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Anyone Got An Online Degree

Has anyone here ever received a degree of some sort online? I'm just wondering if this is a good direction for me.

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 ---Cana on 10/23/05
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I'm about 7 months away from my Master's. I've enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule and the convenience of doing the work (with the obvious exceptions of the internships) at home. What do you want to get your degree in?
---Heather on 7/2/07

I have recieved a highschool diploma, not GED. I also had worked toward Vetinarian school & had gotten a degree in vet school. I also have gotten a degree in WeddingPlanner, so yes you can get diplomas OR Degrees, MA bachlors etc.. as long as you research the correct school online.
---candice on 11/22/05

I'm disabled and find attending colleges difficult, however, I've just completed and received my Associate Degree in Christian Studies and become an Affiliate Bible Instructor. Take time to research the Colleges you choose to study with, and pick a well known one, then your degree is viewed no differently to those attained through attending a college.
---Margaret on 10/24/05

I haven't ever taken an online course but took a corespondance course through the mail one time. I completed the course and paid my fee's and everything and never did get my deploma, it was for Legal Secratary, I also wasn't able to find a job anywhere by taking the course, they said even if I would of gotten my deploma I wouldn't of been able to get job with it. Do a lot of searching and like others said, check with universities and go with them.
---Beth on 10/24/05

Don't take your courses from an "On Line" College but from a regular College which has online courses.Many of the really well known Colleges have courses on line now.Start checking with your State Colleges in the State you live in.It is a wonderful way to get what you need without having to travel back and forth to College so much,some do have you come in for your major tests once or twice a year.However you want to do it ,your choice is out there, usually.
---Darlene_1 on 10/24/05

Guiding questions:
1.What is God's vision in your career?
You have to pray and seek God.
2.What field of interest you want to obtain further study?

Lastly, studying is one way God blesses us. My advice is that you balance life's all essentail aspects, all for God's glory.
---Amor on 10/24/05

My brother got his master's degree online. However, he did a lot of research first and had received his bachelor's from a university by attending the regular way.

I know several people taking online classes from a good university, and all are doing well. Just do your homework first. Good luck.
---Deb on 10/24/05

I am familiar with online degrees. If it is a properly accredited college and the credits are transferable, the college will probably be OK. Check with your local colleges or universities to see if they accept the credits of the online school you have chosen. There is a disadvantage for some classes. Other students experiences are worth while listening to and discussing in class. Online classes are very time consuming in comparison to regular classroom assignments. Good luck with your choice and classes.
---lee on 10/24/05

not online, but correspondence,on writting once. almost landed a writing job for Home Life way back then.but , lately I got a certificate for taking free online classes at charles stanley web site.
---Jan4876 on 10/23/05

I have heard good stories and bad about online degrees. G/f took some courses online and after she graduated, tried to get job found out it was fake college who had taken all her money and given her fake diplomas. Investigate them very well before giving any money or info.
---Marla on 10/23/05

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