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Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me

Just broke up with my boyfriend our relationship lasted 5 years we knew each other at church Things changed and yesterday he decided we should go our separete ways he said this was not going anywhere and he wanted a new life Please help! I feel am dying; I love him dearly and dont think i can go on

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 ---Maria on 10/26/05
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Just broke up with my boyfriend our relationship lasted 5 years

FIVE YEARS is a long time. MOVE on! truely you guys were going no where
---francis on 7/7/10

I know exactly what you are going through. My boyfriend just broke things off with me a couple of days ago stating he needed to get right with God. That God was the most important thing in his life. He told me he had to get his religion back, and that I had done nothing wrong. I don't know what to think. We just attended a concert last weekend, everything was great! A week later, he broke everything off. I am heartbroken! He is a good christian man, but he is upset with me because I haven't been to church with him. Is he really trying to get right with God, or is he trying to make me get religion? I have cried everyday at the thought of losing him. He is a very precious individual to me and I hate the thought of him being out of my life.
---Kristy on 7/4/10

"Been there - done that"! When I think back on some of the girls I dated and "couldn't live without", I shudder, had any of them marry me, I'd be one sad person. The Lord brought a woman into my life 42 years ago, and we served as missionarys for 33 years. (Actually, we've been married almost43 years.) When they state, "Time heals all wounds", they know what they are "talking about." You may not think so now, but believe me it's true. You can go on!
---WIVV on 2/25/08

My sister had a creepy boyfriend just like this. She was so nutso over the guy, she would not listen to her family. He was running around, sleeping with other girls, it was disgusting. My mother said he was nothing but a low down dog. Seven years later, she's holding out for the big ring. He marries someone else, dropped her like a hot potato. Then we had to hear the blubbering, bawling, squalling for another year. He was having a happy life and all she did was pine away. That was disgusting, too.
---Alexia on 4/14/07

Just reading this reminds me of my big sister and I want to throw up all over again.
The best way to even the score is to live a happy life.
You're going to have to forget sleeping with boyfriends and find Jesus. If you don't you'll be chasing men for the rest of your life. Several rotten boyfriends later and crummy marriages, you'll still be bawling your head off. So get a grip, no sleeping around. Find Jesus Christ and start over.
---Alexia on 4/14/07

Barbara, #1, a boyfriend of 7 years is not healthy. Long term dating/physical relationships are not Scriptural and end up like yours most of the time. After a year or two, you should have known that he was hanging around until he found someone he wanted to be serious with. You were serious and he was not. Now pull yourself up and do not look for another one exactly like this one.
---Brad on 4/14/07

He was taking advantage of your insecurities. Your security should be in Jesus Christ. He cares for you. No more moping around. Jesus is trying to get your attention. He saved you from more destructive behaviors. When people get all hung up in another person without marriage, it turns out like you have described. Throw yourself at the feet of Jesus Christ and start over. But it can't be like your dating disaster. Keeping Jesus until the next guy comes along, then forgetting about Jesus.
---Brad on 4/14/07

It happened to me a few times in life and it hurts like crazy. There are light at the end of the tunnel. Ask God to help you and throw your heart and soul into witnessing the Word and take time to find out who you are in Christ.
---Junia on 4/14/07

I want you to know that youre not alone. My boyfriend of nearly 7 years told me that he didnt love me anymore during the week of Christmas. So, he started dating someone that he works with a few days later after he broke up with me. So while everyone was celebrating the holidays and bringing in the New Year, I was at home crying. Everyday I think of how we use to be and it still hurts. It happends to the best of us. (Just look at women like Halle Berry, Terry Hacther, and Jessica Simpson.
---Barbara on 4/13/07

I'm so sorry this happened to you! You can go on, even though you are hurting. I know this 'cause I was once where you are now. Dive into God's word, pray every day. Cry out to God, He will hear you and comfort you, He will hold you in His loving arms! Get together with your Christian friends and family for support. I will be praying for you!
---Melissa on 3/19/07

