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God Speaks Through Holy Spirit

Does God Almighty, Father or Son still talk to humans as he used to talk to Enoch and other humans? Or is the Holy Bible his only means of contact?

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 ---David on 10/27/05
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I love to pray when I run and hike daily. I find that regularly when I am out exercising in His forest and I have a dilema or a problem, The Father speaks loudly to me, in answer. No, it isn't like Enoch but it is certainly more than the bible. Some might say it must be my conscience or something but I feel it is a clear message from Him.
---betsy on 4/20/08

Good cynthia...i mean not even paul could tell all of his crazy revelations from God...i mean look at 2nd corinthians 12
---mark on 5/8/07

Cynthia1:: the lord touches us in many & some strange as well as ordinary ways.It is our duty to recognise these episodes.What you are experiencing is a reminder to strive to reach a goal of perfectionIf you are a good person God sees & knows those who are truly sincere & those playing devils advocate.God knows which prayer is from the heart be it a Hail mary The lords Prayer but just an outpouring of your sincerity This is what he searches for are you returning his love
---Emcee on 5/8/07

I have also had one of the most profound experiences of my life in the Supernatural, but because of my reputation already blown to pieces, when I tried to open up my heart with much lesser little things, I feel that such a Holy experience would be left for open mockery, and humiliating abuse again, so I will shut it, for now.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/8/07

Yes, On Easter night while asleep, I had a dream the phone rang, I said who is this, He responded JESUS, I said Jesus aren't you tired, don't You want to sleep, He said "I never sleep"
---Cynthia_1 on 5/6/07

The Lord has spoke to me aubiable his voice coverd the whole room and it was gentle i was still smoking after i received the Holy Ghost
and he told me i was sining against him
---Betty on 5/5/07

God talks in many different ways. The closer you walk with God, the more of His ways of talking you shall discover. If you are a believer you are really missing out by not learning God and God's many ways of communicating.
---catherine on 5/5/07

Yes, He still does talk to His people the same way as He did to Moses and others. However, it requires a close relationship with God or Him knowing that it shall be a close relationship.
---catherine on 5/5/07

We read often that " the word of God came to...." I don't think a Bible fell out of the sky or someone delivered a copy of the written word to the prophets. We have the same God now. He speaks in many different ways. He spoke in dreams, through animals, through people, in thunders, with a still, small voice, through angels, in visions etc., and He still does. His word is his word, no matter how it comes.
---john on 5/5/07

I believe that God does speak to us through the Bible as well as the way He did to Enoch and the others, but because we have not been taught by our church leaders to discern His voice in our daily activities, we do not hear His voice. Satan has made it to where we are so busy doing everything else and running around, we also do not hear the voice of God.
---Danny on 5/5/07

Brother David, God speaks to us through many means. Sometimes through another brother when we hear the Truth. The Truth can come from a sermon, and other means but the Truth originates from the Bible. It all comes from there to others. Jesus is the Truth in Scripture and in our lives. Anything outside of the Truth is not from Him. Revelation can come from prayer, sermon and studying God's Truth and from what He has revealed to others. He is not restricted by nothing.
---Lupe2618 on 10/29/05

M.P. I call that an "inner Knowing".BLess all..
---lovable_linda on 10/28/05

No, the Bible isn't God's only means of communicating to us. God has often spoken to me through Christian friends who received a revelation. He has also spoken to my heart, that's what is meant by His still small voice. God can even speak to us in a dream.
---taylor on 10/28/05

Of course. God's not dead, he still speaks; but are we listening? He speaks audibly and personally to me, just like any other living person, and just like i'm personally writing these words to you, so likewise he speaks to me.
---Eloy on 10/28/05

He might not speak to us in an audible voice but He still speaks. Recently I lost something and spent a long time searching. After some time I suddenly thought 'why am I getting so anxious I should be praying about it not using all this energy and worry'. Immediately I felt someone saying "Go look there" to a specific place. It wasn't a voice I could hear, it was more something I felt but just as real as if I'd heard it. I went to the place and there was what I had been searching for.
---M.P. on 10/28/05

God can also talk to us through our spirit if we are connected and intune to him. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, especially during times when I'm trying my best to get close to him when I'm hurting over something. He calms my spirit.
---EJ on 10/27/05

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I have never heard the Lord speak audibly, but I have heard Him nonetheless. There have been times when I was at my lowest, that the Lord, has told me, "I love you." There have also been times I have heard Him whisper a verse of scripture to me in my mind.
---Madison on 10/27/05

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