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Should We Multiple Today

"So obeying God, (to go forth and multiply) the earth today is at 6,517,098,450 souls, and is increasing at a rate of 5 more every 2 seconds" This was a comment on another blog. Do we think this instruction is still applicable?

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 10/28/05
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Couples must be mature and think on all things before multiplying. I know people who take this verse extremely seriously. They have 8 children already and are having a 9th. But, they can not feed and cloth these children.
He is a pastor in a tiny community and people in community are feeding and clothing his children as he can not. This is not right. If you can't afford them you should not multiply them. Children are a gift from God we must have resources to care for God's Gifts.
---Craig on 12/12/07

Verses what "be be rotten and divide" Just kiddin' alan of uk. God says: "For I am the LORD, I change not." If you are worried about overpopulation I really believe God has that in control. Just like [global warming] haha etc.
---MARK on 4/10/07

Be fruitful and multiply. The answer is no. The world is already multiplied.
---catherine on 4/9/07

Good question. IMO, what is most important, is how God leads us as individuals. I had no intention of having a very large family, yet became pregnant several times with birth control, and knew I could not abort. I did not have the means to raise 10 children by american standards, but God is able, and has provided, sometimes in abundance. We need to trust Him. He IS able.
---Christina on 4/8/07

To explain why I ask:..
The Bible is made up of many kinds of message, history, prophesy, praise, rules, etc
The instruction to "go forth and multiply" was given to Noah and his family after the Flood. This seemed to me to be a part of the history written in the Bible, and not a continuing instruction... in the same way that the instruction to build the ark was for just for Noah.
But as there is no finite time given for the instruction, maybe it is still binding?
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/8/07

God did not just give us the body parts to be able to multiply. He also gave us a brain and expects us to use common sense. Every child should be prayed for and wanted and then cared for adequately. I can think of nothing worse for a child that to grow up knowing that they were an unplanned and (worse still) unwanted child. We have the means to limit our families these days but let's do the limiting before conception, not after.
---M.P. on 10/31/05

As in many other scriptures, we take specific instructions given by God to specific people and we decide it must mean us too. Why? If the scripture says the people, or believers, or every ear to hear.. then yep, I'm one of 'em. But when someone says hey Billy Bob, I don't answer.
---mike_fl on 10/30/05

Sorry Alan. I misread your initial comment (overlooked the fact that you'd quoted someone else). Senior moment! :-)

Q. "Who would feed who?"
A. Matt. 6:25-26

Eloy: How do you know the world population stats you've stated?
---Leon on 10/29/05

Emcee ... I saw in the news the other day that the personal debts of the British nation was as much as the entire product of the whole of South America plus the whole of Africa.
If the Third World continues to expand so rapidly, AND demands the material standards of the West, the cloning of food is not going to be sufficient.
Should we still multiply as fast as possible, which seems to be reason behand the RC condemnation of birth control?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/29/05

Leon, 4 people are dying every 2 seconds now, but the births are still outnumbering the deaths. Currently as i write this there are 6,517,358,550 souls in the world.
---Eloy on 10/29/05

Oh yes, the multiplication is still on, however, we shouldn't be multiplying without thinking how we gonna provide for them. God gave us wisdom, to know when to return the manufacturing tools back to the store! HAVE AS MANY AS YOU ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR WITHOUT MUCH STRAIN. Don't expect other people to take care of your irresponsible production!
---Lily9364 on 10/29/05

"Perhaps the Christian nations should increase their birth rate in order to correct the inbalance?"

I have five. I have already done my part :/ :)
---Deborah on 10/29/05

I have heard it to also mean that we should use the fruits/gifts/talents God has given us and mutiplythem/increase them/share them etc..
---Judit4846 on 10/28/05

Alan of Uk ::I read in the paper that in the states they are cloneing food which is edible & nutritious --god is great-- he has an answer for all of mans intended objections!!!not to increase & multiply.
---Emcee on 10/28/05

I understand that to be a direct and specific instruction to Adam and Eve. Lots of people have recieved specific to do things that do not relate to us today. I can't see how this would be any more binding on us than the instruction to Abraham to sacrifice his son or Nohah to build an ark.
---Bruce5656 on 10/28/05

Leon ... I see you may have thought I was suggesting we do not multiply at all, but whether we should do so so at the swift rate that God appeared to have intended in Noah's time!

If we all went about this as Craig's friend does, who would feed who?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/28/05

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Leon ... I was not suggesting a prohibition !!!
I think the quote referred to the increase each second in the world population.
The Chinese and Indian nations are certainly growing so fast that they will become even more dominant as a proportion of the world population.
Perhaps the Christian nations should increase their birth rate in order to correct the inbalance?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/28/05

Alan; Adam was given that command before he sinned,but it was an indication that His purpose was to fill the earth with people.At that moment there was no "limit" set on their lifespan. They were created to live in perpetuity. Death came only as a result of disobedience! God's plan was "interupted" but it will continue in the "new" earth! IMHO
---1st_cliff on 10/28/05

God is the same yesterday, today, & tomorrow. He doesn't change His mind. It may boggle our minds, but He knows every single person that was, is, and is to come. So until Christ's return, yes, it's still applicable.
---Marilee on 10/28/05

Alan: Yes, very applicable. I haven't read anywhere in Scripture where God has put a prohibition on procreation. At the other end of your question, I wonder how many people worldwide die every 2 seconds? Surely, God alone knows.
---Leon on 10/28/05

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