As a counselling Psychologist, I come across loads of extremely beautiful men and women who actually feel they are "ugly". Please rely on the Holy Spirit to choose for you, you're still quite young. See if you can read Proverbs 3:5 for direction. God Bless you.
---Caroline_Lee on 10/22/05

I'll take you at your word that you are perfect. The problem is that you know it. Any guy who figures that out about you is going to head for the hills. It's bad enough being nagged by an imperfect woman, nevermind a perfect one.
---ralph7477 on 10/22/05

do people see you and say "MY GOD"
for only god is PERFECT
---perfect on 10/22/05

I think you are seeking for a Mr. Perfect. Remember, they've got one rib less so there's no way they're goin to be perfect, you juz have to accept people as they are. None is perfect not even you - you proved that by sayin that you are perfect!! My understanding is that you are self-centered, now i wont like to marry anyone like that if i were male. :)
---Lily9364 on 10/22/05

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i dont think she means it like its been taken up.. :) just that she most probably has great qualities that many many lack today. and to answer your question, i think what men want vary from man to man. the question is what do you want? Pray about it, because most times what we think we want is not all right. God knows you better than you do yourself :)
---natasha on 10/22/05

perfect? is that, figuritive, or literally, if it was literally my question is, CAN YOU WALK ON WATER? if NOT? you are NOT perfect. I am hoping you mean that you are'perfect' AS IN doing all things men expect. Humbling yourself would be a place to start is my advice if advice is what you are asking for.
---Jan4876 on 10/21/05

What do you mean by perfect? Please elaborate more so we can answer your question properly.
---Melissa on 10/21/05

Your too picky. If your "perfect" as you say (?) then anyone whom likes you, you find some kind of a flaw in him, because your standards are too high.
---Rebecca_D on 10/21/05

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Perfect? Yeah right. Thats why you cant find a man. Take a long hard look at THINK your perfect, that's your problem. There was only 1 that walked the face of this earth that was perfect, and you come no-where close to Him.
---Louise on 10/21/05

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