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No Gender TNIV Bible Acceptable

I was listening to Focus on the Family this morning and they were talking about the gender nutural TNIV bible this morning and although I know what I think about it I was wondering what everyone else thought.

Moderator - Whenever the Word of God is changed, that is treading on dangerous ground. Of course, don't read it.

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 ---Kaleo on 10/27/05
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The NRSV has been gender neutral for years now. If that bothers you read the English Standard Version. Both are outstanding word for word translations. The Apostolic Bible is one of the best English translation of the Septuagint I have ever seen.
---notlaw99 on 4/4/08

There is no need for it. I would not have worried about it except that they have done it, By which I mean that my concern is not the gender neutrality, but the motivation of those who have produced and are pushing this version.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/4/08

Do not add to nor take from the bible. The King james version has been the universal bible for centuries as the most accurate. Now you have the new gender bible, the american bible, the international bible, the new interpretation bible. Need I say more about people following the evils of satan and not God. if you have to rewrite the bible to read it, you are denying God and the Holy Ghost, who teaches everyone who listens to their voices.
---Ashley on 3/26/07

Are you ready for the new version coming out?

Head line reads: Emerging Church Crowd Reworking the Bible for Postmodern Culture.

Just because some professor says the NIV is a good translation, you believe him. Yet I show you many errors in it and you won't believe me. So sad.
---Rev_Herb on 3/26/07

God is specific about the rolls men and women play. That is exactly why I will stick to the KJV.
---shira_5965 on 3/26/07

God is specific about the rolls men and women play. That is exactly why I will stick to the KJV.
---shira_5965 on 3/26/07

Steve ", in proverbs 23:13-14 the originally gender-neutral intent of the author is lost on those who now see males as "problem people"
Don't get that ... are you sure you are quoting the right verses ... and what version are you talking about?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/8/06

, in proverbs 23:13-14 the originally gender-neutral intent of the author is lost on those who now see males as "problem people".
---steve on 9/7/06

Jesus didnt have a problem identifying gender..Our Father which art in heaven..
---r.w. on 7/8/06

Nothing can improve the Scriptures as they were inspired. Their very nature set them apart from many other works that early Christians were circulating at the time. What can be improved are our translations. These translations must not only reflect the meaning of the original text but communicate that meaning to the people. The TNIV accomplishes this in remaining faithful to the original texts while expressing them in the people's own language.
---Vaughn on 11/29/05

, has anyone read psalm 38 in "the message"? the author tells God to "calm down, take a deep breath", "My backside smarts from your caning", and "I've lost twenty pounds in two months". the message is not a good Bible.
---steve on 11/16/05

Steve ... I see what you mean, but that meaning had never entered my thoughts. IT clearly does not mean that.
In my dictionary, there is a definition of "even" as "emphasising identity", thus those who "believe" are equated with those who "receive".
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/9/05

, alan, the word "even" implies that those who believe in Jesus name are last in line to get into heaven. "even" has much more meaning now than it did 400 years ago.
---steve on 11/9/05

Steve you say 'the NASB and KJV have the word "even" in John 1:12, and that word does not show up in the original Greek text'

You seem to be trying to prove the KJV is incorrect.

Please tell us, what change in meaning is there by the use of that word, and the structure of the verse? To me the meaning is exctly the same as in the NIV
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/8/05

That seems to change almost daily. Most translations, however, are not litteral translations of the Greek (again, remember that the Greek texts today aren't the original, either). Dialect is different in every one.
---Heather on 11/8/05

Heather - There are very few words that scholars today are really unsure of as to the Greek that the originals were composed of. In fact, there are nearly 99 percent sure according to one article I read.
---lee on 11/8/05

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God says the Bible is not to be changed in any way Himself. There seem to be quite a few words no one is 100% sure of in the Greek texts (which, remember, aren't original, either).
---Heather on 11/8/05

, heather, i agree with you, but according to whom? the NASB and KJV have the word "even" in John 1:12, and that word does not show up in the original Greek text.
---steve on 11/7/05

No, Steve, it doesn't. It is very clear that the Word of God IS NOT to be changed in any way shape or form. When even a single character (much less a word) in the Bible is changed it is no longer representative of the true Word.
---Heather on 11/2/05

, the TNIV changes "fathers" to "parents" in hebrews 12:7-10. doesn't that make more sense for those of us who were disciplined by our moms instead of our dads?
---steve on 11/2/05

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It is my understanding that the TNIV is in trouble financially as it apparently is not selling very well at all due to the bad publicity it has gotten. If one wants a neuter free version of the bible I would suggest the New Revised Standard Version. I read it from cover to cover and whatever nouns can logically be changed to neuter are done so.
---lee on 10/30/05

I also heard the programs on Focus... regarding TNIV. It's very sad how some people are desperately trying to change the word of God so they can promote diabolical agendas, i.e., egalitarian feminism, sodomy, etc. Pray for them...

Dr. Dobson's scholarly guest said the NIV is an accurate translation of Bible manuscripts. That's good news!
---Leon on 10/28/05

TNIV stands for Todays New International Version. They have made over 3000 changes of singular nouns to plural nouns, changes to brother, son, and father. They didn't make God a "parent" but this is opening the door to that and that is really scary.
---Kaleo on 10/28/05

man can write whatever they want, but i really wish that they would stop putting "Holy Bible" as the title of their published commentaries. i find it rather offensive and it really does disgrace to the Lord. Whenever i hear a preacher using a new fandangle Bible, i turn him off, i will also get up and leave a church if their not going to speak the unadulterated Word of God. God's true Word alone brings life, and no other word is acceptable to me.
---Eloy on 10/28/05

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That is a horrible thing to do to God's word. No serious Bible student would touch it. Only those with their own agenda would go for it.
---mike on 10/28/05

A gender neutral bible? When God created male and female!! I would not want to answer for the writing and/or publishing of this book. Give me the KJV - where God addresses us plainly, as the male or female he created.
---Darle6384 on 10/27/05

I wouldn't give it a second of my day. There are plenty enough versions out there already.
---john on 10/27/05

I heard the program to. I've never heard of the TNIV before. The NIV is what some use around in this area. It's scary where these changes can lead. It's not that we need these changes. I'll stay with the KJV.
---wayne on 10/27/05

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Why would someone want to use it.
You would have to cut out Prov 31 in seeking a wife. Or should that be a mate?
---Elder on 10/27/05

Would someone please explain what TNIV means? Thanks.
---M.P. on 10/27/05

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