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Falsely Accused By CPS

Has anyone ever been falsely accused by CPS? There has been some accusations toward me and my husband about our two children. We know there false, what should I do?

Moderator - What are they claiming the problem is?

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 ---Rebecca_D on 10/24/05
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CPS is all about lies - Money. False accusations they feast upon. CPS BRAIN WASH - Alienate your CHILDREN. A protective order 6+ yrs, daughter handed to me police station, urinated on me, visit with him. He hunted us down, handcuff's on mirror, looked at guns told daughter will kill me. She stole handcuffs, reported it. He uncensored visits, me supervised. Lies..Social worker, children had major therapy - never be able to have relationship with me. lost her job. Foster mother - Christian lied, Me kicked out of church. Brainwashed hate. Foster mother youngest daughter I cheated, Tested her, finding truth. Parents God loves you, knows the TRUTH! Believe in yourself. I could never face another day without God in my life.
---Marie_Hayman on 1/10/19

You must fight like never before this a very serious actuation! Search in google: My ex continues to accuse me of child abuse/neglect to try and take my children? (I know someome else is doing this but read the results it will help. More postings coming.)
---darkocean on 9/9/14

Every site i have read says that you will be considered guilty until proven innocent. Get a note book and write down everything you do with your child + dates and times. From taking them to school to meals, everything.
---darkocean on 9/9/14

It is VERY important, get away and fast find a good Christian attorney asap. Good luck to you, this is going to be hard, remember praying does nothing with out the proper action. Good bless.
---darkocean on 9/9/14

Elena, just shows evil in the world and how corrupt the system is. People do things because they are just plain mean and evil.
---shira4368 on 9/4/14

Children were taken from a nice family, and the family is experiencing a lot of false accusations. They do not have much money, but because they own a small business, no public attorney would take their case. We tried all above recommended actions, and feel it was a waste and frustration. Any better suggestions? Are falsely accused and devastated people actually uniting?
---Elena on 8/31/14

I have contacted every newspaper and news outlet wanting to do a story on this(as it has happened to us)and NO ONE would touch it? Why? Where to go from here?
---April on 8/26/12

My 8 yr old daughter goton her schoolbus at 7am.She then fellasleep.Mydaughter woke up at 9ish on anempty bus. She proceededtoopen the bus doors and go intothe principles office and she also had her little hand print on herface due toher sleeping on it.Ifound out when I went to pick my daughter up from theschool at around 11am. The principal calls CPS onme. For what the bus driver did? I dont understand. I went to the police station to file a report-they wrote the information on a blank piece of paper. Really. I dont think anyone wants to do anything.This is also not the first time with the same bus driver. My daughter is now 8. When she was 5 this bus driver let her on the bus to go home atdismissal and my daughter gotoff the bus and left her
---Samantha on 2/29/12

My children came home from school terrified because CPS came to the school to talk to them. The kids said they were very rude. I have absolutely no clue what the problem could be. It is embarrassing, and frightening that they can do whatever they want. I have not heard from them yet...Why don't they just tell me what the problem is???? Why aren't these false allegations against the law??
---PKF on 6/6/11

Contact all Congressmen, Senators, Contact news media.
This is happening all over the country - CPS gets Federal Funding for children they take (steal). Destroying innocent families, devastating children's lives. Attrocious what CPS gets away with. Allowed to lie, present false testimony with no proof or evidence. What happened to this country?

Our children were abused in 'shelters' CPS puts them into - kids were NEVER abused by anyone in their lives. The experiences they are having now are horrific.

Go to all websites, learn what your rights are. Knowledge and numbers are power - exposure and getting the word out is vital.
---Cindy on 7/20/10

"is CPS obliged to reveal the name of the accuser?
is the accuser prosecuted for defamation of character, cost of investigation, etc?"
CPS takes complaints, investigates, determines and helps prosecute if they are found valid.
The investigated may be able to sue, ect for damages. The defense for the accuser will be, I complained in good faith because it looked like abuse was going on and CPS investigated because they thought it could be so too.
Most complains/law suits/torts never make it to paper because they are almost impossible to prove.
Sometimes ya gotta grin and bear it and stay away from the idiots who caused to problems for you.
Thank God that CPS does investigate complaints.
---Elder on 4/24/10

Does anyone CPS obliged to reveal the name of the accuser?

