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Ouija Board Caused Illiness

The daughter of a friend of mine used to use an ouija board. Some time later her mother (a Christian) became ill both physically and mentally. Members of our church blamed the daughter's use of the board. Could that be possible?

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 ---M.A. on 10/29/05
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Yes. Ouija boards are occult material. They are used to get messages from spirits. Demons will enter people who use ouija boards. Demons can cause sickness, disease & death. When you use a ouija board, you're asking to hear from demons whether you think so or not.
---Betty on 5/26/09

There was a story of a blind man, the disciples asked: "Is this person was punished 'cause of his parents sins?", Jesus said: "No, but he was blind so the miracle of God may display in his life." then Jesus healed him.

The girl was sinned by practicing that black magic, but that's not why the mother sicked, the mother was sicked for God to be able to display His miracle and challenge her faith and through that, he can save the girl.
---Daniel_Nguyen on 5/22/09

well my opinion on the ouija board is that it is an entry way for spirits and endokis(the dead with no master)to come to you however tarot cards are not don't even need the ouija board to communicate with the spirits....anyhow i do not recommend anyone who is not spiritually prepared to mess with that board...spirits can attach themselves to humans even without the use of a ouija board how do you explain that one...any is possible that her mother has felt the gist of it....but i also believe that the daughter would have gotten sick too...christians are always to quick in jumping to conclusions...fix christianty because that my dear frends is a trap waiting for little boys
---nakima on 8/26/08

this opens the window for demonic activity to enter your life. Who wants that? Unless you are into witchcraft or Harry Potter..same thing.
---lisa on 5/26/08

While it's possible, it is way too easy to find a scapegoat for any problem.

Milk gone sour or crops withering? Must be the strange woman who keeps lots of cats and plants strange herbs. Burn the witch!

Tsunami or cyclone or earthquake or volcano or plague? Must be God's wrath against sinners!

Jumping to conclusions about cause-and-effect is something that children do all the time. It absolves us with having to deal with the consequences when we can blame them on somebody else.
---StrongAxe on 5/17/08

Yes it can. It can happen with other satanic things as well. My grandmother use to read tarot cards at parties "just for fun". Once she got the death card, but didn't tell the person about it. A few days later that person and her daughter died in a horrible car accident. My grandmother burned the cards after that. I don't believe in coincidence.
---Melissa on 5/15/08

I know a person who after being a christian got into using ouija and such a while later she got sick and almost died - when they admitted her into the hospital she said she saw demons running around her bed.
She lived and would never go near anything like that today. Praise God.

She was in the hospital for months and they never could tell what caused her illness
---Andrea on 8/18/07

I was saved out of the occult, where I was a teacher of new age things. The ouija board opens people up to demonic visitation, influence and curses. Your friend needs to repent of using the board, may need deliverance ministry and once she has repented to ask God to lift the curse off her mother. Her mother will need lots of intercession and prayer at this time. I am happy to talk more if you want more info.
---Maxine on 8/18/07

My aunt used to use a Ouija board. Ever since then she has had visits from the so called dead.
---Kay on 1/2/07

I am 26 and I had used a Ouija board at the age 16 I became demonically attacked and suffered from horrible mental attacks for 5 years. An act of faith in God ended it but unfortunately it came back about 3 months ago. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and renounced the occult and he saved me. Praise God. Ouija IS and will always be demonic and evil. The demonic world doesn't care about ignorance you can get attacked or possibly possessed from following the occult.
---Matthew on 1/1/07

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.
Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
---exzucuh on 1/1/07

(Matt. 12:43-45)
When an unclean spirit leaves a person, it leaves a void. It must be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. (John 6:63)

You need to read the Word of God, and keep yourself filled with the Word.

The devil uses the 'mind' to bring deception.

We need to renew our minds with the Word of God to avoid the devil's traps.

---Rachel on 1/1/07

God's people should not be so quick to blame one another for illnesses, because various sources cause illness. Rather than blame and accuse the daughter, why not pray for the mother's healing and also the mother's forgiveness if she has any sin, and also pray that the daughter gives up her sin too. Please read John 9:2,3,6,7.
---Eloy on 1/1/07

There are so many Rachels.

Rachel, the 'crazy Christian right', vs. Ouija wicked wrong;

If the devil's power was more real to you than God's power, he was able to easily manifest himself to you.

God's power is greater. In Exodus 7:8-12, Aaron's rod swallowed up the rods of satan's people, showing God's power is greater than the devil.

---Rachel on 1/1/07

For anyone using the ouija board, practicing witchcraft or walking towards the occult:

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
(Rom. 10:9-10)

Forgive others (Mark 11:25-26)

Confess your sins (1 John 1:9)

Repent and renounce all evil (all your involvement in the things of satan, and destroy occultic objects) (Acts 19:18-19)

Call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Joel 2:32)

---Rachel on 1/1/07

Ouija boards are an activity of Satanism, and can cause illness, as well as demon possession.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

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First off, I do NOT identify with the crazy Christian right in anyway. However, I do believe that the ouija board is evil in origin. My friends and I have been using it for a few months and many strange (not to mention spooky) things have happened. The worst part... I have now encountered a string of illnesses. At the request of my mother, I attended confession (i was raised Catholic) and purified my dorm room. Result: bad luck ended. Coincidence? I'll never know. But I'm wary to ever use it again.
---Rachel on 2/27/06

I agree that the board is a demonic tool. My aunt was given one for her kids. She used it once to see what it was about. She asked it a question that only she knew the answer to, it answered her correctly. That scared her so bad that she threw it into the fireplace and as it burned there were "tortured screams" coming from the fireplace. My aunt was not a christian at the time, but came to know the Lord later as a result of this experience. Stay far away from them they are NOT toys!
---paula9733 on 11/2/05

The ouija board is a demonic toy. Its powers and evilness are real. Please stay far away from the ouija board, tarot cards and any other demonic toys. It is only inviting trouble in.
---Nock on 10/31/05

"Things" can't make people sick. The Devil is not able to damage a believer. Only the believer in their "unbelief". Common mis-labeled as backsliding, people allow their unbelief or weakness in God's word to take hold of their faith. Like the parable of the man who swept his house clean but didn't fill it with God. Spirits came in and filled it. We must put on the whole armor of God to protect from unbelief. Think about it.
---mike_fl on 10/30/05

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Ouija boards are like opening doors for demons to enter into your life. Exhusband walked out of Toys R Us one night and a ouija board was sitting on top of our car. We wasn't allowed to bring it into our home. Now, where did it come from and why? I think we all know that answer. Stay away from such evils.
---Nellah on 10/30/05


Devils that cause illness are invited in via the board. If you have ever seen the movie "The Exorcist", it is based on a true story of a little girl that was possessed. She had invited the demonic being into her through the ouija board.

Don't even play around with it!
---David7647 on 10/29/05

beleive it or not the ouija board is how my mother came to find Christ. One of the spirit's she used to talk to started teaching her the bible. No mom don't use the board anymore as the spirit that she talked to refused to talk to her anymore after accepted Christ. I also have a cousin that her daughter one night was using a board and spirit she was talking to told her to throw the board away or their house would catch fire. she didn't throw it away and a couple day's later her house caught fire.
---beth on 10/29/05

I've never heard of that particular concept before, but I don't see why not. The ouija board is of the devil (I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but those things won't even work when I'm in the same room). I agree with Melissa about coincidence. It doesn't exist.
---Heather on 10/29/05

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