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Should I Pay My Parents Bills

I make barely enough to pay my bills & I am helping my fiance with bills. Parents wants me to pay their bills when they refuse to work. Two can't 3 can. Should I pay theirs and not mine or how do I make them understand I make barely enough for mine and seeking a second job.

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 ---barely_enough on 10/27/05
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Do an online Bible search for "one another" and "each other."

But ist is written that you must take care of your immediate family first.
---Steveng on 10/20/08

You are paying the bills of your fianc but not the one of your parrents. boy dont go to Africa. you ghet chased out of your familie for such an insult. i am not saying you should pay your parrents bill, yet when you pay your fiance's bills and not your parrents it shows your lack of love. besides the bible say to honour your mother and father because in that is long life and prosperity. my advice is to repent stop giving money to your fianc and give that moneyto your parrents, or stop giving at all since you are too poor. That is the will of God.
---Andy on 10/20/08

Clearly I would not pay the parents bills if they are able to work and will not. Why would they ask you to do this anyway? I don't mind helping my parents but on my terms and when I am able to do so.
Your fiancee is another matter. Is your fiancee male or femal? Is he/she ill and unable to work? I would need more details in order to give a better reply.
---Robyn on 10/14/08

I wouldn't work and help anybody that is able to work, but lazy. Are you parents sick? Why are you helping your fiance pay his bills? That is why you don't have any money. Let everyone pay their own bills.
---shira_5965 on 10/4/08

Your first responsibility is to your own creditors. If you cannot afford to help your parents, then there is no question that you should not. If they, as you say, cannot pay their own debts because they will not work, you are enabling that unresponsible behaviour by paying their debts. In the end, you are not doing them any favour.
---Bruce5656 on 11/22/07

Nope i have 2 parents well technically 3 because i have a mom a dad and a step dad not all in one house but it is my parents bill they have my 34 year old sister 19 year old nephew my grandmother and stepdad living in one house step dad disabled draws disability check almost twice as much as i make in one month grandmother retired sitting on a healthy amount of cash and the other 3 refuse to work.
---barely_enough on 3/23/07

Well it is nice if you could atleast help them out alittle bit. and yeah you shouldnt be paying of ur fiance's bills either. like someone else said you may regret it. Anything can happen.
---Katherine on 11/8/05

Yes.They raised you and provided for you while they were still able to .1Timothy advices us to provide for our family members.
Arent you proud of them ?Iknow its hard but you can try your best.
---rose on 11/5/05

My parents worked hard to raise me. I have given back in love and labor when they needed me. Never let people use you. You should respect parents in the Lord. Don't let them starve, send food (not money). If they respect you as a Christian, you have a responsiblity as a Christian to respect them. Respect is not the same as guilt trip.
---mike_fl on 10/30/05

I noted that all the people living with your parents are of age.Its up to your parents to make them work or leave, its definately not up to you to help out. But, my advise, don't bail your finance out either, don't let your feelings of love make you GIVE.I did that, and in the end, I regreted it. We broke the engagement,my money, lots of it, down the drain.He will move on to the next vunerable woman,and I can never reclaim my loss. I am 69
---bobba on 10/30/05

Next time these people ask you for money, hand them Bible verses that address slothfulness, which is one of the 7 deadly sins. Also, hand them a copy of the Help Wanted ads from the paper.
---Madison on 10/30/05

Anyone getting $1,200 more than you get does not need or deserve your help unless they have some very exceptional and very essential outgoings that you have not mentioned. Anyone too lazy to work should be left to go hungry.
---M.P. on 10/30/05

I am only helping fiance temp. he just got a new place and we make the same amount but the cost of everything being thrown at once out him in a tight spot for a bit but when i needed helo he did the same just repaying the favor my step dad is sick but he gets disability he gets $1200 more than i a month mom is fine but lazy the nephew and stepsister fine all adults grandmother buys groceries and they get foodstamps also
---barely_enough on 10/28/05

Dear Barely Enough, please save any help and spare cash you have for the really needly. Your family and fiance seem to be taking advantage of you in a big way. Put a stop to this immediately and care for yourself, save for your future and let God guide you to those you will be able to genuinely help once you have stopped losing much of your money to a bunch of spongers.
---M.P. on 10/28/05

I was thinking the fiance was female. But female or male let everyone pay their own bills! You can help your parents when you can. But again if they are juz being lazy let them be. Tell them your bills comes first before theirs.
---juz_a_friend_: on 10/28/05

Why are you helping pay your fiance's bills? There have been a number of persons "burned" because of this if they break-up. What was once a "gift" now becomes a loan. Second; you do have an obligation to your parents to at least help them out, if they can't help themselves. (This doesn't always indicate you have to give them money, but helping them manage their money.) Let's face it, they raised you and didn't ask you to pay them back for all the money they spent on you.
---WIVV on 10/27/05

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No, don't pay anyone's bills if they are able to work, and that includes your fiance.Make you parents know they will have to get by on what they have, because you do well to take care of you.You don't owe any of them anything except respect and love.If they returned it they wouldn't be so selfishly asking for help.What kind of future will you have with a man you have to pay his bills before you're married?You pay your bills ,not others,the Bible says if a man won't work he shouldn't eat.
---Darlene_1 on 10/27/05

Let your parents know that they brought you into the world and they should be paying your bills. Their almost certain refusal should clear your conscience about not paying their bills.
---Kevin on 10/27/05

Some good things we do aren't necessarily God. Our Pastor's Pastor was taking groceries on a weekly basis over to a man who was struggling. One of those times, however, he stepped into the house and the man was watching a brand new plasma flat screen TV. He told the man that he wouldn't be bringing any more groceries over.
---Deborah on 10/27/05

The parents lay up for the children, not the children for the parents. The only exception (if there be any at all) would be a widowed believing faithful parent who cannot work. It sounds like you are being taken great advantage of all the way around.
---Deborah on 10/27/05

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