And when an accusation is determined to be false, is the accuser prosecuted for defamation of character, cost of investigation, etc?
---chris on 4/21/10

YES we have been involved in a Nightmare with CPS. It started with false allegations of abuse, which were disproved and escalated from there. I am still appalled at the lies and dishonesty by CPS workers as well as the violation of everyone's rights. They are never held accountable, are allowed to lie in court, make false allegations they cannot substantiate, abducted the children. I can only advise everyone out there to Know Your Rights and be sure you demand a warrant and to speak with an attorney before you ever allow them in your home or talk to them.
---Cindy on 4/7/10

I totally feel your pain. Take it serious, unlike what we did when my brother was falsely accused. He knew he did not do it, they offered a plea deal of 6 years and he said no that he was not admitting to nothing he did not do. Now he received 2 life sentences. We are still fighting. Other help would be F.A.S.T (false allegations solutions team) - they are not attorneys - Please take this serious, your life depends on it.
---Teresa on 2/2/10

We are going through this as well,only its way to much for only 125words.I promise there will be a book!!We have major issues with injustice,so does the Lord.He is a just God!I know that this happened to us for a reason same to you.It may be that you have to fight not just for you but for others.That's what i feel is being shown to us.There are so many that have been falsely accused without the $ or knowledge to get out of it.We need to be the hands & feet of Christ & reach out to those who need us!!Consider it pure joy when you face many trials bretheren.Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not onto your own understanding,but in all your ways aknowledge Him & He will make your paths straight!
---Jill on 7/24/09

That time, I did not have to pay, because someone paid on my behalf. It was a case of the foreigner is always in the wrong where the event is in Japan. This only gave me strength to take on the government and do some remarkable work in human rights. By the numbers scale it seems insignificant, but because of statistics, it is remarkable for one solitary foreigner to beat the government at all. Almost impossible. But after a year of that work I was spent. When you have been an underdog, you learn how to stick up for the underdog. It is your duty to do so.
---frances008 on 1/15/09

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I have been through false accusations (not of this type exactly but very near it). I advise you to act very much using your head, not your heart. Don't give them an inch. Seek out the best help possible regardless of the cost. Later, when you win, you can counter sue them to get back your money and compensation for the mental grief caused. Bring down everything you have to bring down on them. If they back down, don't back down because they will repeat it. I backed down when they did, and I lived to regret it. Don't be soft. This is war. Psychological warfare. It is you are them, won must be seen to clearly win the war. Another time slightly differently I had to pay compensation for something that was the victim's own fault
---frances008 on 1/15/09

My daughter is a therapist who has been falsely accused. An arrest with no charges over six months ago. The youth have since robbed her home, stolen her car, but the state's attorney is not releasing her from the arrest. She needs to talk. Any places for shared experiences???
---Linda on 1/15/09

It is Child Protective Services. There are many sad aspects and happy ones to the job. You try to help families out in some way. I am sorry to the ones that were falsely reported on. This is considered a Class A misdemeanor and you can try and take this up with Law Enforcement. If only you knew some of the reports that CPS takes in regards to children. I know that our agency has saved many, many children, and at least I can be happy about that.
---Katie on 12/30/08

Yep, Falsely accused alot of people have been including myself at the moment. There are lots of step you have to go through. Search the internet you will see. Good Luck. I am going through it too.
---Jessica on 10/3/07

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The problem has been resolved. I haven't heard from CPS for a good while now. Thank God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/10/07

.This problem has been resolved for the original writer; it is 18 months old.

CPS investigations last about a month, or so.

Only if the allegations are founded (substantiated) is further action taken.
---Observer on 4/10/07

Oh my goodness is that question going to get lots and lots of attehtion!!!!!
---jackie on 4/10/07

Oh my goodness im so sorry and i love the good loard and know without him nothing is possiable.However god as great as he is has not caught up with the low lifeness taticys cps is doing to you as we we speek.dont waste one moe second here ur kids will be going out the door with the devils cps has working this minute!sorry for nthat lord
---jackie on 4/10/07

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If someone were to accuse me of something I did not do, I would face them as soon as I possibly could. What is cps?
---shira_5965 on 3/28/07

