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Why Aren't Christians More Mature

I am a catholic and have and still attend other christian churchs, until the Lord returns and there is one shepherd and one flock, my question is, why can't we act like He is already here and has never left us?

Moderator - That's a good question. Let's see the answers.

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 ---fulta5934 on 10/21/05
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The Lord Jesus challenges us to become discipled, not just a reader of the Word. We must commit our all with no reservation. God requires that we accept a relationship with Jesus becoming infilled with His Holy Spirit. We then are given the grace to become more like Him everyday. We become one flock with one shepherd when we allow the Lord to nail our sin to His cross...not to "act" like He is already here; He has never left nor forsaken us ever! Good question.
---Elsie on 3/1/08

Good question but so many ways to answer that one.#1-- We all are on different levels in Christ. There is bound to be some confusion and misunderstanding. #2-- Pride #3-We live in a fallen and sin-filled world. No way can we keep ourselves clean and unsoiled from the world. This could possibly be the main reason, as well. We are full of sin and more sin. We will be perfect one day but not now. We are truly sinners saved by grace.
---Robyn on 5/14/07

Another view: So many denominations. Different denominations debating and interpreting scriptures differently. Catholics, Pentecostals, Holiness, Lutherans. Therein lies the confusion but God will set everything in order when He comes back. I am awaiting that day. One thing we do need to agree on : We must be born again. Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. That's straight from the Master's mouth.
---Robyn on 5/14/07

If pretending Jesus is already here and never left us is good enough then we really don't need Him to return physically, do we? Imagination is no substitute for reality, no matter what it is based on. The church will continue to be divided until the Great Uniter returns, so try to deal with fellowship problems through reasoning, not pretending, until then.
---Anthony on 5/14/07

I have attended every faith too at one time. the reason people love to hate others is due largely to the pastor teaching them. what he says from the pulpit is truth to many, even when it is evil and corrupt. I have learned things from others here. I also possess truth and try to share it with others, only to have it thrown back in my face. I explained what a christian is and was mocked for it. scriptures are shown to expose false doctrines, but they are ignored so people can continue in darkness and sin.
---ashley on 5/14/07

2-many people are lulled into a false sense of security. if truths were taught from the pulpit that you need to repent, pray often, avoid temptation, forgive those who hurt you, share your wealth with the poor and destitute, live the gospel 24-7 and be an example of Jesus until the day you die, many churches would be empty. Jesus was there in person and thousands mocked and rejected him. it is the same today. people in churches love sin and corruption more than God.
---ashley on 5/14/07

Because alot of people need to "see" him in order to believe him. Plus alot of people like to agrue over anything and everything. Some can't get along because they just don't want to. I can get along with anyone, and I can worship with anyone. There are some people whom believe differently than me, I accept that and go on. As long as we can agree in Christ, then the rest shouldn't matter.
---Rebecca_D on 5/14/07

I think that the story is very simple and that the key to Heaven remains in our grasp. Can we tend to the sick, feed those who are hungry, clothe the naked, and love our neighbor? Who really cares if we be a Jew, Muslim, or Christian? We believe in One God.
---tim on 8/21/06

Because of hatred (so much for the commandment to love)!

John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli had such an intense hatred of Catholics and everything they did that they went as far away from them as possible.

This hatred has been taught under the name Christianity ever since. Basically, anyone that does not go to your church and those you decide are all damned to Hell for eternity... You make the decision, not Christ (sad state of the Church today).
---David7647 on 10/28/05

Let's not judge ALL by a few. We're all at different stages in our walk with God.
I have met people in church and thought that they didn't 'fit in.' But then I would often find out where they had been a year or so before and realize I had judged them unmercifully!
I'm more mature today than yesterday, but I'll be more mature tomorrow as I feed on the Word and walk with God.
---NVBarbara on 10/25/05

I think that many who take the name 'Christian' are not really converted. Thus, in keeping with their human (carnal) nature, they denigrate others in order to exalt themselves. Some even stoop to religious bigotry by name-calling and derision of other Christians beliefs. I am a protestant, and have significant doctrinal differences with the Catholic religion. But, I have known so many sincere, Jesus-loving Catholics I am convinced that, if I am faithful, I shall share eternity with them in heaven.
---jerry6593 on 10/24/05

We are sinners...and creatures of habit. sad, but true.
---clark on 10/24/05

There are babies(new Christians.)There are seasoned saints(old Christians.)A beliver in Christ are to live on earth as Jesus is here.Because He is here.He is always with a believer in Christ.
God Bless--Florence
---Florence on 10/23/05

Christianity is the same as life in general in the sense of maturity. Just as there are "stages" in a person's life, Christianity has "stages." The longer we are Christians and the more we read the Word, develop our understanding of God and His lessons (and we "go in" knowing that our understanding will never be complete or perfect), the more we grow in our Christian walk and the more we listen to and for what He is telling us and act in ways that are pleasing to Him.
---Heather on 10/22/05

also people are always looking at what they dont have which creates jealousy or even cause you to become despondent which turns to anger and hate or at what they have and others dont, which causes vanity and takes your eyes off Gods great will for us.
---natasha on 10/22/05

someone spoke to me yesterday about ploughing straight. keeping your eyes on Christ. He said he was going solo with God and was just shooting left right and centre. Even his own people (fellow christians) We need each other as we are all fighting in the same army.
---natasha on 10/22/05

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I'm not of the same flock as those who pray to Mary, bow before statues, and ask the dead for help. The differences between us should not be overlooked or treated as insignificant. Any organization claiming to be THE way to God is trying to usurp Christ's position.
---Darrin on 10/22/05

The answer to your question can be found in Matthew 13:3-23 It's the parable of the sower and the seed. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
---Jeff on 10/22/05

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