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Dateline on NBC About Christianity

Did anyone see Dateline on NBC about evangelican Christianity?

Moderator - I don't have TV. What did it have to say?

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 ---Madison on 10/28/05
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I saw parts of it
---Shannon on 1/3/08

I did see some of it. I do feel everyone should have the right to have their own beliefs. I didn't like that some of them were trying to be pushy of their religion.
---janic5638 on 3/7/07

Matt.12:22-33, Jn.10:1-12. Labels & denominations by issue or, divide & conquer. Secular media? Trees are known by their fruits or lack of, separated at Christ's return?

The financiers of our American Revolution & our Gov't, were religious & honorouble men, ranging from "emotional" to "dry", lost their fortunes, families, lives, etc fighting religious oppression among other things, were never repaid or tried to collect! That's Radical!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 10/30/05

I saw a few minutes of it. One pastor says they don't preach about sin a lot in their church, because Christ has already taken care of that through His death on the cross. Instead, they focus on praise & worship and how they can apply Christ's teachings to their everyday life.
---Ann5758 on 10/30/05

Mod: They featured an Air Force Academy cadet who was a new Christian, and how he was trying to lead a friend to Christ by having him attend church. In the end, the friend decided to not attend the evangelical church, but instead get back to the Catholic church. He is still seeking a closer relationship with God, but not in the evangelical church.
---Madison on 10/30/05

Debbie, Peter Jennigs died. Tom Brokaw retired, but he's very much alive and kicking. He still consults with NBC (Dateline included). I didn't see it, either (I haven't watched Dateline in about a year-got tired of a couple of the hosts).
---Heather on 10/29/05

Moderator: The article was mainly about the evangelical Christian movement in America. They featured the New Life Church, and its pastor, and some of the people that attended it. They discussed the idea of evangelism, the movement away from denominations, and politics in the pulpit with the recent presidential campaigns. It was pretty interesting.

Moderator - What comments or ideas were the most interesting?
---Madison on 10/29/05

I did not see the show. I believe the extreme right do have too much political power. Religous extremist of any kind can be dangerous.
---Ulrika on 10/29/05

Geraldine: I think Tom Brokaw died earlier this year.
---Debbie on 10/29/05

The program made me wonder again if churches which have a political agenda should lose tax-exempt status. Also wondered whether Jesus would jump around on a stage to show His holiness. And I wondered what Tom Brokaw's religion is. He should break out of the pack and tell us. He wouldn't necessarily have to take sides in the debate. Geraldine
---Geraldine on 10/29/05

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