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My Wife Is Having Affairs

I forgive my wife having afairs with another man before. Now she did the same thing, should i forgive her?

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 ---segun on 10/22/05
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Forgive her, bring the lord back into your relationship. There is always a reason for someone cheating, however big or small the reason might be. The one true answer is love. Love conquers all. If you truly love her, then the lord will bring her back to you. Forgive her, pray, and both of you try your best to stay in the word.
---Aaron on 10/21/08

You should forgive her BUT forgiving does not mean you have to stay and be lied to and cheated on repeatedly. She has a serious problem with commitment and needs to get right with the Lord and go to councelling.
She broke the marraige vows 1st time she cheated and yet still did again. Talk with pastor or Christian friend. You do not deserve this treatment.
---Craig on 8/30/07

Whether you stay with your wife or not, you still have to forgive her. Don't let Satan get a stronghold on your walk with the Lord. If you stay, it's up to you. Even though reconciling, she may do it again. Forgiveness has nothing to do with reconciling. Forgiveness is for yourself., according to the word.
---Rosa_Copeland on 3/3/06

Ron,if we follow your logic can we assume that perhaps God didn't treat satan right and thats what caused him to err?can we assume that maybe God was not good enough to Adam and Eve so they had to look to someone else?The one who is unfaithful to their spouse does it because they have listened to the wrong spirit and followed their own carnal desires.
---Russell on 11/18/05

Forgive her so you don't grow bitter. Even if you don't reconcile, forgive her. If you don't, God can't forgive you.(Mark 11:25-26) Pray, get into the Word and seek councel from a pastor or strong Christian. As for the statements about not keeping your wife happy - LuDiCrOuS! She is responsible for her own actions. Does your wife confess to be a Christian? Does she show any remorse or signs of repentance? God is able to put your marriage back together, but scripturally you are free to divorce.
---Ellen on 10/27/05

I concur with Ron, maybe you pushed your wife into the affair :)
Some people juz stop being romantic after the honeymoon and the sex is like a monthly pill and hardly satisfying for that matter! Some people cant even notice your new hairdo! When someone else notices it and tells you how good you look, trouble starts brewing...Talk to her, find out WHY she is doing that. It maybe something that you may rectify and save your marriage if you still wanna be with her.
---juz_a_friend_: on 10/24/05

I would try and forgive her, but I wouldn't take her back. There is a saying, "You burn me once, that's your fault, you burn me twice, that's my fault". Don't listen to Ron, that is bad advice. Seriously I wouldn't take her back, with you not trusting her 100% it wouldn't be worth it. And if you do take her back, that is telling her that you don't mind if she treats you like dirt. I'd stop it. She can't have her cake and eat it too.
---Rebecca_D on 10/23/05

Ron? You have got to be kidding. Blaming the spouse being cheated on takes away all responsibility from the adulterous cheater. Is that how God deals with our sin? I can just picture heaven according to Ron. "Oh that's okay if you commit adultery....your husband didn't meet your needs anyway." Get real. Next, you will be telling us that murderers are not responsible because they were abused when they were young.
---Madison on 10/23/05

Ron, you can't be serious.
---ralph7477 on 10/23/05

God bless you for forgiving her. I am a young married woman and here is what I say.

Sit her down and explain to her that according to God's Word this is acceptable for grounds of divorce.

Man, let her go....Any woman who cheats on her spouse is a loser in my book as well as any man who cheats on his wife. Period.

Let her go.

---Alicia on 10/23/05

Hi I was wondering as to why your wife kept going back to having an affair or different affairs.In my opinion you must have done something to have caused her to have left you in this way...(in despair) But if you promised her that you would change and then went back to your old ways.And not change your ways...If so is it possible that she too went back to her old ways too...???
And is it possible that you are a boring lover? Changes are needed in both camps here.
Regards Ron7949
---Ron on 10/23/05

God says no matter what someone do to you.
You must forgive them.You have done things
and ask God,to forgive you.I know forgiving
is hard.That is a commandment from God.But
you don't have to put up with her cheating.
God Bless
---Florence on 10/22/05

There's something wrong with this "picture".
This affair she is now having, is it with the same man? Have you ever suggested professional counseling? (Someone who has a strong, degreeded background in marital psychology and experience.) It maybe something simple as she knows you will forgive her again, so why not do it again. You sure have grounds for divorce, from a Biblical view. If she's not willing to get professional counseling, just move on - without her.
---WIVV on 10/22/05

I agree with the one who said boot her out. She obviously has a problem, and the problem is not you, and it is not a problem that you can solve for her. You deserve to be treated with respect and love. Don't allow her to dishonour you in this way again.
---Anna on 10/22/05

Segun, you are to forgive your spouse for having an affair. But the Bible says that once they have cheated and fornicated in adultry, that gives you a right to divorce. It is my experience that once they cheat, they will do it again. I would seek advice from your pastor or a Christian counselor. If you are willing to stay, I'd say to go to counselling. But, if not, you are free to divorce. God's blessings be upon you.
---Rev on 10/22/05

Scriptures say we are to forgive. What you do with your marriage is a whole different thing. Scriptures say you are free to divorce her. Only you can choose what to do in that regard. It is possible to forgive and still file for divorce.
---Madison on 10/22/05

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Dont be a sucker, kick her out..
---keith on 10/22/05

Only you can make that decision. It has been my experience in life that once a person is unfaithful, they are always unfaithful. Been there...
---Matthew on 10/22/05

"forgive your brother seventy times seven times"....yes, that is an honorable and right thing to do. But perhaps at the same time, both of you should talk and seriously think abt seeing a marraige counsellor to work out underlying issues that is causing these problem.
---jess on 10/22/05

Hi, how are you? First i want to appreciate you for forgiving her from being unfaithful. It shows that you love her and you really care for the family. I remember there's situation in the bible same like you but God insist him to go back to her wife and love her again. Its in the old testament. And maybe ask her why she's doing it, talk about it. Whats the root of her being unfaithful. Extend your patient and be more open especially to your feelings. Wish you the best for everything.

---lorelie on 10/22/05

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