Dear Maria, I have been there as well, I was hurt like the way you feel now, but God who is faithful to His word strengthened me, I am now quite happy waiting for the Lord to give me a lovely husband from His store, let us trust Him alone, as His word says that He will to make us ashamed.
---Hellen on 11/17/05

Dear Maria, I have been there as well, I was hurt like the way you feel now, but God who is faithful to His word strengthened me, I am now quite happy waiting for the Lord to give me a lovely husband from His store, let us trust Him alone, as His word says that He will to make us ashamed.
---Hellen on 11/17/05

Maria: please LET HIM GO. Do not torture yourself in LOVING A MAN who could not LOVE YOU IN RETURN! We are women. God has given us the potentials to bear pain. Bear this pain for a while (at this stage of break up) but do not saddle yourself the burden to bear the pain of loving (a man who could not love you in return)FOREVER.
---Linda6546 on 11/14/05

I been through that in a differently way.
---Christain on 11/14/05

I know,I been through that.
---Christain on 11/4/05

Hi.I was in the same situation. I cried endlessly till I gave my brokeness to the Lord. He says, Come unto me, all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Trust in the Lord, let him direct your paths.Give him your heart. Let him heal you.His love is the one love that will never hurt you. I know how it feels trust me, cos that love for ur ex, doesnt go away, but you do grow from the experience and you take something with you. Let God's will be done! br>
Your friend in Christ...
---nataa6997 on 11/2/05

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I am going throught the same thing and it's horrible, it's extremely hard! Now, I found a non-christian site that it's really helping me out a lot. I'm not a christian, so I don't know if I'm allowed to recommend this kind of sites.
---Alex on 11/1/05

Consider it a blessing all things work out for good. If it was meant to be he would be your husband not your 5 yr boyfriend. God is going to bless you with someone that is really for you. Just wait on GOD and serve HIM, and HE will reward you. In HIS Word He says Seek Ye 1st the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and all things that ye desire Ye shall have.
---Cheri on 10/28/05

Take it as a blessing. I regretted a breakup for years then found out the guy ran out on his wife and children and was a cheater. I now take that breakup as a huge blessing. God may be doing you a favor.
---anon on 10/27/05

gal u don't have worry about that.believe me all
things work for good.if he is the right man for u u willget back together but on the other hand maybe the lord wants to get u out of trouble.Which you might realise later on as time goes on.Hang on coz he makes all things beautiful in his time.
---emily on 10/27/05

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Maria, There are things happening that you don't know right now. I pray that the right man comes into your life. He will be the perfect one for you and you will know it! God bless you abundantly!
---John on 10/27/05

I understand it is quite hard and painful. Trust God completely and embrace His love for you. To help yourself to move on in life there are two pivotal steps you must do, first forgiveness and second acceptance. Also occupy your mind and body for others specially in church, family or friends activities.
---Amor on 10/27/05

I understand your pain. I was also in a similar situation as you find yourself. Although it may not seem like much, with all that is within you hold onto God, he is with you walking every step of the way. He has an awesome plan for your life. As much as it may seem like God isn't there, he is in control, guiding and directing your evey step. It does get better, I promise. You are stronger than you know, so hang in there. Don't be bitter, be better!
---Danielle on 10/27/05

I'm truly sorry for your situation, and unfortunately I have been down the same road. However, I believe that there is a purpose behind everything, and just let the Lord guide you. Remember to be strong, and the old saying is true that time heals all wounds. God bless!
---Squir6647 on 10/27/05

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all that got me out of depression( no meds) was praising the Lord, I did it until I could handle life again and it worked like a miracle. you have to say it every day, all day long. you will heal this way........I know EXACTLY the hurt you are going through, its deep into the core of your heart. but God is mending it as you read this. he sees every tear that falls. he is working in your behalf. dont give up and praise him until you come out of the storm. God bless you
---Jan4876 on 10/26/05

Hi dear,

YOu know what, It happened to me too just a couple of days ago.
YOu don't have to bother.
My boyfriend broke up with me too.
I feel so helpless and powerless

The best I want you to do is to believe in yourself. Trust God and yourself.
Follow his leadings for your life
Take care,

---Victoria on 10/26/05

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