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Husband Out Late At Night

My husband out 17 hours straight at a time. I have asked God to give me words to say to him that won't result in a war. I have recently found a receipt for a gift he had inscribed for an x parterner. His mother is accomplice. He is not talking and just being openly disrespectful to me.

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 ---Shirley on 10/23/05
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WAIT,PRAY.God will work it out and give you the answers.Don't jump in with both feet untill you pray about it.
---missy on 3/28/07

You know in your heart, all is fair in love and war, I believe is what they say. But who are they? When I feel as though I am at my wits end, I say to myself, there must be someone else out there going through something worse than me. Who else to help you through it, then the one who brought you to it...he knows that you are strong enough to make it. Good luck.....
---Jessica on 11/20/05

Praying for you ... this is a heartbreaking experience ... There may be something that you can do to make yourself more enticing than the x. I read an easy to read book called "Secrets of a Fascinating Woman" by Nancy Campbell and the secrets REALLY work. Maybe you can search the net and find or locate one. It wont take long to read. God Bless and remember that you are precious.
---annet on 10/24/05

Hi james dobson brought out a book called tough love maybe it could help you. regarding a present for this attention seeking husbands ex tell him to adstain from all appearence of evil, It will be The lord he will have to take these issues up with. Praying for you.Thomas
---thomas on 10/24/05

I would ask him if he would mind YOU staying out 17 hours a night. if he said he didnt mind, my guess is, he doesnt WANT to be home.I would have a investigator follow him and ease your mind. then see if he would go to counseling if you find out he is unfaithful. if not you have the biblical right to divorce him.pray and seek God on this
---Jan4876 on 10/23/05

Bought another women a present and you are worried about starting war? If that where me I would have put my foot down and gotten some answers. You are his wife. You are one he is to comunicate with and love. I smell a rat.
You need to pray for quidence and words to speak and then get the communication started with or without a war.
---Shaz on 10/23/05

Well as a guy I think he is up to something if he is giving an ex presents. As a man if I where married I would have no reason to give another women a present, unless I was still interested and spending time with her.
Whi cares if you start war. Get to bottom of it before too late. He OWES YOU explanations
---Craig on 10/23/05

Pack up and leave? I wouldn't go that far, Throw HIS stuff into the yard and change the locks! Course I have never been married but that is why. I wouldn't put up with such behavior.
---Julie3763 on 10/23/05

I would say just pray,sometimes our words can do more harm then good. God is the only one that can get through to your husband. so Pray and stay in the word of God. He is in control
---delores on 10/23/05

The only thing I can tell is what I would do. I would not put up with it. I would pack up and leave. You should not have to live with that, nobody should. If you love him and want things to change, then pray and give it to God, but that doesn't mean you have to live with it at the same time.
---a_friend on 10/23/05

When you are at the bottom of the barrel, you can only go up, so don't worry about "resulting in a war". He should tell you, and then both of you get counseling. If that doesn't work, move on. You probably have Biblical grounds for divorce. As long as you let him get away with it, (assuming what he's doing is wrong), the more he'll think it's alright.
---WIVV on 10/23/05

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