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Your Personal Testimony

What is the best method to begin to share the good news gospel about the salvation and who Jesus Christ is? Many unsave people need to come to salvation and their healing.

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 ---Joanne on 10/27/05
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Whenever I see a neighbor, co-worker or acquaintance that I know isn't saved and has fallen on hard times, I open a very casual dialogue about Jesus, what He means to me and how and why I became saved and what that means. The important thing to remember is that we need to meet people on their own level. Never force salvation down their throats. Prayer afterwards is best. Leave the rest to God.
---craig on 8/24/08

Well,in the 1970s,an incident strengthened me to affirm my Beliefs.I was at a barbecue with Family.We roasted marshmellows,when a neighbor returned with gasoline.He had squirted the can,I became engulfed in flames!My parents and grandmother were close by, and saw me.They started throwing me down,kicking dirt.I had no recollection of anything, but remember waking up in my Dad's arms.He tended to my needs,in the house.Here is a great passage When you walk through fire,You Shall Not Be Burned,Isaiah 43:2
---rosem4839 on 9/10/07

Rowene - your welcome to blog here but your story may need to be heard with more of a patient and personal ear then you will recieve here.
If your story is about restoration you will find like minded people on the web.
The other problem is if you google a subject even your personal statements will come up - if is never a good idea bc of ID scams to give out persoanl stories.

next post-
---Andrea on 9/10/07

2)But for theological and personal religious questions, this is a good place to post for answers.
Most people here are sharing their theology not their personal stuff. Be blessed and if you need to talk my penpal is andre5846.

You can ask for people to give their penpals and dialogue with them too.

just a suggestion
---Andrea on 9/10/07

Hi Rowene, welcome to the family! :) The family of God and also the family of Christianet. :) I'm gonna ask God to bless and heal your heart and make you a mighty tool for Him, God bless you dear. :)
---Mary on 9/9/07

On May 6th,2007 I recieved the Baptism of The Holy Spirit and I am looking for places on The Net where I can share what The Lord is teaching me as He helps me recover from mental illness from the abuse I have suffered with since a child. I am hoping that sharing might help someone else who has gone through similar events. I'd like to do so in blog form as it will be Jesus who will be showing me what to say. Thank You-Rowene
---Rowene on 9/9/07

I tell people how good God has been to me and why I am so happy all the time. I have a peace that passeth all understanding.
---shira_5965 on 5/12/07

Obviously we have to tell about Jesus and the price he paid for sins. But also personal testimony helps. People can argue against scripture, but can't argue against what God has done in your life!
---wes on 1/2/06

Talk about HIM/your own personal testimony / how Jesus called you/glorify Jesus in every way/He is for EVERYONE/good news is POSITIVE/He can be the answer to ALL their prayers/ lead people to Christ/pray before and after for souls/share HIStory/BE JESUS TO OTHERS/ "BEST" method..ask Holy Spirit to speak for you/through you,bear fruit for Jesus/ let HIS light show/ offer to pray personally with them..
---karin on 11/20/05

How do you begin? Remember Jesus' last words before his Ascension, Acts 1: 8 Jesus didn't speak about wonderful sermons or discussions. He just said: But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me...... until the end of the earth. Just tell, what Jesus did or what Jesus IS for you, tell, why you feel so happy, nothing more. Everyone is free to pick it up or not. Read the Acts, about the way how. When your hearer wants to discuss, don't complain.
---Ernst9433 on 10/27/05

I've never felt able to give my testimony or speak about God to strangers or family unless God first gives me an opener - which He sometimes does. Other than that I think our lives are our testimony. People notice things we do or don't do. The way we react when faced with problems, how we bring up our children etc. I don't think much goes unnoticed.
---M.A. on 10/27/05

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