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Three Bible Questions

Below are 3 questions someone said I should ask
1. Where is the location where Harod had John the Baptist beheaded.
2. 'Zdk' radical. What is it's importance?(What is ZDK I dont even know)
3. What does the brazen basen have to do with communion?

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 ---judit4846 on 10/25/05
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John was beheaded at Machaerus, 9 miles from the dead sea. Mk 6:14-29. I looked on the internet and ZDK is Judeo-Christian and Norse-influenced organization. These letters could mean anything though. The Brazen Basin is made of brass, the brass was taken from the mirrors from women. The mirror represents vanity and it was an act of great sacrifice to self for the women to surrender thier brass mirrors. I have no idea, I got that off some wierd website.
---Rebecca_D on 9/15/07

If you mean the Scripture reference, you will find it in Matt 14. Geographic location: Jersualem
ZDK is a group that has at its core an orthodox view of salvation BUT seems to beleive that some day we will be living on distant planets and they don't mean heaven -use EXTREEM caution there.
Brazen basen?? Is that realy the way it is spelled? Could you be refering to the basin that foot-washers use?
---Bruce5656 on 4/3/07

To answer another question regarding the vowels... The Hebrew language never adopted vowels until the the 4th cent. AD. It was further developed in the 6th cent.

Names in Scripture were without them. Dvd would be written for David, Zdk for Zadok, Zdkh for Zedekiah, etc.

Scripture was canonized prior to the usage of vowels.
---David7647 on 10/26/05

Bruce... It is not recorded in Scripture where John the Baptist was beheaded, however it was recorded by the Jewish Historian of the 1st cent. AD. You will find it in Josephus' Jewish Wars Book 18 Chapter 5 Verse 2.
---David7647 on 10/26/05

How do we know that the beheading took place in Macharus?
---Bruce5656 on 10/26/05

Part 2

ZDK is the unkown one. This is the original without the vowels of a root name in Hebrew.

"Zadok" with the vowels was the High Priest to whom God said that the High Priesthood would always abide in. He stood as one of two priests that carried the ark under King David.

"Melchizedok" is another that the ZDK is found in as well as the Historic descendants of his.
---David7647 on 10/26/05

Part 1

Rebekah is right about Macharus being the place of John the Baptist's beheading.

The Brazen Basin was made of the brass mirrors so that a person coming into the tent had to examine themselves. Inside the tent was the Lord's table where they had set the bread and the wine. Paul in 1 Corinthians 11 ordered us to examine ourselves before partaking of the bread and the wine.
---David7647 on 10/26/05

It could be the basin that foot washers use I don't really know someone just told me to ask about it. As for the ZDK the first I heard of it was from the person asking me to post the question. Thanks
---judit4846 on 10/25/05

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