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Husband Keeps Calling Me

I have been seperated for months, my husband showed no interest in reconciling or caring about what his wife and child were going through. He rings me and abuses me one day then rings the next day for a "chat" I have asked it to stop, but he pushes the boundary. What should I do or say?

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 ---Ruthie on 10/28/05
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If he abuses you physically, you should ring a lawyer and file for child support for your child. While you are at it, file for divorce. Next time he calls you, tell him to call your lawyer and hang up. If he hits you again, ring the cops and file charges.
---Madison on 4/24/08

..I thought I should add that the child is not his (I had my child years before I was saved to a man who is now a good friend), he is his step father...
---Ruthie on 10/30/05

Get an unlisted number!
---Pierre on 10/29/05

Darlene: I totally agree with your reply, however, I still would encourage Ruthie to not have physical contact with her abusive husband and to seek legal counsel and legal protection from his abuse.
---Madison on 10/29/05

Dear Friends, I have done all that you suggest, I waited and prayed and we went to counselling and the counsellor finally said that he saw no committment from my husband towards making the marriage work. I can't force a hand that doesn't want to be forced and his verbal abuse was destroying my child and myself, I walked away to be safe. I see no signs of repentance or a desire to win his family back. He doesn't want the responsibility, it's too hard for him.
---Ruthie on 10/29/05

The Scriptures say to live at Peace so far as it is within you. You needn't be a door mat and loving does not mean endangering yourself or your child. Serious counseling and a lawyer might not be a bad idea.
Gods Mercy and Safety to you,
---Doran on 10/29/05

Pray to Jesus sincerely with all your heart and might and trust in him and his word will heal your family. I have no authority to answer and judge your situation only Jesus but i will pray for your family for what God has put together no one can seperate.Through JESUS its victory.
---godwa5897 on 10/29/05

ruthie, i am not an expert, but the bible tells us to love our enemies, and do good to those who despitefully misuse us. and seek help with forgiveness. we all become blinded in some form or fashion, by walking in ungodly counse- even if it's from our own conceited minds. forgive him, and allow the love of god to flow in your heart. this would be good for the children, and a testimony against the enemy(Satan)
---darlene on 10/29/05

Change your 'phone number and give the new one only to those you can trust not to give it to him.
---M.P. on 10/29/05

beloved,what you need to do is to go on your kneel and pray unto God for the broken down of your husbands also need to be humble at this crucial hour by letting him know that you realy love him and that you want him to forgive you anything you might have done against him.There is nothing God can not do to bring him back, and i pray that God who owns the heart will convert him back to you in JESUS name.
---babatunde on 10/29/05

Get an unlisted phone number. Also get a restraining order.
---WIVV on 10/28/05

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