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Moses Step Mothers Name

Can anyone tell me, what was the name of Moses step mother? The one who took him from the river when he was a baby, and raised him as her own son. Was her name Hatshepsut? Some one asked me this question, and I want to be sure. Also, can you tell me where her name is found?

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 ---Barbara on 10/27/05
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Of course, we can always trust anything coming out of Hollywood, because they never take liberties with any stories they turn into movies, do they? :)
---StrongAxe on 7/17/13

Her name was princess Jasmine. I think I heard that in a movie or something once.
---Jed on 7/16/13

The name is also spelled Bithiah or Bithiya--Daughter of YHVH.

There is a person somewhere in the OT named Bithiah (KJV spelling), whom Jewish tradition identifies as the Egyptian foster mother of Moses.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/13/13

Thr Egyptian princess that raised Moses as her was Batya - according to the Torah.
---Louise on 7/13/13

Bilithia - not in Bible, but in Biblical commentary.
---Gila on 10/14/11

I did not know that Hatshepsut was the pharoah's daughter who took Moses as her adopted son. However, it's something she could certainly get by with as her father's favorite child.

She was one gutsy lady! Her nephew Thutmose III was considered next in line as pharoah, but he was still quite young. She pushed him aside, declaring herself Pharoah of Egypt. She dressed like a male, even wearing a fake beard. She had many monuments made to memorialize herself.

Her reign was peaceful, her cause of death unknown. Speculation is, she was murdered by her resentful nephew. After her death he eraced her name from many monuments and replaced it with his name or that Of Thutmose I or II....a source of some confusion to historians.
---Donna66 on 9/6/09

Her name was hatshepsut,.When her father tutmose 1 died,she had to marry her half brother tutmose 11.He died 4 years into his reign.Therafter she put on a fake beard,dresed as a man and reigned 21 years.She was the first female pharoah and the greatest queen of ejypt
---lionel_jean_michel on 9/4/09

Recently I ran across a website that takes a quote from Josephus the well known historian. In this quote, Josephus says that the name of Moses' stepmother is Thurmosis. No other explanation is given nor is this womans Phoroah father named. I'm still researching Amunotep II and Thurmose III to see if they can be linked to a woman named Thurmosis.
---Jalee on 5/25/08

In exodus 1:5 it says Moses was raised by his own mother.But he was found in the bull rushes by Pharaoes Daughter while bathing in the River Nile.Miriam his sister told pharoes daughter that she would find a hebrew nursing mother.later when moses was grown pharaoes daughter claimed him as her son.
---Emcee on 4/15/08

Bithia is the step mother of Moses aka Jesus aka Adam

---eve on 8/3/07

Hatshepsut was more than likely Moses' adoptive mother, the daughter of Pharaoh who found him in the river when she was bathing (Exodus 2:1-10).
---Laura on 7/6/07

I think she was given a name in the movies, but I don't think her name is given in the Bible. But her daddy called her princess.
---julie3763 on 5/1/07

Mike, after your discussion of Amunhotep II I noticed a couple of things. 1. The mummy of Amunhotep II shows what is called a skin condition. Could this be boils that continued from the plagues. 2. On a stele that was discovered that showed Amunhotep II's sons, two of the sons have been "erased". Could one of these have been Moses?
---Kevin on 8/15/06

End result, any of the Rameside Kings are to late to fit into the picture, the most probable aving been Rameses II.
The hatred with which Akenaten was destroyed after his death is also explainable in light of the Exodus.
This isn't in the history books, but after nearly 50 years study of Egypt and the Bible, it fits in if yo have an open mind.
---mike6553 on 10/28/05

Other key factors, again around 1400BC, Amunhotep II is succeeded by Thutmosis IV, who was not the heir to the throne, the first born son, AmunhotepIII dies and is succeeded by his step brother. See the Sphynx Stelae for details of this.
Amunhotep III is suceeded by Amunhotep IV, or Akenaten, the ing who said there was only one god. There is no explanation for this in history, unless the trauma of the Exodus was so great, he was trying in his own way to placate God.
---mike6553 on 10/28/05

if you take the 400 years of Genesis from 1800BC, gives you the date of 1400BC. 960BC plus 480 gives you an approximate date again of 1400BC.
Hatshepsut ruled around 1500BC, replaced by Thutmosis III, who was replaced by Amunhotep II, who was replaced by Thutmosis IV and finally Amunhotep III and IV.
From the death of Hatshepsut to Thutmoses II is about 40 years. Given other dates, this now brings Egyptian history in line with the Bible, making Amunhotep II pharoah of the Exodus.
---mike6553 on 10/28/05

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It depends on when Moses was born, depending on that is the answer.
Genesis 40(I think) propecies the Jews will in Egypt 400 years.Probable date for Joseph 1800BC.
2Kings7:1 says that there is about a 480 year gap between foundin of Solomans Temple and the Exodus. This is expressed as a historic statement, not a figurative. Solomans Temple was dedicated about 960BC.
---mike6553 on 10/28/05

Her name was Bithiah, which literally means "daughter of the Lord". Reference: I Chronicles 4:18. So the movie "Ten Commandments" was correct in naming her Bithiah.
---Eloy on 10/28/05

Wasn't Ramses III the pharaoh at the time of Moses. If he was then he is a pretty well documented Pharaoh and you should be able to find out what his sisters or daughters name was.
---Kaleo on 10/28/05

Her name is not mentioned in the Bible so we don't really have any way of knowing this side of Heaven... but in the movie "The Ten Commandments" I think they called her "Bithia."
---Marilee on 10/28/05

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Moses was found by one of the daughters of the Pharaoh who had come down to bathe. It is even possible that this daughter was Hatshepsut. She had no children of her own, so she would have taken this Hebrew infant and raised him as her own, giving him the name Moses, which means "one drawn out." I couldn't find her name listed in the bible only that she was one of Pharaoh's daughters according to Exodus 2:1-10
---Cheri on 10/28/05

That may be a mystery lost to History... Unless you know of other Archeaological sources that we are yet unfamiliar with, there is no way to tell since Scripture does not record her name.

It is possible that the name you came up with might have come from another source, possibly Rabbinical or one of the Fathers.
---David7647 on 10/28/05

Interesting..... I've only seen her referred to as Pharaoh's daughter. (Ex.2)
I checked my Biblical Cyclopedic Index, and can't find the name you mentioned.
---linda on 10/28/05

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