I have witnessed a friend being lied to and run around by our state's so-called child-protective services agency. It's despicible how the "social workers" out and out lie, contradicting written reports, being obviously completely disorganized and not really understanding the medical terms used by doctors. It's sick that the state has so much power over our families. Pray hard!
---OhSure on 7/11/06

cps needs NO evidence, is fueled by money, and
never(or almost) admits their many own abuses.
s.w. get over 600 per c removed. cps gets over 12K per c!!(if they remove, not otherwise)
quickly google VOCAL - victims of child abuse laws to see the nationwide scandal.
---j on 2/11/06

, we should remember that social workers have an impossible job. when they do their job, they are called overzealous and anti-family. when they don't do their job, they get blamed for the sad ending.
---steve on 11/7/05

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Rebecca you have them (our prayers I mean). I hope things work out well for you.
---M.A. on 10/27/05

There have been some accucusations made of sexual abuse. Being abused myself as a child, I would know the signs. And my children doesn't show any of these signs. The best thing for me to do is give it to God and let him take care of it. This sitation is way too big for me. We need your prayers.
---Rebecca_D on 10/27/05

I was once falsely accused, but it was proven false. I was at wits end, then turned it completely over to God. What a relief to have that behind me. I feel for you, it is no fun! Funny how people stick their noses into others business that don't need to be. CPS has failed to protect several kids, so they tend to over do it now. Will be praying for you.
---Jerry on 10/25/05

I think your talking about "Child Protective Services". They are associated with State Social Services.
Pray about it and get a good lawyer. If these are false charges God will make a way.
We should all pray for your family.
---John on 10/25/05

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CPS= Child Protective Services. If you both are true christians then you should already know that false accusations are very common to you. Jesus was called a drinker of wine and a glutton, a sinner, and possessed by Satan, etc. And he tells us that if they falsely call him these things, then how much more we that are of his household? If there are damages from the false allegations, you can take out a law suit against them for the losses you sustained, and for harassment and punitive damages.
---Eloy on 10/25/05

Anyone accused of anything by anybody has a right to defend themselves. In U.K. we have a certain amount of free legal advice on offer through solicitors giving the first short interview free of charge or attending a Citizens' Advice Bureau. If you are elsewhere it will be different but ask around before spending cash on advice if possible. The sooner you get this sorted out the better, before the nasty rumours start circulating, which they will if you don't act quickly.
---M.P. on 10/25/05

CPS is most commonly known to stand for Child Protective Services.

Yes, I've known people who were falsely accused. Just tell the truth during the investigation and they will find in your favor. I've never known a CPS worker to look for abuse where there is none, but they do deal with false accusations frequently so don't panic. Just pray, stay calm, and be honest.
---Marilee on 10/25/05

CPS, is Child Protective Services just about everywhere. The first thing you need to do is pray, and try to remain calm. Families are often investigated by this agency for many reasons. The hardest part is not knowing why you're being investigated. The law states that once a complaint is made, an investigation must follow.
Be honest and cooperative, ask questions, and if needed, obtain legal advice from someone who specializes in ths type of law.
Blessings to your family,
---Sharon_L. on 10/24/05

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Since accusations against the parents regarding the children are involved, then I would say that CPS means "Child Protective Services". It would be the equivalent of "DCF" on "Judging Amy".
---Deborah on 10/24/05

CPS stand for Child Protective Service.
---MC on 10/24/05

CPS is Child Protective Services.
They may be called something else in other states.
They are required to investigate any reports of Child abuse or endangerment.
They gather evidence and report to the courts and establish if cases need to go into court and if arrest need to be made.
---Elder on 10/24/05

What do you mean by "CPS" The Acronym has a lot of usages: Chicago Public Schools, Current Population Survey, Canadian Pediatric Society, Center for Policy Studies, Corporal Punishment Supporters, Center for Public Services, Central Parking Systems, Computer Peripheral Systems, Center for Psychological Studies, Child Passenger Safety, College of Physicians & Services. Etc. It is common practice in writing to define you acronym in spelled out in words with the acronym in parenthesis following.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/24/05

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My husband was investigated for abuse of my older son. There was an incident where my son was lashing out physically, and destroying things and my husband tackled him ( he was 13 at the time) and pinned him on the floor. The social worker came and interviewed all of us, including my other two children. They recommended family counseling. That was the end of it.
---Anon on 10/24/05

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